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GGG – a modest definition of danger?

Gennady Golovkin did not waste a move in obliterating Daniel Geale at the Madison Square Garden on Saturday night. There were no surprises and Golovkin fought the same fight he usually does and overpowered his terrified opponent.

There was a huge difference in the expressions and conduct of the rivals while Michael Buffer made the announcements. Golovkin was calm and collected, relaxed but focused; he exuded an aura of prime physical confidence and peace of mind. Geale on the other hand was nervous, restless and anxious and he needed to prance and jitter incessantly.

Golovkin has great technique and tactical savvy but he seemed to have no time for such fancy pleasantries once the fight started. He scrapped the jab in favor of a power left that easily turned into a hook and his right hands had no scoring intentions, they meant trouble. He did not even give Geale the respect of using proper boxing defense, GGG simply shrugged off Geale’s shots or walked through them undeterred. He responded in kind for every shot he took and there was a price to pay for hitting GGG. He did not revert to deep defense after he got tagged; he kept his eyes open and seizes his chance.

It appeared GGG was not that hard to hit and he took more shots than it’s fashionable against an opponent of this caliber. Even the final shot came after Geale landed his best shot in the fight – a flush right hand that pushed Golovkin’s head and upper body back. It also pushed him into a fully extended right shoulder an back muscle stance, a position that allows maximum punch power. Geale paused to admire his own work; he thought he had done enough to take a small break from fear and muscle tension. That is how Golovkin finished him with the right hand counter – Geale was relaxed and satisfied, proud with his good effort.

GGG has a fan friendly style and it seems he takes shot deliberately at times. He just won’t bother with defense proper because he is preoccupied with offense. He is fluid and balanced and has all the basics in his arsenal but he treats safety-first tactics with contempt. GGG is not the typical brawler as he is lean and his arms are relatively long – his height and reach are almost identical. He appears to carry his fire power in both hands at all ranges. Most brawlers are dangerous at mid-range, some are blessed with short range stopping power and very few boxers can hit conclusively at long range like GGG.

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