Terence Crawford vs. Jaron Ennis would be massive fight says trainer Greg Hackett

By Tim Compton - 11/19/2023 - Comments

Trainer Greg Hackett says Terence Crawford vs. Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis would be a massive fight that would attract interest from fans everywhere.

Hackett points out that Crawford (40-0, 31 KOs) would get the opportunity to win back his IBF welterweight title that was recently stripped from him and given to Boots Ennis (31-0, 28 KOs).

It would also put Crawford in the position to become a two-time welterweight undisputed champion. He’s a two-division undisputed, but he could become a two-time 147-lb four-belt champion by defeating Ennis.

Crawford, come get your IBF belt back

“To say guys are okay with it. It wasn’t his decision,” said trainer Greg Hackett to YSM Sports Media, reacting to Terence Crawford thinking that Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis was fine with being upgraded to IBF welterweight champion outside of the ring.

“So, Bud is two-time undisputed in two different weight classes. If he’s interested, come back and get your IBF. Be two-time undisputed at 147. Go get it back if that’s how you feel, if you really care,” said Hackett.

Crawford is highly unlikely to try and retrieve his IBF belt for these reasons:

  • High risk of losing – Boots isn’t old, inactive, or weight drained, and it hasn’t been in two terrible car crashes like Errol Spence.
  • Still hoping for Canelo fight to hit the jackpot
  • He likely already planned on moving up to 154
  • Thinks he has options

“Now, I’m not finished with the IBF. I think that was a smart move. I’m not saying it because of Boots. I’m saying if Bud still wants to go to 54, he’s still got that option,” said Hackett. “But if he still wants to stick around at 147, there’s only going to be one fight to make. That’s going to be with Boots because people want to see that fight, and now he’s got something to offer. So why not?

“I’m not saying I’m happy they [IBF stripping Crawford] did that. That was corny because they let Spence hang onto that title [without stripping him]. I just want to see great fights. So if that’s what they had to do to make fights with Boots, guess what? That’s what it is.”

Boots Ennis is an excellent fight for Crawford, but he’s also a dangerous one because this guy is only 26, and he will hit him with many shots.

Crawford prides himself on his defense and counterpunching, but he won’t be able to keep Boots from hitting many times. As we saw in Crawford’s fights with Kell Brook, Egidijus Kavaliauskas, and David Avanesyan, he’s vulnerable. He doesn’t react nearly as well getting hit as he does in dishing out the punishment.

“We already know it’s a crazy business. Bud feels the way he feels. He’s allowed to feel that way,” said Hackett. “Boots feels how he feels. He’s allowed to feel that way. I think the IBF made a smart move because now the pressure is on the young man [Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis] who has a strap.

“So no matter how he got the mother f**** [IBF title], is anyone willing to take it?”

It doesn’t look like Crawford is keen on trying to take the IBF belt from Boots, and it’s understandable. He’s old at 36, and not willing to play the game anymore, which is why he should vacate his remaining three titles at 147.

“He [Boots] didn’t say, ‘Y’all should strip Bud and give it to me.’ The IBF made the decision,” said Hackett. “That’s why, at the end of the interview, Bud said, ‘F** the IBF,’ because I guess they didn’t even let him know and give him a strong warning.”

Crawford made a comment the other day, saying that Ennis should have told the IBF that he wanted to fight someone for the belt. Even if Boots could do that, he’d fight one of these guys and destroy them:

– Cody Crowley
– Ekow Essuman
– Jamal James

Boots would still have the IBF belt, and he still wouldn’t get any credit for beating those no-names who are NOT in the same universe as him talent-wise. It would be the exact same thing as Boots Ennis being elevated to IBF champion outside of the ring.

“There is a way to get it back. Fight him [Boots],” said Greg about Crawford’s IBF stripped title. “They chose to give it to him [Ennis] to keep the show on the road because it looked like he and Spence didn’t come up with nothing yet [for the rematch], and then from what I heard, it was going to be at 54,” said Hackett.

Crawford vs. Boots Ennis = massive fight

“So if it’s going to be at 54 and your mission was to go to 54 anyway, why do you even care? Why care about any of those belts,” said Hackett about Crawford, who made a fuss about losing his IBF title, even though he plans on moving up to 154 anyway.

It seems like Crawford chose to play the victim after the IBF stripped him, but it was clear that he had no intention of defending the belt against Boots Ennis.

Even if the rematch clause with Spence wasn’t activated, it’s unlikely Crawford would have fought Boots, so he would have been stripped anyway. So why would Crawford feign acting indignant about being stripped?

Because if he didn’t say anything and acted nonchalant about being stripped by the IBF, the boxing public would surmise that he wanted no part of fighting Boots because he was afraid.

“Of course, Boots wanted to beat somebody up for that title or any title. Of course, that’s what he wanted to do, but mother f****rs don’t want to fight. Bud, if you got the cards and you don’t want to play the game, what are we supposed to do?

“You beat Spence up so bad, nobody wants to see that fight [rematch], and people can say that Boots doesn’t have a name or not enough people know him.

“I guarantee you this. If that fight gets made, everybody and their moms are going to watch it. I guarantee you that. Everybody is going to watch that fight,” said Hackett about a fight between Crawford and Boots Ennis.

“That’s one of those fights that is going to be talked about so much that you’re going to have to watch it.

“Now, let’s talk about the IBF. That might have been a smart move on their behalf because if everyone is saying that fighting Boots is a lose-lose situation because it’s a high-risk, low reward, right? Now, you [Crawford] have got a reward [the IBF 147-lb title]. What are you going to do? It’s on the line now.

“That’s a shot, and that’s because you feel some kind of way about it, and you didn’t get it that way,” said Hackett about Crawford talking about fighters being willing to become ’email champions.’ “But if you’re not willing to fight him [Boots], that’s kind of tough to say.

“If you’re not going to give him a shot, why do you even say that? The move is already made. We already know Boots wanted to whoop one of them for one of those belts or all the belts. The thing is, now, somebody is going to have to try and come and get that mother f****, and it’s still going to give him what he wants.

“If that’s how he [Crawford] feels, that’s how he feels. I want to see a fight. I want to see that fight [Crawford vs. Boots Ennis]. That’s a great fight. It needs to happen,” said Hackett.

Terence’s options aren’t good

“I think the IBF did that because what are the chances of Bud really getting the Canelo fight? I’m not sure that happens, either,” Hackett said. “Now, Crawford may get Jermell [Charlo]. I could see that maybe happening. He might get Jermell, but they need to build Jermell’s juice back up. His juice is running low.

“I don’t want to see him [Crawford] fight Spence. I want to see Spence get back on his horse and get rolling, and then maybe they fight again. Why not fight Boots?”

Crawford showed his naivety by calling out Canelo Alvarez after his win over Errol Spence, thinking that the victory, the only significant one in his long fifteen career, would be enough to earn him a fight with the Mexican star. Canelo has since clarified that he has no interest in fighting him.

The realistic options for Crawford are as follows:

  • Errol Spence – A rematch that fans have no interest in seeing.
  • Jermell Charlo – He needs to rebuild himself with one or two fights before facing Crawford for this to be a worthwhile bout
  • Tim Tszyu – In Australia, this fight would be big, but not with U.S. fans.
  • Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis – the biggest fight of the four but the most dangerous for the 36-year-old.

“All the, ‘You was supposed to fight me. I sent you the offer s**t. I don’t get into all of that because I know how that s**t really works, but I know I would love to see that fight [Crawford-Boots],” said Greg.

“That’s a great fight for boxing, and I think the money will be there, especially after stripping him,” said Hackett.

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