Will Saul Alvarez Be The Next Mexican Iconic Boxer?

By Eugene Martinez: As rich a country in natural resources, Mexico has also had no real shortages of great Mexican Iconic and beloved boxers. Today there is a yearning for the hope of seeing the next ascension of a new rising star in this new era in the Mexican sport of boxing.

If we set our sights on the past few decades of boxing in Mexico historically, the legacy and the memory of many fighters are the topic of conversations among many of the Mexican the boxing aficionados. Those mentioned are; Miguel Canto, Alfonso Zamora, Chucho Castillo, Ruben Olivares, Pepino Cuevas, Carlos Zarate, Lupe Pintor, Salvador Sanchez, Julio Cesar Chavez, Erik Morales, Marco Antonio Barrera and the “Last of the Mexihicans” Juan Manuel Marquez.

On the list of all the current 12 Mexican World Champions, there seems to be only one that stands alone and on the threshold of mega superstardom. His name is Saul “El Canelo Alvarez” The only statistic that sets him apart from this elite group of champions is that he is the only one that remains with a unblemished record. He currently stands at (36-0-1-36 KO’s).

Saul “El Canelo” Alvarez will be defending his WBC Junior Middleweight title against Ryan “Spice Boy” Rhodes, on June 18th 2011 in Guadalajara Jalisco, Mexico. Rhodes is presently ranked # 7 in the world. His last fight was on December 4th 2010, over 15 months ago at the Palace Hotel, Manchester, Lancashire, United Kingdom, where he knocked out Rocky Junior in the second round. “Spice Boy” Rhodes is not the best in the division. Jose Sulaiman the president of the WBC expects his organizations pick to challenge “El Canelo” to be respected. It is difficult for the sabe boxing fans to appreciate an opponent that is not considered one of the best in the world. there are other formidable fighters such as; Alfred “El Perro” Angulo and Yuri Foreman. The former World Champion Oscar De La Hoya whom has won 10 World Titles in 6 different weight classes said “To be the best you need to beat the best” If that is the case why is Golden Boy Promotions matching up “El Canelo” with second tier opponents. Only time will determine sooner or later whether this young Champion is the real deal. Eventually he will have to fight the top fighters in the Junior Middle Weight division.

Another one of Mexico’s elite boxers is Erik “El Terrible” Morales (51-6-0-35 KO’s) and five time World Champion. Presently he is the current WBC Silver Junior Welterweight Champion and the current WBC International Welterweight Champion. He has won a total of 7 titles in five different weight classes, and wants to be the first Mexican fighter to win 4 World Titles in 4 weight divisions. He also feels that he can attain the World Lightweight Championship to grasp a 5th divisional title. His race is to become that one and only greatest Mexican fighters. He is compelled and senses the urgency to capitalize and cement his legacy as one of the greatest. His determination to answer to the call, comes with no easy task. Morales is set to meet the Argentinean Marcos “El Chino” Madiana (31-2-0-27 KO’s) April 9th at the MGM Grand Garden Arena in Las Vegas Nevada, on HBO PPV called Action Heros. “El Chino” is the current WBA Interim Junior Welterweight Champion and is ranked # 4 in the world in the Junior Welterweight divison. His only losses are to Andreas Kotelnik and Amir Khan. The 27 year old Madiana will be right in front of Morales and will pressure him. Erik Morales will have to look much better than he did in his last fight against Francisco Lorenzo on December 18th 2010, at the Caliente Racetrack in Tijuana, Baja California Mexico. Morales is fighting one of the best fighter’s in the division. This is no joke.

Likewise Juan Manuel Marquez the WBA WBC Lightweight Champion is also on his quest to capture greatness. There are rumors that he will leave Golden Boy to cash in on a more lucrative fight with his arch rival Manny “Pacman Pacquiao. Seemingly Golden Boy and Top Rank are preventing a Marquez Pacquiao fight to culminate anytime in the near future, and the window of opportunity is narrowing. Marquez wants another shot at the # 1 pound per pound Filipino sensation, in order to avenge his two controversial losses that he suffered at the hands of the true “Mexican Assassin” A trilogy with Pacquiao will complete the saga of these two great fighters. A win against Pacquiao will catapult him into the category of sheer greatness.

The great Mexican fighters have always fought the best. Ruben Olivares vs. Chucho Castillo, Alfonso Zamora vs. Carlos Zarate, Julio Cesar Chavez vs. Mario Azabache Martinez, Marco Antonio Barrera vs. Erik “Terrible” Morales, Rafael Marquez vs. Israel Vasquez. Who Will Be The Next Mexican Iconic Boxer?