Demetrius Andrade to fight at end of summer

Eddie Hearn is using the shotgun approach to try and find an opponent for his fighter WBO middleweight champion Demetrius ‘Boo Boo’ Andrade for his next fight that he’s planning at the end of the summer.

Showing signs of desperation, Andrade (30-0, 18 KOs) showed up at Canelo Alvarez’s post-fight press conference last Saturday to call out the popular star, and he promptly told to “get the f*** out of here.”

Hearn admits that it wasn’t a good idea for the 2008 U.S Olympian Andrade to use that tactic to try and pressure Canelo to fight him.

It’s a lousy situation Andrade is in with him being ignored and voided by the top guys at 160 and 168. As Andrade points out, Canelo had no problems fighting Rocky Fielding, who wasn’t a big name.

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If the issue preventing Canelo from fighting Andrade is his lack of popularity, why then did he fight Fielding, Avni Yildirim, Callum Smith, and Saunders? Those aren’t popular fighters in the U.S.

Hearn wants Charlo and Golovkin for Andrade

“It probably wasn’t the best idea to get a Canelo fight,” said Eddie Hearn to Secondsout about Demetrius Andrade showing up at Canelo’s post-fight press conference to call him out.

“He’s a middleweight, we’re planning a fight for him at the end of the summer. We know what we want to do. We want [Jermall] Charlo, we want Golovkin.

Canelo Alvarez, Demetrius Andrade, Eddie Hearn - Boxing News

It’s improbable IBF middleweight champion Golovkin will agree to fight Andrade, even though it would be a big fight for him.

The 39-year-old Golovkin appears to be only interested in taking easy fights while he waits for Canelo to throw him a bone for the trilogy match that he’s been waiting on since 2018.

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If Golovkin were to fight Andrade, it would be a 50-50 fight, and obviously, he’s not going to take that kind of risk because he’s waiting/hoping to get the trilogy match with Canelo.

WBC middleweight champion Jermall Charlo is also looking to get a fight with Canelo, and he’s shown zero interest in fighting Andrade or David Benavidez.

It’s safe to say that Charlo will never fight Andrade while he’s still fighting at a high level.

“There are other options as well,” Hearn said. “Chris Eubank Jr is another option. Who knows in 2022 for Canelo? But for now, all Canelo wants to do is pick up the undisputed championship.

“I think the champions [Golovkin, Charlo, Ryota Murata, Erislandy Lara, and Canelo], that’s what they should be doing.

“You seen Canelo do it. Canelo fought a difficult style in Billy Joe Saunders tonight. No one wanted to fight Billy Joe Saunders.

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“He’s clever, he’s hard to hit, he’s a good mover and so is Demetrius. Demetrius has shown chinks in his armor. These guys should be jumping on that fight,” said Hearn.

The middleweight champions GGG, Charlo, and Ryota Murata, should want to fight Andrade, but they don’t want to. Since there’s no way of forcing them to, they’re not going to fight him.

Instead, it appears they’ll milk their respective belts and wait for a big payday. Golovkin and Murata are expected to fight in December. Interestingly, Golovkin may sit and wait until then before fighting again.

What Hearn isn’t saying is whether he was the one that planted the idea into Andrade’s head for him to show up at Canelo’s post-fight pressor to ask him for a fight. It wouldn’t be surprising if this was his idea.

Canelo Alvarez, Demetrius Andrade, Eddie Hearn - Boxing News

Hearn needs to start matching Andrade against quality opponents because thus far he’s whiffed three times in a row since signing the American. In the three fights Andrade has been with Hearn’s Matchroom Boxing stable, he’s fought these less than popular fighters:

  • Liam Williams
  • Luke Keeler
  • Maciej Sulecki

Those are the type of fighters that Andrade could have easily fought before signing with Hearn.



17 thoughts on “Demetrius Andrade to fight at end of summer”

  1. I like Boo Boo but, he has to fight somebody to earn respect! Plus Canelo is trying to unify the division above Boo Boo first.

  2. Canelo is on roids . He is a cheat who is stopping good competition from getting a shot. He gave billy the cheat Saunders a shot over good clean hungry guys who deserved it. Andrade is a tactical smart fighter, maybe doesn’t have the power that power pellet Canelo has but he can hang with him . For the good of boxing I hope Andrade gets his shot. I hope charlo gets his shot. I hope anyone working hard gets their shot

  3. Please no no. Canelo need to fight Benavidez, Charlo or GGG. Any other fighter will be boring

  4. Avni Yildrim was a requested mandatory, Canelo chose that. How did Yildrim get a mandatory spot after a loss LOL.

    Andrade is super athletic and long, he will also fight Canelo on the the inside. Callum Smith and BJ Saunders were afraid of Canelo, all they did was move back in straight lines.

  5. “If the issue preventing Canelo from fighting Andrade is his lack of popularity, why then did he fight Fielding, Avni Yildirim, Callum Smith, and Saunders? Those aren’t popular fighters in the U.S.”

    Must be the dumbest quote I read. First, all 4 are in the same weight division (168), while Boo Hoo is at 160. Fielding was Canelos first trip to 168. Callum smith has a strong UK following, and was a full fledged champ at 168. Yildrim was his MANDATORY, but can’t blame casuals for not knowing what a MANDATORY is. And Saunders IS POPUKAR! Lastly Saunders, he’s the 168er with the BIGGEST following in boxing that’s not named CANELO! He also had a legit belt that Canelo needs. Boo Hoo needs to stop waiting to be fed. Go out and HUNT!

    • Be a man Mr. Anonymous, IT’S BOO BOO. I have had the privilege of watching Mr. Andrade,fight since he was 6. He lives this,he a gold Medalist, Are you Stupid ,a gold Medalist,how many people you know won a medal,a medal period? Yo what up Boo Boo,do ya think , Mike, and Paul the hole fam

    • You don’t make any sense. He said in the US. I have Never heard of any of those bums Canelo fought. I don’t blame canelo because go ahead and get that money. But let’s be honest he doesn’t want Andrade

    • There is no defending the CLASS C EUROPEAN TOUR he is on. YILDRIM was installed as the MANDATORY after BENEVIDEZ lost his belt on the scales who I believe was coming off a loss. Callum Smith was an overhyped euro who really lost to RYDER. Rocky Fielding he of the multiple loss type I believe loss to Smith. BJS claim to fame is beating DAVID LEMIEUX and he tested positive for PED when he was to fight ANDRADE and he never looked to make that fight after. Stop CANELO is only fighting CLASS C euros hey throw KOVALEV in there he of the WASHED type since WARD took his soul and he doesnt do well against ALVAREZ’S see ELIDIR who KO him .

    • This anonymous dude is funny. The quote that he or she stated was dumb clearly says those fighters are not popular in the US. Then Anonymous says Smith has a following in the UK??? So again not popular in the US. Lol. As for Yildrim, yes he was a mandatory but a requested mandatory. Dude didn’t fight for like 2 years after his last fight he loss. And last but not least, Saunders is the hottest thing in boxing not named Canelo??? With are you talking about. That’s not a hot name! You are crazy 🤪

  6. At least Fielding brought a rabid English fan base……And-Raid brings nothing to the table

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