Dillian Whyte Responds To “Adverse” Findings In Drugs Tests, Insists He Is Innocent

08/05/2023 - By James Slater - Comments

Dillian Whyte has responded to the news that there were “adverse findings” in his VADA drugs test, this seeing to it that Whyte’s rematch with Anthony Joshua, set for next Saturday, is now off. Whyte wrote on his social media channels how he is “shocked and devastated” to hear today’s news, insisting that he is innocent and that he will prove as much.

Of course, to so many fight fans, this is the same old broken record, what with so many fighters seemingly testing positive for one illegal substance or another these days, this either before or after a fight. We must give Whyte the benefit of the doubt at this time, however, as we do not yet know just what he may or may not have taken, if he has indeed taken anything. Currently, all we know is that Whyte’s VADA test results had “adverse analytical findings” within.

Whyte, who has been here before, with him serving a two-year ban from 2012 to 2014, and with him being cleared of a doping violation in 2019, this after UK Anti-Doping concluded the levels in Whyte’s sample were “very low” and that ultimately he was not to blame. Still, plenty of people, on the forums and in various YouTube videos discussing the current situation, have a ‘three strikes and you’re out’ attitude towards Whyte.

Here is what Whyte had to say in response to today’s shocking news:

“I am shocked and devastated to learn of a report by VADA of adverse findings relating to me,” Dillian Whyte wrote on Twitter. “I only learned of it this morning and am still reacting to it. I have also just seen that the fight is being canceled without having any chance to demonstrate my innocence before the decision was taken. I can confirm without a shadow of doubt that I have not taken the reported substance, in this camp or at any time in my life. I am completely innocent and ask to be given the time to go through the process of proving this without anybody jumping to conclusions or a trial by media. I insisted on 24/7 VADA testing for this fight, as I have done voluntarily and at my own expense for all of my fights for many, many years.”

Again, fans will make up their own minds on this matter, deciding whether or not they choose to believe Whyte. Meanwhile, Joshua may still fight on August 12, against a late replacement opponent. It’s been suggested that AJ could fight either Gerald Washington, Demsey McKean, or Filip Hrgovic, all of whom were down to fight on the under-card.

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