Andre Ward – Hits Back At Golovkin Camp “Ducking” Accusation

American 168lb boss Andre Ward, who finally returns to the ring against Britain’s Paul Smith on June 20th in his hometown of Oakland, CA has spoken to following Saturday’s defining fight for Floyd Mayweather, to address the issue of GGG.

There have been numerous times that the Kazakh middleweight punchers trainer – Abel Sanchez – has accused the former P4P American of avoiding stepping in the ring with his fighter – something Ward vehemently denies.

Of the potential for a massive fight with Golovkin – who himself isn’t a huge 160 – and the rumours that have gone back and forth, Ward said;

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“It’s about finding the right dancing partner for me. I just saw (Golovkin’s promoter) Tom Loeffler in the crowd and I got respect for Tom but I had to say – man, you gotta stop being dishonest with the fans. If you wanna say the fight is gonna get built up – then say that. Don’t go putting these stories out saying Ward is running, Ward is ducking ’cause that’s not the case.”

Of his intention to conduct affairs transparently should any fight between himself and Golovkin come to fruition, “S.O.G” said;

“You know – I’m not about the back and forth and misleading the fans. These are the people that pay for the PPVs. These are the people that buy our tickets. These are the people that support us. Don’t do them like that, be real with them.”

“I’m a real person and a straight shooter so you know.”

“He (Loeffler) pretty much agreed with it. He put it on the trainer (Sanchez) but you know, he’s gotta be held responsible, gotta be held accountable – even for what the trainer said.”

In a message for anyone who believes that Ward is in fact ducking the middleweight boss, he said;

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“I don’t know how many more times I gotta say it. With all due respect you know, I’m on the record multiple times. Beyond this point I’m not gonna mention his name anymore. I’m not chasing Golovkin. If he wants to build his career up and do his thing at 160, then keep me out of the equation – I’m fine.”

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