Who are the 10 worst heavyweight champs in boxing history?

Perhaps it’s disrespectful to even attempt to compile such a list: the 10 worst heavyweight champions in boxing history. After all, all boxers, from amateur to pro level, be they club fighters or pound-for-pound stars, deserve the utmost respect for having the bravery and the courage to do what they do. But still, in light of how much hard-earned cash fight fans must part with to see the big names, the champions, in action, such a list must on occasion be compiled.

And, when fighters like the recently deposed Charles Martin sit and think how much money they pocketed due to the support and enthusiasm the fight fans of the world afforded them, maybe it’s not so painful to read a list of the 10 worst in big man history. However, in an attempt at giving the following listed fighters some respect – whether they deserve it or not is up to you – the following ten names are listed in no particular order.

Behold: The ten worst heavyweight champs in boxing history (including WBO and other non-linear rulers):

Bruce Seldon: The man who will forever be known as the man Mike Tyson flattened with a missed shot!

Charles Martin: Did the defending IBF champ really try his best against Anthony Joshua? Did Martin really deserve to be crowned a champion in the first place?

John Tate: Brutally knocked out twice in a row, after winning a version of the title and seeming to have so much promise (R.I.P)

Marvin Hart: In no way a bad fighter, but at 5’7” and around 175-pounds, how was Hart ever a heavyweight, much less a champion of the division?

Frank Bruno: A nation loved him, but Big Frank, after four title shots, barely saw the final bell against a less than focused Oliver McCall.

Leon Spinks: Yes, he beat “The Greatest,” but Neon Leon became an almost tragic figure afterwards.

Primo Carnera: How many of “Da Preem’s” fights were actually on the level!?

Jack Sharkey: The man the woefully inept Carnera knocked out to win the title!

Jess Willard: Big, strong and brave, but no match at all for the far more capable and destructive Jack Dempsey. In fact, crude, crude, crude!

Francesco Damiani: Defeated the forgettable Johnny Du Plooy to win the vacant strap. Best known for getting his beak shattered by a single Ray Mercer punch!