“The Moment” Fight Week Day 3 : Khan-Collazo, Broner-Molina and Love-Periban Final Press Conference

05/01/2014 - By Steve Lopez - Comments

The Moment’s undercard fighters’ final press conference took place on Thursday, Day 3 of fight week in Las Vegas. Each fighter took the podium to say their last words to the press as they prepare for battle in a few days.

Coming off from his December loss, one wasn’t sure if Adrien Broner would be more humble this time around. A press conference could always use some some color and excitement. Although Broner is not headlining the card, he made it a point to be heard during the conference.

Each fighter praised their opponent, but each promised victory at the same time.

Here are notable quotes from each fighter along with visuals.

Fight week comes to an end on Friday with the official weigh in at the MGM Grand. The Moment is almost here…


“I’m inviting the people to a good fight. We come with excellent preparation.”

“I come to give everything in the ring. It’s the great opportunity that I’ve been waiting for to get a rematch against Sakio Bika for the title.”

“I know that J’Leon Love is a great fighter. A strong fighter. We know how hard we have to work in the ring to give a great spectacle.”


“All these guys out here coming to put on a show and I’m looking at doing the same thing facing Marco Antonio Periban.”

“I know he’s tough, a rugged fighter. He’s going to try to make it as rugged as possible. I’m prepared for that. We’re in this to win.”

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“We’re ready, man. Come Saturday night, it’s Pay-Per-View. We’re going to go for broke on this one.”

“We’re letting our hands fly. Expect a great performance from Carlos Molina. I’m going to make a lot of great fans after this victory.”

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“If ya’ll thought a loss was going to humble me, put me in my place…well, ya’ll can shove that right up ya’ll ass.”

“Listen, I’m coming to do damage, man. I’m punching with bad intentions. I’m back on my A game.”

“I’m thankful God really slowed me down and showed me what he had gave me that he can take it away at any time. And I’m ver thankful for that. But, at the end of the day, we gotta get back to business.”

“I’m still that three time world champion in three different weight classes. I’m still that same fresh, fly, flashy, young, hungry young man.”

“I kinda feel disrespected. The only thing that’s keeping me on top of water is I’m on my big brother undercard. Other than that, man…I’m a main event fighter. No disrespect to nobody on this card. I’m a main event fighter…yeah…I’m a main event fighter. You can put Adrien Broner anywhere and mothafuckas going to come out and see me.”

“They all love Adrien Broner. You know why? ‘Cause they want to see him lose, or they want to see him win or they want to see me talk shit and that’s what I do. So you put Carlos Molina in front of me. That’s kind of disrespectful to me. So I’m going to make an example out of this mothafucka.”

“He talking about he going to go for broke. He’s getting the biggest payday he’s ever got and he’s going to get his ass whooped. That’s what’s about to happen.”

“A.B. is still about billions. I’m about the beard right now. So, man…I come to do damage. I’m really not coming to do much trash talking because he ain’t said a word. I’m going to let my hands to the talking.”

“No homo…but he’s getting it off the ding-ding.”


“It’s been a tremendous right. Blessed to be here. Just soaking this moment in on The Moment, May 3rd.”

“Back then I was on the other side. This time I’m on this side. It’s good. It’s a blessing.”

“Me and Khan…whoof! Welcome to the welterweight division. Once the bell rings you’re gonna see me. You’re not going to see anyone else but the best Luis Collazo you’ve ever seen. Not the past. The one who fought Ricky Hatton, Berto, Shane Mosley. No…none of ‘em. 2014, the 33-year-old.”

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“I want to thank all the fans who came from the UK, Khan’s Army. Everywhere I go I see so many fans.”

“Training camp has been going very well. We’ve been working very hard on what we have to do Saturday night. Even though I haven’t been in the ring for the past 12 months, we’ve been in the gym for the last 8 months. We’ve been working on strategies in the training camp”

“I’m not eating my way up to this weight. I’ve trained my way up to this weight.”

“With Virgin Hunter, we fixed a lot of things on the training side. The footwork, the movement and everything. You’ll definitely see a different Amir Khan come into this fight. The excitement is always going to be there with the hand speed, the movement and the power. But, there are a few things you guys haven’t’ seen. I’m excited.”

“I want to thank Collazo for taking this fight. I just want to put on a great performance.”

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