Manny Pacquiao Says He “Almost” Fought Amir Khan, Still Hoping To Fight In The UK

For the longest time (almost as long as he has had his name linked with Kell Brook), Amir Khan was asking for a super-fight with either Manny Pacquiao or Floyd Mayweather. It turns out Khan (who may still fight Brook) was incredibly close to getting a shot at superstar and former stablemate Pacquiao. Manny, approaching this Saturday night’s fight with Yordenis Ugas, spoke with Sky Sports (who will televise the Pacquiao-Ugas fight live in the UK) and he explained he was very close to signing to fight Khan.

“Almost that fight,” Pacquiao said of the Khan meeting. “Almost close to have that fight, but there was a problem about something. I will not disclose it.”

Who knows what might have happened had Pacquiao and Khan fought? Plenty of people feel Pac Man would have had way too much power for Khan and his suspect chin, while others feel Khan, with his amazing handspeed, might have had a shot at getting the win. The two did spar a lot and Khan often spoke about the way he was able to match Manny and never once get hurt or dropped. But Pacquiao says there is a huge difference between sparring and actual fighting.

“Fighting in the ring, inside the ring is different than training,” Manny said. “Big difference.”

Pacquiao has trained as hard as ever for Saturday’s fight and if he can win, who knows what will happen next in Pac Man’s incredible ring career. Manny says he still hopes to box in the UK before he’s done.

“I hope that one day I could have a fight there,” Pacquiao said regarding the UK. “I’m hoping that one fight in the UK.”

If Manny did fight in the UK, it could be argued that, along with Sugar Ray Robinson and Muhammad Ali, he would be one of the greatest fighters ever to have done so. Wouldn’t it be wild if, after all these years, Pacquiao did fight in the UK, and against Khan!

First, Manny has to get the win over the more than capable Ugas on Saturday.

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