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Gunn got WHOOPED (again) and then called it a “career”. Gotta hand it t the guy. Never in the history of boxing has a “fighter” (and I use that term very loosely) backed and lost his way into as many fights as Gobby Bum, err, I mean Bobby Gunn. Good salesman. Terrible fighter. He tweeted that he does not have the “hart” (heart) for boxing, but will continue to parade the charade as the Fake Bare Knuckle HW Champ. You either got he heart to fight or you don’t, gloves or no gloves. I guess staged fake fights claiming to be for a title dont count? Goodbye and GOOD RIDDANCE to one of the biggest scam artist to ever ply the trade of prizefighting. Now he needs to fight a REAL Bare Knuckle fighter, of course he wont, only staged and fake fights for youtube. Kimbo will KO Gunn. So will the Irish lad in the movie Knuckle. And just about any legitimate fighter out there, but Gunn will not fight any of them. Only hand picked set up fights for the timid and mental midget that is Gobby Bum.

Posted December 22, 2013 1:31 pm 


WTF? OMG! WHY? A turd is always a turd and this fight is a turd!

Posted December 18, 2013 1:58 pm 

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Preview: Bobby Gunn Vs. Glen Johnson WBU World Title Clash

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