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Manny Pacquiao

Pacquiao confirms Mayweather Jr.’s Statement

During the All-Star Game in New York City this past weekend, Floyd Mayweather Jr. gave a quick interview to an on-site reporter David Aldridge, stating that nothing has yet been signed, despite some rumors claiming that Manny Pacquiao has already done so: “I haven’t signed yet, and he hasn’t signed yet. It’s just been speculation and rumors,” declared Mayweather Jr.

In the midst of all the speculations, this statement came not as much a disappointment, but more of a surprise. Although it is hard to classify anything as a surprise when it comes to the Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao history, Floyd’s direct confirmation that no paperwork has yet been touched by either camp was contrary to the many rumors of the fight being announced any second now. Continue reading

Video: Freddie Roach Confirms Manny Pacquiao Is Training For Floyd Mayweather

Freddie Roach confirms that Manny Pacquiao is Training For Floyd Mayweather…and, “I know nothing…let’s be positive,” stated Hall of Fame promoter Bob Arum, who was tight-lipped regarding an update on negotiations for the long-awaited mega-fight between undefeated pound-for-pound king Floyd Mayweather and 8-division world champion Manny Pacquiao. Check out what else he did have to say to Continue reading

Pacquiao: “Floyd is essentially a good person, a nice person”

In the midst of the Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao tornado, there seems to be calm area, a mutual understanding and respect of true character from both ends.

In the recent past, for the first time ever, it was Mayweather Jr. who got up and approached Pacquiao during a basketball game. Floyd’s ego is world renowned, yet he took it out of the equation and made first step in personal, face-to-face communication with Manny.
Continue reading

Mayweather v Pacquiao: Boxing’s Will They, Won’t They Saga

After half a decade of strained negotiations, social media sparring, racial slurs and break-ups over drug testing protocols, it appears that boxing’s two most prized assets may finally be prepared to trade in their intolerable courting for a one-night, dysfunctional marriage of fistic brilliance. Notice the choice of the modal verb ‘may’; quite simply, the certainty of a ‘will’ or a ‘must’ has seemed and still seems a tad fanciful in the context of a Floyd Mayweather – Manny Pacquiao landmark bout.

Why the renewed optimism for the premiere bout being launched then? Well, coming into 2015, widely acknowledged pound for pound kingpin, Mayweather, is entering the final year of his lucrative contract with US television network Showtime which guarantees him two further fights this year. With the ripened age of 38 less than a month away, Mayweather has admitted for some time that 2015 will be his last rodeo; one in which he hopes to deliver a brazen exclamation mark to his protestation that he is the greatest fighter of all-time. With his perennial rival Pacquiao, battle hardened at 36 and with a myriad of bruising encounters lining his recent history (not least a knock out loss at the hands of Welterweight Juan Manuel Marquez in 2013), then the marketability and plausibility of the mega-fight are all reaching an apex at this juncture. With this in mind, the projected date of May 2nd, or never, is the forecast for the fight amongst the boxing intelligentsia. Continue reading

The list of boxers and stars picking Mayweather over Pacquiao is overwhelming

Bodybuilding legends Ronnie Coleman and Jay Cutler are the latest in a long list of famous individuals now siding with Mayweather over Pacquiao should the fight be made for May 2nd. The list of picks for these two fighters at this point is ridiculously one sided in Mayweathers favour.

I think over the years his auro of invincibility has grown to the point where even Pacquiao is viewed as an expected win for the man and this is displayed in the betting odds which are looking to be around 3-1 in Floyds favour. It speaks a ton about Mayweathers level of skill when the other top 5 pound for pound fighters like Pacquiao are being given such a small chance of winning. Continue reading

Left-Hook Lounge Mailbag: Mayweather/Pacquiao, Cotto, Garcia, & Guerrero/Thurman!

Chris H. (Dallas, TX): Reports have spread that Miguel Cotto will be announcing his next opponent in a week or so. What are the odds that Floyd Mayweather has opted to face him instead of Pacquiao at this time? And if not, do you think the Pacquiao fight gets done?

Vivek W. (ESB): All eyes in and around the sport remain locked on Mayweather and Pacquiao. I’ve said from day one that there are more layers to this mess than meets the eye, and as time goes on, we’re reminded of exactly how complex these negotiations are. Years ago, these two men stood to make two incredibly healthy pay checks. Despite Pacquiao being knocked out and on the losing end a few times, the demand for this fight is even greater now than it’s ever been, which may actually have a lot to do with why the fight can’t seem to be made. Continue reading

Mayweather posts picture of meeting with Pacquiao


Floyd Mayweather posted a picture of him meeting Manny Pacquiao on Floyd Mayweather: “I set up this meeting with Manny Pacquiao to get this fight done but they will continue to tell the public it’s us and that’s NOT TRUE. So while we wait y’all go TELL A FRIEND to download Shots ASAP so I can keep you all updated on the Mayweather vs. Pacquiao fight, that we are trying to make happen.”

Arum: “I’m optimistic it will all be put together in the next couple of days”

For an unbearably long time, camp Manny Pacquiao was pointing fingers at Floyd Maywether Jr. for delaying, or even avoiding their fight. At the same time, camp Mayweather Jr. were doing the exact same thing, proclaiming that Top Promoter Bob Arum is not letting the fight come to fruition, while Pacquiao is evading certain terms and conditions.

All of this just came to an end, at least for now. In a recent interview with the New York Post, Bob Arum stated that he is now convinced that Mayweather Jr. truly does want this fight to happen: “Based on the meeting with Pacquiao in the hotel suite, Manny and Michael Koncz were convinced Floyd absolutely wants to do the fight.” Continue reading

Jalen Rose confirms Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao on May 2

It appears that a former basketball player and current ESPN sports analyst Jalen Rose may know something about the Mayweather Jr. vs. Pacquiao progress that no one else does.

Just this morning, Rose posed the following on this Twitteraccount in large bold font: “Again, cancel your Kentucky Derby plans & be in Vegas May 2nd for the billed Mayweather vs Pacquiao.”

It is entirely possible that Rose is friends with someone from camp Pacquiao or camp Mayweather Jr., perhaps even one of the fighters themselves. Making such a sudden and massive statement, and it being nothing but a hype job, would not go over well with anyone, especially the millions of boxing fans holding their breath for this fight to be announced. Continue reading

Mayweather Jr. visits Pacquiao in his hotel room after their face-to-face?

I am safely assuming that all of you have already heard, read, and watched Floyd Mayweather Jr. and Manny Pacquiao exchange a few words at the basketball game in Miami. The result was a tornado of information, speculation, and most importantly, hope. Another thing that came out of this meet-up was Pacquiao writing down Floyd’s phone number, possibly giving both an opportunity to discuss the prospect of their fight in private. Continue reading