Edison Miranda, Yordanis Despaigne To Face Separate Foes On Ward-Froch Card

By James Slater: Two attractive names in the light-heavyweight division: Edison Miranda, 34-6(29) and Yordanis Despaigne, 9-1(4) will appear on the under-card of the Dec. 17th “Super Six” grand final between Carl Froch and Andre Ward.

“Pantera” of Colombia will face Kenyan Kariz Kariuki, 24-9-2(19), while Despaigne of Cuba will face a far livelier opponent in Houston’s Corenelius White, 17-1(15). Both fights are, on paper at least, winning fights for the two big names.

It is hoped the promoters behind the two men are planning for a return match between the two if they do emerge victorious in Atlantic City. As fans may know, the two 175-pounders met back in July of this year. The fight was shaping up as a decent, exciting encounter when, in the 5th-round, Miranda was DQ’d for landing a series of low blows. Miranda and his people instantly claimed Despaigne had made a meal of the borderline blows, and some fans agreed with this line of thinking: hence the need for a rematch.

An instant return would have been a far better idea compared to what we will get from the two fighters on Dec. 17th. The Despaigne-White bout could be interesting, seeing as how “Da Beast,” as 29-year-old White is known, can bang. White was taken out inside a round when he met Don George in his last-but-one fight, however, so it could be a case of whoever lands first wins in this one. 31-year-old Despaigne, a former amateur standout, has to be looked at as the favourite.

With Miranda and his sometimes questionable chin, it’s never safe predicting a certain win for him. The 30-year-old has been stopped three times (all by top names it must be added) and he has been wobbled a number of times in other fights. And 34-year-old Kariuki can hit some, as those 19 KO’s show. The Kenyan who is based in Australia has also been halted a few times himself, however, with two of his five stoppage defeats coming down at 168-pounds. Miranda should be able to impose his strength and power on the man who has won his last three; maybe forcing a late stoppage.

Then, after they’ve both won, Miranda and Despaigne had better get their unfinished business settled.

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Boxing News Edison Miranda, Yordanis Despaigne To Face Separate Foes On Ward-Froch Card