George Foreman III – AKA “Monk” Foreman Set For Boxing Debut


by James Slater – Ronald Hearns, son of the legendary Tommy Hearns, wanted to try and follow in his dad’s footsteps, so too did Julio Cesar Chavez Junior, Hector Camacho Junior and a number of other young men who happened to have brilliant fighters as fathers. Now, on June 6th in Louisiana, 26-year-old George Foreman III, AKA “Monk,” takes his first step in attempting to emulate his all-time great boxing dad..

We all know how hugely successful “Big” George Foreman became at his chosen sport, capturing both an Olympic gold medal and the heavyweight championship of the world (twice). “Monk”, George’s fifth son (all of whom were christened George) will not be expected to reach the same dizzying heights his power-punching pop did, but as boxing is evidently in the blood the 240-pounder who stands an impressive 6’5″ wants to see what he can do all the same.

According to The Houston Chronicle, Foreman III began training to be a boxer in 2008, back when he was being filmed for the reality TV show entitled “Family Foreman.” It seems, then, that “Monk” has had no real amateur career to speak of, and is going pro after learning what he could in the gym (at least nothing is available on the net pertaining to any amateur bouts).
Some fans will almost certainly point to the young Foreman’s age, saying 26 is too old for a boxer to turn pro. But in today’s world, 26 is not too advanced for a heavyweight to be turning pro, and let’s not forget Larry Holmes and Lennox Lewis – two men who went on to become greats – turned pro at around the same age as Foreman will (24 for Lennox, 23 for Larry). And judging solely by looking at him, “Monk” is a young 26.

Foreman III is a smart guy, too. A 2006 college graduate, he works/worked as his father’s business manager. Far from being “pushed” into boxing, “Monk” has chosen to get into the ring on his own. So, his debut on June 6th is now scheduled.

Set to meet the 0-1 Clyde Weaver in a scheduled four rounds on a card being billed as “Family Tradition,” Foreman will appear on a card topped by Travis “Freight Train” Walker taking on Ed White, it’s likely the son of a legend will garner most of the attention.

Weaver is an unknown from Arkansas, and he was TKO’d in one round in his Feb. 2009 pro debut. Obviously, the young Foreman was not going to be matched with anyone too dangerous in his first fight, but it will be interesting to see how he gets on all the same.

Maybe “Big” George will be ringside in Louisiana to cheer his son on!