Is Terence Crawford better than Floyd Mayweather?

By Vladimir S - 08/07/2023 - Comments

Jeff Mayweather, the uncle of legendary boxer Floyd Mayweather, discusses the comparison between Terence Crawford and Floyd Mayweather on the “The Mayweather Channel”. The comparison isn’t just about talent, but also records, achievements, and potential.

Jeff Mayweather: “In their primes I mean, it’d be a great fight. I mean both guys are pretty much masters at what they do.”

One major point of contention revolves around comparing fighters in their primes.

“You know, Floyd granted it’s not that long ago, but he’s what, 15 years removed from his prime right?”

Jeff’s opinion is clear:

“Of course, I’m going to pick Mayweather.”

Every generation claims its champions are the best. After a powerful performance, recency bias can cloud judgments. Terence Crawford’s recent domination in his fight against Spence has left many questioning Floyd’s place in the pantheon.

“Do you think it’s kind of a case of recency bias where he looks so great his last fight, so now all of a sudden he’s the greatest ever?”

Jeff acknowledges the trap of the moment but respects Crawford’s talent:

“Crawford is a great fighter,  and he did something that I think was shocking to almost everyone. You know, because that was really his biggest fight, and basically, everyone thought that fight was going to be give and take both ways, and it only went one way.”

Boxing isn’t just about power; it’s about strategy. When it comes to adjusting mid-fight, Jeff believes Floyd has an edge.

“Floyd’s obviously not a one-dimensional fighter… ”

Jeff Mayweather emphasizes the importance of Floyd’s defensive skills and intelligence in the ring:

“Floyd’s IQ and force defense was immaculate… if they’re talking about 135, you know, I mean I think the fight would even be greater for both of them because that’s probably where they’re both at their best.”

“I mean 135, he still had his, you know, he still was actually fighting with his power more than with his brain because as he went to the higher weight, the more he started to fight, the smarter he started to fight.”

On the topic of Crawford potentially surpassing Mayweather’s record, Jeff’s skepticism is evident:

“He’s not gonna need to make it. I don’t even think to even try to get it.”

On the notion of Floyd coming out of retirement for this fight, Jeff’s realism shines through:

“It doesn’t make any sense at all. What sense does it make for a guy that’s a billionaire and comes back to fight a guy that, you know, that it’ll make him a ton of money, but he doesn’t need the money?”

Ending on a lighter note, Jeff and the interviewer shared a brief banter about a fictional matchup between Jeff and Terence.

“I think we did a fantasy fight prediction once between you and Terence. I don’t remember who won that one though.”

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