Josh Taylor wants Crawford, Spence Or Lopez

Josh Taylor Wants World Titles At Three Weights And Retirement At 32 Or 33 – And Fights With Crawford, Spence Or Lopez

Josh Taylor, like many fighters, has it all mapped out. Currently, the IBF and WBA 140 pound champion, the man from Edinburgh has gone on record as saying he aims to be retired by the age of 32 or 33, after maybe six more fights. A superb talent, Taylor’s first mega-fight will, he hopes, be that 140 pound unification clash with Jose Ramirez. Then, as the recently turned 30 year old said to BBC Scotland, he will look at either moving down in weight, to 135, or up in weight, to welterweight.

If he can get past Ramirez – in what promises to be an absolutely brilliant fight, perhaps one of the top three of four best fights of this year – the sky will, as the saying goes, be the limit for Taylor, 17-0(13). Taylor has looked sensational in extremely high-quality fights with the likes of Regis Prograis, Ivan Baranchyk and Viktor Postol (two of these close fights but definite wins for the Scot), and fights with the guys he is aiming for: Ramirez, Teofimo Lopez, Terence Crawford and Errol Spence, would be fantastic to see.

“I don’t want to be fighting until I’m 36, 37, 38 and the body starts falling apart,” Taylor said. “Ideally, I want to retire at 32 or 33. It’s (the Ramirez fight) looking like February, March, April time. It’s most likely going to be in America. I’ve always wanted to fight in America in a big show and see my name up in bright lights.

“I’m making the weight so much more easily. I could maybe even go down to 135 and challenge for a title there and then jump up to 147 and be a three-weight world champion. You’ve got Teofimo Lopez, who is big for 135 – it would be hard to make the weight but I think it’s doable. And the I’d jump up to 147 to take on Terence Crawford and Errol Spence, the greats of the sport.”

Now that sure is a plan-and-a-half. But just imagine if Taylor was able to pull it off – would it make him the greatest Scottish fighter ever? Very possibly. But as special as Taylor is, maybe, just maybe it’s not out of the realms of possibility. Fighters are aiming higher than ever these days, with more titles sought, more weight divisions set to be conquered. And Taylor is not lacking when it comes to the ability to think big.

Taylor last fought in September, when he made short work of Apinun Khongsong, and having trained right through the Christmas period, Taylor is bursting with desire to get back in the ring. Hopefully, it will be that clash with Ramirez next. And then, if he’s victorious, who knows how much more we can expect from Taylor.

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  1. Funny how Ramirez was spouting how he wanted to go to Scotland to beat Josh and now it turns out that Josh will have to go over to the US to make the fight.
    I know the excuse will be the pandemic however by May a large percentage of the UK population will be vaccinated – you can’t say the same about the US due to their bigger population – imo the fight could easily be staged in Scotland by mid-May.

    TBH I don’t like Josh fighting in the US – but if he wants big fights then he will have to as I can’t see the likes of Spence and Crawford coming back to the UK and Lopez definitely won’t fight outside the US.
    If Josh has to relocate to the US for the rest of his career then he needs a year round VADA contract like Joshua, Whyte & Katie Taylor so that all his future opponents, and himself, are VADA tested during their pre-fight training camps.
    If Arum won’t pay for that then Josh will have to get himself on Nandrolone, EPO & Clenbuterol so he can compete with the big names in the US who are almost certainly doping – as confirmed by Paulie Malignaggi and Michael Conlan.

  2. Lopez and Taylor would definitely be a great fight. Spence Taylor would probably look like Mikey vs Spence imo

    • ? Josh is the same size as Spence and has similar reach. The advantage Spence would have is what’s flowing through his blood stream, not size or skills.

  3. If Taylor’s victorious against Ramirez (which isn’t given) he could make more of a legacy for himself by staying @ 140Lb & proving himself as one of the best light-welterweight’s ever.. Remember one weight legends such as Monzon, Hagler, Sanchez, Pedroza & Prior ETC who never had to weight hop the secure there place in history. Some actually tainted there credence by attemping to move up (SRR was never as good @ 160 as he was @ 147. A lot of the current lightweight’s will be moving up soon which could give Josh the opperunity to become one of the best ever one weight champions. Even if he were to move up or down he could possibly pick up an alphabet title, but it would be highly unlikely that he would be 100% light or welterweight undisputed champion of the World. Sometimes it’s best to stay where you are, let the challengers come to you & pick up the majority of the pay cheque the champion is entitled to!

  4. Josh Taylor is a good champion that is showing good character and courage saying he wants to fight one of the best in boxing, Errol Spence and the Cherry Picking King Terence Crawford at 147. And he mentioned Big Mouth Teofimo Lopez that recently was gifted a bad decision over the legendary Vasiliy “High Tech” Lomachenko. Big Mouth Teofimo has no stamina, gets busted up easily and would have his hands full. Josh would have a good chance to beat the Big Mouth. Josh didn’t mention the Greatest fighter in history, Manny “Pac Man” Pacquiao on his list, which was expected. He wouldn’t have much of a chance beating Manny.
    Taylor seems like a quality person who has a good record, but hasn’t beaten anyone of high caliber just yet. He beat Regis Prograis, but he’s not anywhere near a high caliber fighter. Taylor has also fought 95% of his fights in his home country, so if he comes to Sin City, he best be prepared for a highly probable loss. If he indeed fights Jose Ramirez, I see Ramirez putting it on him. Ramirez has been a bit inconsistent, but if he fights Josh Taylor, he puts it all together and probably stops him late. Josh Taylor is a good southpaw that would have almost no chance of beating Errol Spence. Spence is too strong and skilled. A potential fight against Terence Crawford would be a close 50/50 fight because of Crawford’s always weak chin. Little Gamboa and Kavilauskas hit, hurt and dropped Crawford, and Crawford’s lack of quality competition would make the fight a close one. You have to give Josh Taylor credit for saying all of this, but until actually does it, they’re just words. Moving up and down and fighting the best fighters in different divisions is a hard thing to do. Only one fighter in history has proven to be able to legitimately do that in 8 divisions, Manny Pacquiao. Others have won multiple divisions, but they beat low level competition like Terence Crawford. Best of luck to Josh in his quest.

  5. Clean out 140 first, if you can. Ramirez is with Toprank also and Bob promised that fight ages ago. Taylor v Ramirez for all the marbles 👍

  6. So here’s my question……Where’s the disrespect and slick comments about Josh Taylor who feels he is worthy of going up to welterweight and challenging the champions. Who on his resume is that much greater than who Bud Crawford faced as he was rising from 135 to 140 to 147.

    He got to 147 and not one individual with a title is willing to get in the ring with him, but he catches all the heat for not fighting the best fighters in the division.

    Taylor is Top Rank as well. What is the energy different when writing about Josh Taylor vs writing about Bud Crawford.

  7. Taylor a serious champion at 40 and will be a serious contender at 47….good luck and welcome to the mix….

  8. ‘Josh Taylor Wants Crawford, Spence Or Lopez’

    Looks like Josh Taylor has seen the future and the future is The New Breed…
    Great! There’s plenty of room, so come aboard the Hope Train….
    2021… Unify and become Undisputed with Ramirez and then by all means the door is open for (interesting or telling that Pacquiao’s name is NOT mentioned amongst the elite) Errol Spence Jr, Terence Crawford or Teofimo Lopez…

    We have come to the crossroads of our beloved sport and we have a choice….

    Left turn: stick with the status quo and all the rotten, rancid dealings of our so-called promoters, organizations, TV frat-boys and fairweather fans… or
    Right turn: to the glorious challenges of the unknown as we take a step Back to the Future, where fighters actually challenged themselves and flipped the board to those ‘enablers’ and ‘controllers’ at the top of the greasy pole and fought the best available challenge and found out the truth about who indeed is the best at the weight…

    The real money will come when the world recognizes who the real, best fighters are…. The money and endorsements will come, but more fulfilling the pride and praise of their peers and history will lift them up to the heights along with SRR, Joe Luis, Henry Armstrong, Benny Leonard, Willie Pep, Bob Fitzsimmons, Jack Dempsey and the real all-time greats of the sport….
    Pride and glory first and the money will come to those who dare….
    Long live the New Breed!!!!!

    Enter Josh Taylor…. You’re more than welcome!!!!

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