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Has Adrien Broner Rejuvanated Floyd Mayweather’s Fighting Spirit??

broner3434by Robert Jackson: Adrien Broner’s splash unto the scene is seen as refreshing and welcoming to some, and just more of the same (Mayweatheresque) to others. In any case Broner has made an impact as he inches higher and higher up the P4P ladder. Neglecting his lackluster performance against Daniel Ponce De Leon, the 23 year old Broner has trailblazed a path through the 130lb and 135lb divisions culminating in a dominating 8 round destruction of Antonio DeMarco relieving him of his 135lb strap.

The P4P ladder has seen its share of comer’s and goer’s with long time P4P staple Manny Pacquiao dropping off of his #1 or #2 (depending on who you talk to) perch after being KO’d and put to sleep by Juan Manuel Marquez in their 4th battle, last December. Top 10, 175lber Chad Dawson has also dropped from hieghts of P4P status with his TKO loss to Andre Ward who like Broner is also inching his way up to the TOP.

As the old saying goes “the old must move on to make room for the new”, and this is definitely the case with boxing, except where Bernard Hopkins is concerned – he might fight until he’s 65! De La Hoya, retired, Winky Wright – playing golf, Ricky Hatton, promoting full time after losing his comeback fight, then retiring shortly afterwards, and so it goes. Then there’s Money Mayweather at 36 years of age a young 36 I might add, still has fights to fight to secure his legacy. His recently announced 6-fight Showtime deal should do much to do that plus pay him good bucks. Also returning is Floyd Mayweather Sr. as Floyd’s chief Second replacing Uncle Roger who’s health is suffering.

Broner, is being seen as the eventual successor to Mayweather’s Hall Of Fame career, and has been devastating in his own ascendance in the boxing game. Mayweather and Broner have also formed a brotherhood where Floyd hopes to pass the ‘torch’, the baton as it were to the young Broner, as he makes his way out of the game. What better way to ‘pay it forwards’ than to leave the game on a high note with dominant victories as Mayweather’s career winds down?? Broner’s recent victories have been so dominant there’s been a buzz surrounding him, HBO even noted 1.4M -1.5M viewers for his last fight against Gavin Rees. Associating himself with the up-and-coming Broner in the least has invigorated Mayweather’s fighting spirit; why else would he bring his father back into the fold?? Why?, to return to the roots of his fighting style and foundation, refreshing those same fundamentals to be AS dominant as the younger fighter has been recently.

Broner is receiving a lot of attentention and noteriety but Floyd Jr. is still the MAN, his performances must RIVAL or surpass those of his protégé, the bar must be set high. So it is in this sense that Broner has rejuvanated Floyd’s fighting spirit, Floyd at least for the NEXT 6 fights MUST KEEP PACE with his younger counterpart equalling or doubling Broner’s performances starting with Robert Guerrero and then whoever he fights afterwards. Floyd Jr. ALSO wants to retire from the ring on his own terms, and not let the ring retire him.

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