Hamburg district court awards an injunction against JC Gomez


Today Hamburg district awarded an injuction against Juan Carlos Gomez regarding his latest statements against ARENA and promoter Ahmet Öner. According to the judgment Gomez is not allowed to claim that Öner still owes him money or that he has been intimated by ARENA staff in order to sign a new promotional contract..

„The court statement is very clear – Juan is a liar“, says Ahmet Öner. „We are suing him for libel and after the injunction I am pretty sure that we will win the case. Proof for all payments made to him are on file. Juan earned the highest purses of his career while fighting for ARENA. It’s sad that he needs to insult people to get some publicity because he’s just no good anymore. But to be honest – who cares about Gomez anyways?“

Ahmet Öner comments on JC Gomez signing with Universum

When Ahmet Öner heard that Juan Carlos Gomez decided to leave ARENA to go back to his „old“ promoter Klaus-Peter Kohl (Universum) he couldn’t surpress a smile: „My first thoughts were: Well, that’s a match made in heaven – a formerly great promoter who lost all his TV deals and fired his whole staff to avoid bankrupcy teams up with a formerly great fighter whose biggest success was getting beat up by Vitali Klitschko and who blew about 2 mio. Euros in the last three years alone. The best thing about it is that Gomez and Universum have been suing each other for the last five years. But all of a sudden they’re best friends again just because they both decided that they hate the Turkish kid. Well done, guys. I was considering sending both of them my congratulations to this wonderful deal and wishing them all the best for their joint venture of insignificance – but then I heard some of the stuff Gomez is saying about me and I felt I have to respond to that at least.“

In German newspaper BILD Gomez was quoted that Öner still owes him 1.5 mio Euros. Öner: „Our lawyers have already prepared the libel lawsuit. Gomez is lying and I won’t let him get away with this BS. He made more money in three years with me than in ten years fighting for Universum. I brought him from nowhere to a heavyweight title fight after Kohl had suspended him for drug abuse. I’m happy to hear that they have always been friends; I just wonder why Kohl refused to pay his ‚old friend’ when he beat up Vladimir Virchis at a Universum show in September 2008. Might be because Kohl is still claiming that Gomez owes him 300,000.- Euros. I really wonder how much Universum will be paying Juan for his upcoming bouts. Maybe he can even make some money in three or fours years after paying back his debt with 20 more fights.“

Gomez also said that he had been „threatened“ in order to sign a new promotional contract. Öner: „That was one of my favorite parts of the interview. Juan said he had been threatened and then told a journalist that he will punch me in the face next time he sees me. Smart move, Juan. My lawyers advised me to sue him twice for defamation – because I never threatened him – and his public threat. But I don’t feel threatened at all. Everybody knows that Gomez cannot punch. He is nothing but a shame and a disgrace. He has about seven children and hasn’t been paying alimonies. In addition to that I heard that the German tax authorities are prosecuting him for fraud. Last time police wanted to arrest Juan I paid for him – that was at the end of May. I hope his new old promoter and friend Klaus Peter Kohl will help him out this time so he doesn’t have to go to jail. On the other hand Juan might fit perfectly into Universum’s convict training group with Brähmer and Tajbert. Maybe they can set up a nice training camp behind bars.“