… And That’s Why Floyd Beats Shane


By Michael R. Cumberbatch – Less than twenty-four hours remaining until the Welterweight showdown billed as “Who R U Picking.” Undefeated Floyd “Money” Mayweather takes on “Sugar” Shane Mosely in one the most anticipated welterweight showdowns.

Mosely finds himself facing big odds. Not only on the Vegas line but also in the ring. I have to admit I am surprised that many boxing experts believe Shane has the right skill set to beat Mayweather. Frankly, I don’t see it that way. I believe for all the reasons listed below that the deck is stacked for Floyd..

Lack of a jab

Oscar De LaHoya’s best rounds against Mayweather featured the use of his jab. Shane has never consistently used his jab in his career. Without that he will find it difficult to land the bigger shots that are set up by the use of the jab.


Even more troubling is Shane’s defense or lack there of. Earlier in his career, he relied on his quick reflexes to avoid punches, albeit he was never a great defensive fighter. Shane also does not move his head coming in. He ate straight shots down from Miguel Cotto and overhand rights from Ricardo Mayorga. Defense is often an overlooked aspect of the fight game, but its effects are simple. The less you get hit, the better your chances are to win. This leads into another key point.

Lead Rights

In his 2003 fight against Ricardo Mayorga (a faded version), Shane was consistently peppered with lead right hands from a guy who throws looping shots with less than stellar hand speeds. Not much to say except if you watch Mayweather you know the lead right is something he loves to throw.


Both fighters display great hand speed; however, there is one difference that gives Mayweather an edge. He throws his punches shorter, straighter and more accurately, if you believe the speed is about equal between the two, guess whose punches will reach the target more consistently.

Adaptability and Intelligence

Perhaps no one in boxing has the ability to adapt to a particular style better than Mayweather. The fact is he controls the pace of the fight — and you fight his fight. Ricky Hatton and Zab Judah both had early success against Mayweather but after figuring them out, the tides changed.

Mayweather’s outside the ring antics and puzzling behavior might lead some to call him dumb, but inside the ring he is Einstein. His boxing IQ is off the charts and few, if any, can match him.

Of course, anything can happen. This is boxing and Shane packs a nice punch. This is why we will all fork over our money for PPV or for a seat to see it live. Shane has been a great champion but he faces a fighter with too many weapons, and contrary to what most writers believe, I think he lacks the skill set to beat Mayweather and that is why Floyd beats Shane.