Deontay Wilder Says He Wants To “Clean Out The Division”

We await Deontay Wilder’s ring return with great interest. It’s been a year since we last saw the former WBC heavyweight champ in the ring, and as everyone knows, it was not a good night for “The Bronze Bomber,” Wilder’s alter ego, nor was it a good night for Wilder the real person. And since the 7th round stoppage loss at the hands of Tyson Fury, things have got even worse. Wilder still insists he won the first fight with Fury, that he knocked him out in that 12th round, while the 35-year-old has honestly and truthfully come out with every excuse in the book in an effort to explain the second fight. In fact, Wilder might have come out with enough material to fill a new book in as far as excuses for losing a boxing match go.

There is a new interview with Wilder over on Marcus Watson Live, and along with again insisting he “hands down” won the first fight with Fury, Wilder said he is going to come back and “clean out the division.” A fan could be excused for asking, ‘which division?’ Wilder did speak some time ago of his desire to drop down to cruiserweight and win belts there. But all jokes aside, can Wilder possibly come again and, as he declares he will do, “go to the top?”

We have no idea how much that Fury beat-down took out of Wilder (although he have an idea that the loss affected his mental state big time). Wilder, 42-1-1(41) remains a big name and fans do want to see him back. A huge puncher is always a huge attraction, even a bad loser of a huge and exciting puncher. Wilder was pressed by Fight Hub on the subject of who he would like to fight when he does return to the squared circle (this after Wilder was asked who, of the retired greats of yesteryear, he would loved to have shared a ring with – Wilder stating how it would have been three guys from his home town of Alabama: Joe Louis, Evander Holyfield and Earnie Shavers. You have your own opinion on how those fights would have gone!)

Tyson Fury says Deontay Wilder annihilates the other heavyweights in the division

“Without naming the obvious [Fury], I would love to fight guys I haven’t fought, the guys at the top that I haven’t got my hands on,” Wilder said. “That’s what I want. It’s kind of lame to not name names, but anyone I haven’t faced who is at the top, I want you. Anyone’s who is at the top and who people strongly want to see me fight, that’s who I want. I could sit here and name names all day. But I’m just going to the top. I want to clean the division out, period.”

If he can come back with a win over a decent opponent (Charles Martin’s name keeps popping up as far as Wilder’s comeback foe goes or might go), Wilder against the likes of Andy Ruiz, Dillian Whyte (if he can defeat Alexander Povetkin in their upcoming return fight), even Luis Ortiz in a third fight would be fights fans would want to see. But until he can prove he’s still a capable, serious and well-balanced fighter and person, all this is just talk. Just like those Dream Fight scenarios Wilder was asked to come up with.

It will, most fans agree, take one amazing comeback for Wilder to once again reach the top. At age 35, after 12 years in the ring, how much time has Wilder got left with which to “clean the division out?”

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  1. Wilder was hurt early in the second fight. Bleeding from the ear causes equilibrium issues. Could not stand without holding the ropes. List that fight. First fight…should have won by decision. I would love to see part three. One lucky punch early saved Fury from a second loss to the champ. Had the decision been correct at the first fight, the second fight may have never happened. Go get those belts Wilder!!!

  2. I think Wilder is a good fighter with Great Power and alot of experience. He just really needs trainers who can develop him better to become a more complete boxer. He relies on his power way too much and will/did get into trouble against any boxer with a good chin, like Fury or Holyfield, etc. But I definitely think he can Easily regain his title by hiring the right people around him and putting in the work to improve/expand on his boxing skills. I definitely have not lost faith in him and I hope that Wilder has not lost faith in himself

    • Good post Fred Berry! I agree…I would love to see Wilder with a new trainer to expand his skills and strengthen his weakness. He certainly has the ability. What’s interesting is the clown who wrote this piece & isn’t objective at all towards Wilder, gave every reason why Wilder can’t fight the top two names of the HW division ( Fury & Joshua) & everyone aside from them who he should fight. Smells to me, despite his underlying mockery of Wilder, like he is afraid of Wilder possibly being victorious in both of those fights.

  3. Front at wilder is scared to confront Tyson fury for that licking he told on his neck and layed down for the big sticking so I can see why you he wants everybody on the TOP! Ha,ha, ha!! Come get the one who showed you have big sugar in them draws partners–#period— is what you On, Ha, ha,ha!! So what if you did win the first fight,SO WHAT!!! YOU LOSS YOUR( nuts) big time in second one! and been running ever since!! Go clean your mouth and butt out,that’s what you need to do Front at wilder and go get your nuts back out of Tyson furyss TOTE bags before talking about cleaning anything out On TOP of you!! Don’t be MADD fool!! Just get even or shut the –FUNK–up!! #period!! Ain’t nobody scared of your mouth ON THE TOP!! They are getting busy putting fear in you to come back and act like your a real MAN. because only Men are on TOP and the ladies like the bottom with their leggs up dummy! By byee loser Front at wilder!!

    • Right again Fred Berry! Stevie freaking Wonder can see this is Fury UK Fanatic!
      Tell Fury to stop cheating & taking steroids and fight a fair match and then speak about his Nuts are. Wait did you really boast about Fury’s sack??!! That pretty weird Mate! 😂

  4. Tyson Fury is a loser he is a coward he only beat Wilder one scared punk and Joshua to he just got beat down before his last fight so Fury vs Joshua should be called chump vs chump !!!!!!! Both scared to face Wilder

  5. Wilder can be a better fighter the problem is he is one dimensional he.doesnt go to the body he has no uppercut not much of a jab if he would go to the body as hard as he punches he would be devastating i don’t no what the trainers are thinkin

    • Ron Mack I respectfully disagree. If possible go check out Wilders first fight with Bermain Stiverine for the WBC championship. He put on a boxing clinic all starting with his jab winning very round of the 12 round fight. Another fight he displayed a beautiful jab was in the 1st KO of Dominic Breazeale. He also could go to the body more but he does have strong uppercut & body attack in his repertoire. Check those fights on youtube

  6. I hope Wilder comes back and shuts all the doubters up and wins the belt again. Just like Trump shut the Democrats up with the acquittal go Trump. Lets go Wilder USA all the way.

  7. Whats up with all the hate. Wilder must have some talent at 42-1. If he thinks he can get back to the HW belt then its his to go after. Yes he has one punch KO power it put Fury on his butt in the first fight and could easily put him to sleep if connected so yes he had a true chance. I will support him as a fan and he is an American so go red, white, and blue.

  8. Wilder be a man and just admit you got your but kicked by a better man in both fights. Take your millions and enjoy. You makes yourself look dumber every time you open your mouth.

  9. I thought he won the first fight and was surprised (disappointed) with his showing in the second where he clearly lost. At 35, I believe we’ve already seen the best of Deontay.

  10. Did you hear about the British boxing documentary dealing with the mobster that Tyson Fury is affiliated with?

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