Jaron Ennis: ‘Whatever Crawford thinks he can do I can do better’

Welterweight contender Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis believes he’s got the talent and the youth to defeat WBO 147-lb champion Terence Crawford and Shawn Porter.

The 5’10” Ennis (27-0, 25 KOs)  certainly has the size, power, and youth to defeat Crawford and Porter if he can only get a chance to fight one or both.

Crawford (37-0, 28 KOs) is seen as an invincible fighter in the eyes of many boxing fans right now. If Ennis were to beat him, he would shake up a lot of the most ardent admirers of the Nebraska native.

You can’t entirely rule out a victory for Ennis over Crawford because there are many unknowns about him. Crawford is a good fighter, but he’s never fought anyone good at 147, and the best guy he fought at 140 was Viktor Postol.

Ennis is on another level to Crawford’s opposition since he turned pro in 2008. If given a chance to fight Terence, Ennis has the goods to hand him his first defeat.

Ennis describes how he’d beat Crawford

“Whatever he thinks he can do, I can do better,” said Jaron Ennis to YSM Sports Media when asked how he would fight Terence Crawford.

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“Crawford was a great fighter, but it’s different over here. I’m faster, strong, younger, smarter, and defense way better.

“He’s a great fighter, but with you, you got to outthink him, out-point him and outsmart him. Walk to him a little bit. Touch him, keep touching him, touch that body, and that’s how you get him,” said Ennis.

It would be a tough fight for Crawford to deal with a young guy like Ennis right now. Crawford is about to turn 34, and he’s never been in a brutal battle where he got hit a lot.

Ennis would put his hands on Crawford, making him take the punishment he’d never felt before in a fight.

It’ll be interesting to see if Ennis can challenge Crawford for his WBO title in the future if he gets past Porter on November 20th. Crawford went this long before finally fighting Porter.

Crawford has been a pro for 13 years and only now facing his first real threat.

We may never see him fight Ennis, which would be a pity, but that’s boxing. Ultimately, it would be up to Crawford’s promoter if he wanted to let him take a risky fight against Ennis without a considerable upside.

Crawford vs. Porter = 50-50 fight

“That’s a great fight, a 50-50 fight,” said Ennis about the Crawford vs. Shawn Porter fight. “If Shawn Porter comes like he usually does with the aggression, moving forward, I feel like it’s going to be a hard four or five rounds for Crawford.

“Then after that, who knows what’s going to happen? It’s going to be a good fight, a 50-50 fight, and may the best man win,” said  Ennis.

Well, if Crawford can’t keep Porter off him, he’s going to be in for a long night. Crawford is an excellent fighter, but he doesn’t possess a great inside game.

If Crawford’s legs are still there, he’ll move around and pick Porter off with shots. It might not be the most thrilling to watch fight for the boxing fans, but Crawford should get the victory.

Porter does have the potential of trapping Crawford against the ropes, smothering him, and battering the stuffing out of him.

If Porter gets rough with Crawford the way he did with Paulie Malignaggi, Andre Berto, Devon Alexander, and Danny Garcia, it will be difficult for Terence to win.

Ennis explains how he’d beat Porter

“Nah,  for other guys, I’m not sure, but for me, I’d take my time and be smart with him,”  said Ennis when asked if it would be difficult for him to beat Porter.

“I’d catch him in between shots while he’s running and jumping in. It could be an early night. You got to be smart when you fight guys like Shawn Porter.

“You got to be on your Ps and Qs because you can’t let him outwork you and out-hustle you.

“You got to stay behind that jab, keep popping it, and you got to keep him honest, a lot of bodywork.

“That’s how you beat someone like Shawn Porter.  A lot of bodywork, and use your jab. You keep him off of you, and then you start walking him down in the later rounds.

“The best should fight the best,” said Ennis when asked if he was surprised the Crawford vs. Porter fight got made.

“I feel the champions should fight anybody in the top five, and anybody in the top 10 should fight each other.

“You know how that goes. It’s the business of boxing, and nine times out of 10, you’re not going to get the fight you want.

“It is [ruining the sport] because back in the day, everybody fought everybody. I’m always trying to fight the best fighters,” said Ennis.

Since his fight with Errol Spence Jr, Porter has lost something from his game and didn’t look like the same fighter in his last battle with Sebastian Formella.

It’s been a while since Porter looked outstanding in a fight, and maybe as far back as 2017. When Porter fought Andre Berto, Keith Thurman, and Adrien Broner, he was at his best.

Right now, Porter is fighting at roughly 60% of what he once was, and that’s not going to be enough for him to defeat Crawford.

22 thoughts on “Jaron Ennis: ‘Whatever Crawford thinks he can do I can do better’”

  1. I like boots to take all in his division…the kid is a monster and trains like an animal…the man comes from a house where everyone has been fighters including his father. I’ve known boots since he was a little boy and even before competing in the amateurs and he was a problem. I was already in the pro rankings when watching him come up in the sport so I know what he can do, not saying that he can’t be beat but, Boots has earned his spot to be where he is so let’s just stop all the hate stuff and continue to wish him the best success to get even further, the kid deserves it so don’t be so quick and fast to bad mouth him because he’s NEVER said NO to fighting ANY good fighter out there so give him his credit..

  2. Jaron ennis will beat think all v.ortiz don’t have any foot work you have to stand in front of him to get hit I have seen him fight ,so all you clown need to stop talking about a bum like v.ortiz final

  3. Boots this, Boots that, he is like all the other Welterweights a padded record that is full of 2nd and 3rd rate opponents. He looks good and show excellent skills but he haven’t been tested. His best opponent is Lipinets that isn’t even a real Welterweight. Lipinets is 5’6″ that’s perfect to make him looks good because he come forward to trade and gets hit a lot, should had stayed at 140.

  4. A boxer like boots, looks great because he hasn’t fought anyone that is on his level, put him with the top five and let him prove how great he is, then he can talk, until then???

    • We are talking about elite fighters at 147. No one cares what Alvarez is doing at 168. He had his chance in a lighter quicker division against Floyd and we saw how that went down. My bad I forgot Alvarez was “too young ” for that fight. What confuses me is how you can be both too young and too slow. But hey I just watch boxing I don’t actually have to fight these guys.

  5. I think boots have the skills and heart to beat any top welterweight. Let’s take a closer look, starting with Spence, a great inside fighter, with excellent punching power, great at sitting traps. Stationary fighters. Garcia, D. Does everything good. Crawford, very cautious good at judging range, excellent outside skills. Porter, brawler, rushing, relentless.
    Boots does everything great. Give an opportunity to prove it.

    • Ennis cannot beat Crawford…period! It sounds good all he had to say about Crawford but Crawford truly is something very, very special and the only reason he hasn’t fought better fighter’s is because no one good really wanted to take a chance fighting him. Crawford is going to destroy porter then I wanna see Ennis with all his speed face Crawford. I guarantee there will be no score cards to go to because Crawford will stop Ennis.

  6. Boots has all the weapons and power to get in there with any welterweight Boxing right now experience is the question But I do believe he wants it and he just needs a chance to prove himself


    • Boots is a beast he definitely has an arsenal of weapons in his Bag and he has Cat like reflexes and great physical attributes for the sport and I believe he will give you a show. He’s going to Box showboat & Bang Bang 🥊🥊and make you look stupid in there , as a Fan of the sport I believe Ennis can do everything Bud can do ,it would definitely be a sight to see something timeless and I would love to see it before Bud loses a step with age But as of now My opinion is Ennis maybe too quick & fast and he has Power I think he would get off and out on Bud if he really wants it Now I pray it happens since it seems as though Bud is playing games with a Spence fight and then we can see Boots 🥾 🥾 vs Spence especially if Spence is 100%

  8. In my opinion, it is very unwise to make predictions of the outcome of any fight based purely on your own desired goal , especially when you have given the opponents a detailed look at your game plan.
    “Loose lips sink ships “

    • That’s just called self confidence, and believing in your skill set. Jordan and Bird used to tell people what they were going to do, and mfs still couldn’t stop them.

  9. Ennis sounds like a little kid thinking that it will be that simple to beat terrance! He needs to fight ortiz beat him now shut him up then go after spence crawford and the rest.

  10. Boots along with the new up and coming fighters are the future of boxing Crawford Spence Porter are the trail blazers who have carved out their careers and should duke it out first if possible

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