Miguel Cotto’s Next Fight

Miguel Cotto, the first and only boxer from Puerto Rico to win titles in four weight classes will be announcing his next fight sometime this coming week. Cotto once made the comment: “I am Miguel Cotto and I will fight anyone”. He backed up his words by taking on fighters such as Judah, Margarito, Mosley, Pacquiao and so on. Some of the fighters Cottto took on were actually avoided by fighters who are so called the greatest ever. One fight that Cotto deserves credit for was when he fought Margarito for the first time. Even though he lost the fight via TKO, many believe it was due to the use of allegedly plastered gloves that Margarito was later accused of using.

It was a fight where Cotto was winning on scorecards with his technical boxing skills that involved beautiful foot work, jabs and body punches until the later rounds where Margarito’s relentless pressure wore Cotto down. Regardless of the loss, Cotto stood for what he said: “I am Miguel Cotto and I will fight anyone”.

Lately as a fan, I have been disappointed with Cotto not only because he is not backing up what he said but also for the fear of choice for his next opponent. There are two prominent fighters that Cotto’s name have been matched with and they are Canelo and Golovkin. It seems that he will not be facing either one of them. Reasons were given why a fight between him and Alvarez fell apart. Cotto being a star and the more accomplished one should have the upper side and be on the “A side” when it comes to negotiations with Canelo Alvarez. So the fight falling apart for not meeting those reasons is understandable.

When it comes to a fight with GGG, there is no excuse and it is just straight avoidance. Golovkin himself said that he will be ready in May or June, during which Cotto showcases for the Puerto Rican Day parade in New York. GGG also said in his post fight interviews that he is very much willing to face the Puerto Rican champ but yet Cotto doesn’t seem to be interested in taking that fight. Instead there are rumors of him facing Bradley, Rios or Bundrage for his upcoming defense. As a fan of Cotto and boxing, this is a great disappointment to me.

Larry Merchant once said that Paulie Malignaggi won’t be able to even break an egg with his punch even if he comes charging at it. That is what comes to my mind when I hear Tim Bradley being mentioned as an opponent. He is a very skillful, small welterweight with power punches that probably has the same caliber as a jab of a middleweight such as GGG and Cotto. Budrage is a 41 year old veteran whose bark is more louder in the post fight interviews than during the fight itself. He might seem aggressive with his style but has few KOs (19) and has losses to fighters like Ishe Smith and Cory Spinks, who were dominated by fighters that Cotto has defeated. Rios is coming off a victory over Alvarado in a rubber match which was a ridiculous/disappointing fight because of Alvarado’s lack of preparation and poor discipline. Other than that, Rios will be an overblown out of shape candidate in the middle weight class.

I am sure people will still tune into watch Miguel cotto fight any these three undermatched fighters because he is still Miguel Cotto and that name is definitely marketable due to his achievements. It is just disappointing to see Cotto take this route after being known for taking on any fighters and making a name for himself. I just hope these mentioned opponents are just rumors and hopefully he announces that he will indeed face GGG on the eve of the Purto Rican day parade. That is the Miguel Cotto that I am familiar with “who will fight anyone”.

Taking on GGG, win or lose……..hats off to MIGUEL COTTO.