Floyd Mayweather – Conor McGregor II?

By James Slater - 06/24/2022 - Comments

Retired superstar Floyd Mayweather is scheduled to box a third lucrative exhibition bout, this one in Japan in September. However, according to Floyd’s YouTube channel of choice, Fight Hype, there are whispers Mayweather is “in talks” to fight Conor McGregor again. As fans know, “Money” went to 50-0 with his easy yet hyped-up fight with McGregor back in August of 2017, then retired from the sport, Mayweather preferring to pick up big money from the exhibition circuit.

Since being stopped in the tenth round by Mayweather, McGregor has called and called for a rematch. Now it seems the Irishman could get one.

“Sources close to the information have informed us that Hall of Fame legend Floyd Mayweather and UFC star Conor McGregor are currently in talks for a potential rematch,” Fight Hype has claimed. “According to our sources, Mayweather would pocket another nine-figure payday if the two sides can come to terms.”

So, nothing official yet. But McGregor posted a short, intriguing Instagram post last night, which simply reads: “I accept.”

So, Mayweather-McGregor II? Would you watch it? The first fight did attract a ton of hype and attention, with the fight pulling in huge pay-per-view numbers. But aside from the opening round, when McGregor landed a decent uppercut, Mayweather had things all his own way (and reports said Floyd barely trained for the fight). Would fans be interested in a sequel? More easy money for Mayweather, right? But if there are people who are willing to pay to watch Mayweather box an exhibition with a guy who has almost zero chance of beating him, then of course “Money” is going to do it.

As long as the lucrative exhibition circuit is there to be taken advantage of, Mayweather will be taking all that he can. One exhibition bout that would prove interesting but has no chance of happening is Mayweather facing a UFC guy, be it McGregor or someone else, and fighting them under UFC rules! Plenty of people sure would pay to see that! But this of course would be far too risky for Mayweather.

What chance at all would McGregor have in a second boxing match with Mayweather, though?