Andre Ward: “I Don’t Have A History With Canelo, I’ve Never Said His Name”

Don’t go expecting Andre Ward to come back and fight Canelo Alvarez. Recently, Ward, who retired undefeated back in 2017, was helping Caleb Plant in the gym. Plant of course challenges the Mexican superstar in their 168 pound unification clash in November, and certain people in certain places seemed to try and build up a rivalry between Canelo and Ward – with one article suggesting Canelo was open to the idea of fighting Ward after facing (and of course Canelo thinks beating) Plant.

Ward, 32-0(16) spoke with Fight Hype in an attempt to clear things up.

“I don’t have no history with that guy,” Ward said of Canelo. “The internet, since I retired, came up with this rivalry that’s not real. This man has never said my name pertaining to a fight when I was active, when I was retired. I’ve never said his name. This all came about because I’m retired and we fought a common opponent (Sergey Kovalev). Even after that fight he never said my name. I don’t think he will ever say my name like that. In terms of wanting to fight. So, no, we don’t have a history. There’s nothing to preserve or be worried about. At the end of the day he’s just another fighter on the other side of the ring. Somebody that I consider a friend. So there’s really nothing there.

“There’s a fake rivalry out there that’s been talked about for the last four years between me and Canelo. So it looks like a thing but there’s really nothing to see.”

There have been a good number of interesting hypothetical ‘who would win’ articles written on this dream fight, but that’s all Ward Vs. Canelo will ever be – a dream fight. Ward is too smart to come back now, aged 37. Ward did it all, at both 168 and 175 pounds, and he has zero to prove. Sure, a Canelo-Ward fight would have been a fascinating fight had it somehow been made when both men were active, but those people who see an ongoing rivalry between the two have clearly got it all wrong.

So Ward is passing on some words of wisdom to Plant? That’s it. As Ward has hopefully made clear with his talk with Fight Hype: there is NO rivalry.

6 thoughts on “Andre Ward: “I Don’t Have A History With Canelo, I’ve Never Said His Name””

  1. Mayweather beat Canelo when he was in his mid 30’s and Canelo was in his mid 20’s. Floyd beat him easily. No way a young Canelo beats a young Mayweather except in his dreams!!

  2. Mayweather was in his mid 30’s when he best Canelo who was the bigger fighter. Canelo was in his mi twenties and Floyd whip him easy.

  3. Ward would have beat Canelo just as easy as Floyd did when he was still boxing and the pound for pound champion and thats why Canelo didn’t say his name then because he didn’t want to get knocked out

    • Floyd beat Canelo when Canelo was very young. I doubt that would happen now. Canelo has thanked Mayweather for the defeat as he used that slas a catalyst to become better, what he is today. Top Mayweather doesn’t beat top Canelo in my opinion. Now Ward, Ward might. That would be a fight I would have to give to Ward. Ward is too crafty, too smart and has the power to deal with the likes of Canelo. But we’ll never know..

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