Hatton v. Castillo: Analysis & Prediction


22.06.07 – By Yero Moody: Fight fans here we go again! Ricky “The Hitman” Hatton v. Jose Luis Castillo in another great matchup in 2007. Hopefully, we’ll be treated to some fireworks with no controversial endings or poor scoring from the judges. I’m still in awe of the destruction of Zab Judah at the hands of Miguel Cotto..

I’ll be the first to admit I thought Judah would outbox Cotto and win fairly easily but boy was I wrong. Cotto showed will, determination and most importantly improved defense. Despite, the great advice I received from some of my fellow boxing analysts like Icon, Iron Mike, T-Bone and Authority, I bet against Cotto. I’m usually very accurate in my picks but not that time. This could be the fight of the year if Hatton can fight a clean, non-holding fight and if Castillo can return to the form he had during his first fight against the injured Floyd Mayweather,Jr. A fight in which many felt he won.

Both fighters are known for their come forward aggressive style and volume punching which should provide us with lots of action. Hatton is known for putting on pressure so intense that even fighters who maybe more skilled than he often wilt under his pressure. Such was the case in Hatton’s fight against Luis Collazo in his brief campaign at welterweight and against the great Kostya Tsyzu. Although Collazo and Tsyzu seemed to be the better boxers Hatton’s pressure seemed to much for them to overcome.

Castillo seems tireless when he is on his A game and much like Hatton he puts intense pressure on his opponents. Castillo seems to be the harder puncher of the two and that could be key if he plans to slow Hatton down. In the category of boxing skills, Castillo is definitely the better boxer. He sets up his punches better and throws better combinations. The ultimate question comes down to which fighter will yield the most effective pressure.

I give the edge to Castillo. His better boxing skills will be the difference. However, there is the reality that Hatton is the crowd/fan favorite and that could sway the judges. Many people felt that was the case when Hatton took the championship from Collazo. They felt he didn’t do enough to take the champion’s belt but do to the tremendous fan base Hatton has that it made the difference. I felt Hatton did just enough to win because Collazo simply didn’t punch enough.

My predicition is a victory for Castillo in a very fast paced, action packed fight. A good indicator of how the fight will go for Castillo is if the referee warns Hatton for holding early on in the fight, if Hatton is excessively holding of course. If the referee lets it go then Castillo may have to win by KO rather than risk placing it in the judges hands. Castillo wins by decision.

SIDE NOTES: Many people are now calling for Mayweather to fight Cotto after his destruction of Zab Judah but I warn them; Judah is no Mayweather.The fight that needs to happen is Shane Mosley v Mayweather. Mosley in my opinion, is the only fighter that possesses the skills to match up with Mayweather despite his age. Margarito, Williams, Cintron, Hatton, Clottey and Cotto simply don’t have the skills that Mosley or De La Hoya have. I do, however, realize that in order for Mayweather to be regarded as great as he feels that he is, he must beat a fighter like Miguel Cotto. Mosley first though.

Hatton, it seems, is back to his old tricks of calling out Mayweather. I wonder if he’s planning on moving up to fight Mayweather or if he thinks Mayweather should come down to him? What’s interesting is that after Hatton fought Collazo he stated “I’m not ready for the likes of a Mayweather” and then promptly moved back down to 140lbs. Now, guess what? He wants to fight Mayweather again. What a joke! Is there any doubt as to what Mayweather would do to this guy?

Rumor has it that Felix Trinidad is looking to come out of retirement and is the current sparring partner of none other than Ronald “Winky” Wright. Boxing could always use a dose of the great Puerto Rican legend. I just hope he picks the right opponent and for crying out loud, get rid of your daddy! He’s clearly reached his peak with his son and Tito needs to learn defense and lateral movement. Here’s a hint: GET MAYWEATHER,SR! and please do not go after Mayweather,Jr with your daddy as your trainer or you’ll be sent back into retirement.

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