“Monster” Inoue Looks Forward To Facing The Donaire-Casimero Winner

06/20/2021 - By James Slater - Comments

Is Naoya Inoue the purest puncher in boxing today? The reigning WBA/IBF bantamweight king certainly has plenty of us convinced that, yes, he sure is. Whether it’s shots to the head or shots to the body, and whether it’s with the left hand or with the right hand, “The Monster” can leave any man he faces in a whole heap of twisted pain.

Last night in his second fight in Las Vegas, Inoue displayed his lethal handiwork whilst patiently yet also quickly destroying Filipino southpaw Michael Dasmarinas. Vicious body punches got the job done, with Inoue putting “Hot and Spicy” down three times in total. We can only imagine the pain the previously once-beaten challenger was going through.

Inoue is one of those special fighters who makes it look so easy. Inoue’s sickening shots flow effortlessly and the 28 year old’s facial expression never changes. Inoue looks cool and calm as he goes about his business, which in his case is the hurt business. So what next for Inoue, 21-0(18)? Inoue had made his plans known, that he wants to win all four major belts at 118 pounds.

Before yesterday’s fight, that mean Inoue would have to fight recently crowned WBC champ Nonito Donaire (in a return fight of their fantastic November 2019 modern day classic) and John Riel Casimero (the WBO champ who was supposed to have fought Inoue last year). But it was reported yesterday how Donaire and Casimero will now fight each other in August, with Inoue to very likely face the winner. So in his next fight, if he’s victorious, Inoue will make good on his goal of becoming undisputed champ.

And as good as Casimero is, as dangerous as he is, and as special and as rejuvenated as Donaire has recently looked, would anyone be willing to pick either guy over Inoue? The August fight between Casimero and Donaire is a fascinating fight all by itself – can 38 year old Donaire keep on winning fights that see him matched with two foes, his opponent as well as Father Time? While the winner against Inoue is really something to look forward to.

Depending on how punishing the Donaire-Casimero fight proves to be in August, Inoue could be fighting for all four bantamweight belts before this year is out. And after that, who knows? Could “The Monster” move up and terrorise/devour another weight division?