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Wladimir Klitschko Says He Plans On Keeping His “Boring” Style

wlad793The giant Ukrainian boxing champion Wladimir Klitschko has taken the heavyweight division hostage. His smart and well seasoned approach to using his size as an advantage, popping his thundering long-reaching jab, he seems to be able to overcome his competition with certain ease and comfort in the ring. He is effective, there is no argument there. He is exceptionally smart and careful in the ring, at least ever since his losses to Sanders and Brewster. His 1-2 combination, if lands clean, has a devastating outcome for his rival. There is one thing missing from Wladimir’s arsenal of skills: the ability of making the fights exciting.

For years now, boxing fans as well as the media have given the younger Klitschko a hard time about his lackluster action in the ring. Whether it’s throwing jabs the entire fight, or leaning on his opponents tying them up, the audience is rarely pleased with his effort to please them.

Wladimir, after being the target of yet another wave of criticism, has recently made it clear that he does not intend of chancing his style just to pleas the critics, and is planning to keep doing what he thinks helps him win fights for as long as he can.

“Boxing is an art, and I will defend my style. I am aware that many people have their own opinions about how I fight, and some can say that it is fairly boring. There is no news in that. I am grateful to everyone for their criticism, but you have to pay attention to the following: I will defend my titles for as long as I want to. I know what I am doing in the ring. I have been defeated before. Try to run five miles without sweating, it’s like fighting a world champion and not get hit once. Still, I understand that I could have done better. I will work on it, and will try to look better in the next fight,” stated Wladimir in a recent interview with Gorodokboxing.

There you have it, a content champion making it clear that he is happy with his career and performance, even if the public happens to disagree. Can you blame him? Labeling his record as impressive is an understatement, and he is on his way to becoming one of the most successful (on paper) heavyweight champions in boxing history. Will this be supported by the boxing fans around the world? There are still fights to be fought, and improvements to be made. No matter how hard he tries, ignoring the public opinion will sooner or later be a driving force behind his approach in the ring.

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