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Well, UNFORTUNATELY I was correct, Charlo won. hmmm… Oh well… sometimes I hate it when I’m right!!

Posted January 25, 2014 11:47 pm 


Rosado must win convincingly to get the not. Charlo is a Haymon fighter, which, in most cases, have usually gotten the benefit of close decisions. I expect Rosado putting on the pressure, Charlo boxing and controling Gabe’s output. There’s usually too many lulls in Rosado’s offense. Let’s see if he can take advantage of Charlo’s lack of experience. I like Gabe but.. I’m going with Charlo. Hope I’m wrong. LOL Oh well… About to start.

Posted January 25, 2014 10:30 pm 

Bad Digestion

LOL @ all the big vs small head comments! Hard to say if its a melon head or pin head really, we need a third party for reference here! Where are those fkin Watson twins when you need them! I can picture one lurking behind, looking like a photobombing rodent!

Posted January 23, 2014 1:55 pm 

Tomato Can

Why is it that so many fighters coming off of a knock out loss, grow a beard?

Posted January 23, 2014 1:09 pm 

Eagle Eyes

I’ve got Rosado stopping Charlo somewhere in the second half, maybe late. I just think Charlo is taking Rosado lightly, like he is simply a gatekeeper type of fighter. What he might be failing to realize is that Gabe was the no.1 contender for K9’s IBF title before he went up to middleweight, and his two losses came at the hands of the most dangerous of the middleweight champions, especially Golovkin. If Golovkin couldn’t knock him out, and Quillin, who got the toughest fight of his pro career to date couldn’t knock him out, then I don’t think Charlo will either. Now Jermell is a talented young fighter, but unseasoned, and this weekend he will find himself in the ring with a 6ft 170 pound experienced pro, and one who has held his own against far more dangerous fighters than Charlo. It’s kind of weird but despite the losses, I think it is Rosado who is coming into this fight with more momentum. Jermell is unbeaten but Rosado is the more well known fighter.

Posted January 23, 2014 11:06 am 


What the ?
Check out the feckin noggin on Peterson
It’s got its own satellite system

Posted January 23, 2014 7:40 am 


sorry I commented on the head size as well. It is just so noticeable.

Posted January 23, 2014 7:11 am 


Floyd duckweather is fighting his left overs LMAO

Posted January 23, 2014 6:49 am 



what the f!ck are you on about!! heavy weight size head and lightweight size head! your comment was real boxing knowledge at its best!

Posted January 23, 2014 6:22 am 


Womack and Womack

There’s gonna be teardrops . . .

Posted January 23, 2014 5:52 am 

third world

peterson is finished. look at that pencil neck.every hear of neck strengthening exercises?

Posted January 23, 2014 5:34 am 


Peterson has a much bigger head, just look at the head size difference. I would guess a much higher IQ as well. He will fight smart and win.

Posted January 23, 2014 5:27 am 

big head

from the outside i think charlo going to have the advantage with his speed and jab and footwork gabe going to have to get close it wont shocked me if gabe get knockout or knockdown in this fight not saying it will happen but it can for the most i think charlo win by ud in a hard fight

Posted January 23, 2014 2:34 am 

big head

that jermell charlo and gabe rosado fight going to be good to i like the charlo brothers this is a big step up we all know how tough gabe rosado is charlo never been tested but him and his brother talent speak for itself tho the thing with gabe he get cut easy if charlo lands one of those sharp jabs or right hand it wont shocked me if rosado get cut again but rosado said he going to come at charlo like maidana did broner which it could be a good game plan charlo is a slow starter real patient somtimes to patient if rosado put pressure early he can make things a lil uneasy for charlo if rosado sets a fast pace charlo use to fighting at a slow pace when they controling the fight i think rosado is kinda sleeping on charlo power tho charlos can punch they well balance when they throw there punches plus rosado is moving back down to 154 i like gabe alot but i got to go with the young hungry lion jermell charlo i dont think gabe will be able to deal with that jab that jab going to cause problems

Posted January 23, 2014 2:29 am 

big head

i see lamont using the jab putting on pressure going to the body just trying to bully jean but dierry is a well condition fighter so it wont surprised me if it go the distance in this fight we going to find out how good dierry jean is and find out if peterson still got it or not after that matthysse loss but i see lamont winnng by ud or late round stoppage but it wont be easy tho

Posted January 23, 2014 2:02 am 

big head

im sure peterson aint going to look like that during fight time he look like a old man in that pic tho as far as the matchup goes this should be a good fight peterson is more experience and fought the better fighters dierry jean never been tested but he a good fighter tho with fast hands he ahtletic with a good right hand he well rounded and good counter puncher it hard to beat peterson in his hometown tho and not to many fighters will be able to beat peterson like matthysse did peterson look like the bigger guy and proably stronger we going to see how well lamont recovery from that matthysse loss jean is a live underdogg tho he shouldn be slept on in this fight but i think lamont will win it hard to see him losing at home but he got to watch out for dierry right hand tho he can crack with it

Posted January 23, 2014 1:54 am 


Peterson was knocked out by Matthysse, cheated Khan out of a win with his personal referee, boxing commission, judges, etc., yet Peterson still has the IBF title……………………..Matthysse is the real IBF title holder, but did the IBF condone Peds, as long as it was Peterson?

Posted January 23, 2014 1:47 am 



Posted January 23, 2014 1:36 am 

Floyd xylocaine mayweather

for how long LP was out for juicing?
anyone on plz

Posted January 23, 2014 12:33 am 

Thurmal Underwear

these dudes look like a couple of dirt balls. eww. get a shower you look like you stink.

Posted January 22, 2014 11:58 pm 


Peterson looks like a bum.

Posted January 22, 2014 10:58 pm 


Look at their heads. Peterson has a heavyweight size head and Dierry Jean Baker has a lightweight size head.

I guess that’s not from taking tons of synthetic testosterone and other PED’s.

Posted January 22, 2014 10:30 pm 


Another fight where?

Posted January 22, 2014 9:46 pm 


Boxing is becoming the WWE! Peterson got his top taken off and still retained the belt! This PED user is a FRAUD!

Posted January 22, 2014 9:13 pm 

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