Gervonta Davis fight will happen says Shakur Stevenson

By Michael Collins - 08/23/2023 - Comments

Former two-division world champion Shakur Stevenson is convinced that he will be fighting Gervonta Davis in the near future, and he’s predicting it will be the biggest fight in boxing when it occurs.

Stevenson (20-0, 10 KOs) is so confident the fight with the secondary WBA lightweight champion Tank Davis will happen he’s willing to stick around the 135-lb division, waiting for it to happen one of these days.

Hopefully, Shakur’s dream comes true because, based on Tank Davis’ ten-year resume in the sport, he will NOT be fighting Stevenson in this lifetime.

Gervonta, who Floyd Mayweather Jr. promotes, has never taken a challenging fight during his entire career, and it’s improbable to think that Floyd would suddenly change the way he’s been matching the Baltimore native by putting him in with someone who could possibly beat him.

It could be a mistake for Shakur to pin his hopes on a fight with Gervonta going down one day in the distant future because he could wind up empty-handed with nothing to show for the many years he’s waited.

Look at Vasily Lomachenko as a textbook example of the futility of trying to get a fight with Tank. Loma has been pursuing a fight with Tank Davis for the last five years since 2018 with no luck.

Now 35 years old and showing signs of slippage, Lomachenko is still being avoided by Tank Davis, which tells you all you need to know about Shakur’s deluded pipe dream of one day getting a fight with Gervonta.

It’s not going to happen, and the needy Shakur will likely end up losing out on the best years of his career, sticking around the 135-lb division, waiting on a fight with Tank that never materializes.

“There’s only one fight. Me and Tank will be the biggest boxing fight in the world when it happens. I can see it happening not too far in the future. I think Tank will sign that contract, and I’m going to sign the contract too,” said Shakur Stevenson to 2ndWindPod about his belief that Gervonta ‘Tank’ Davis will fight him.

“135, 40,” said Shakur on what division his fight with Tank Davis will occur.

Stevenson should note what happened with Lomaachenko, with him being avoided by Gervonta, and realize that waiting & hoping for a fight against the Mayweather-promoted fighter is a dead-end street. If Shakur stays at lightweight, hoping for a fight with Tank, he’s likely to be avoided and have nothing to show for the years he waited.

Shakur isn’t just being avoided by Tank. All the other top lightweights want nothing to do with him, which won’t change. Even Devin Haney fled the 135-lb division to avoid Shakur, heading to safer waters at 140. That’s where Shakur should move to right away if he knows what’s good for him.

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