Vitali Klitschko Refutes Retirement Story


by James Slater: WBC heavyweight king Vitali Klitschko was shocked and surprised yesterday, when he read the supposed comments he had made regarding his plans to retire “after one more fight, two at the most.”

These words were reported to have been said by “Dr. Iron Fist” whilst on Ukraine TV show TVi. Yet today, as has been reported on a number of web sites, Vitali has denied ever saying such a thing..

“This surprised me completely!,” Vitali said. “I can say that next year I plan to have at least two fights. I feel as fit as ever and I can promise my fans some real highlights.”

Fans who read yesterday’s reported retirement vow by the elder Klitschko believed his so-called words to be true seeing as how he was said to have uttered them whilst on a T.V show. Was Vitali even on the show as reported, or was he simply misquoted? Strange indeed. In any case, Vitali’s many fans are sure to be happy he is not planning on calling it a day any time soon. As formidable as ever, Vitali remains, along with his younger brother, the best big man in the sport. Why should he feel a desire to hang ’em up?

As I wrote yesterday, there may be some problems in Vitali finding suitable opposition, seeing as how all the top contenders have either been beaten by a Klitschko already or are busy with other fights; that or they do not feel “ready” to face a Klitschko just yet. It will be interesting to see who Vitali plans to fight so as to give his fans the “real highlights” he has promised.

At least two fights in 2012, Vitali has said he plans to have. At the unbeatable rate he’s going, he may choose to stick around for a few more than that!