The Rock

31.12.04 - By Don Caputo: Rocky Marciano’s indomitable will to win was unmatched. He imposed that will on all of his 49 opponents and finished his career without ever tasting the bitter taste of defeat as a professional fighter. The only champion in history to retire with an unblemished record, he is without a doubt one of the greatest heavyweight champions who ever lived.

Never a technician, he was crude and undoubtedly lacked in the boxing skill department but it didn’t matter. He didn’t need the help of a jab, fancy feints or clever footwork, he was a natural born fighter who went into the ring and simply punched whatever he could, as often as he could, as hard as he could. Marciano famously clubbed and battered his opponent’s arms and shoulders until they could no longer keep them up to protect themselves, then went in for the kill. This was how he operated, the man was prepared to walk through fire and absolutely refused to lose. continue

Maccarinelli Guns For Nelson

31.12.04 - Welshman Enzo Maccarinelli has issued a warning to reigning WBO World Cruiserweight Champion Johnny Nelson: "I will get you in 2005!" The 24-year-old power-puncher from Swansea believes he will finally get his opportunity in 2005 against the Sheffield veteran who has held the title for nearly eight years and is regarded as the best in the division. continue

Eastside Boxing's Year End Pound For Pound List

30.12.04 - By Matthew Hurley: Making year end lists on any subject is either viewed as a vain pursuit by some arrogant know it all or an easy way to piss some people off and get some kind of a discussion going. Usually I don't pay too much attention to lists, particularly when it comes to my two passions – boxing and music – but I have to admit that I do read them and I do curse and condemn the writers of such drivel… and then find myself making my own list to counter theirs (a writer's arrogance). We all have our opinions and since the boxing world is in a quiet mode for the next month or so I figure it's time I finally lay my cards on the table and rank my top ten fighters as of this moment. continue

Evolution and Exploitation

30.12.04 - By Matt Phillips: Since the beginning of boxing, thousands of years ago a lot has changed. Most of which is for the best but some things never change. For longer then what records can show, man has been fighting. The earliest recordings of boxing are from Egypt, where every fight ended in almost death. continue

Passing of the torch begins- End of year awards 2004

30.12.04 - By Eddy Manning: As 2004 ends, we as fans reflect on the year of boxing that has just passed us by. All the highlights, low points, shocks, heart break and tension 2004 has been a big year within the sport we follow. 2004 has been a year for the young guns, with large amounts of prospects, former olympians and finely tuned amatuers coming through the ranks and begining to establish a name for themselve.As some of the greatest boxers of the past decade fell, contenders and prospects began to put there hand up and take the mantlepeice that is 'the face of boxing'.

Delahoya, Tyson, Jones Jr and Mosely have all been knocked out or lost this year, in some cases more than once, as this happened fans and pugilists alike feared for the sport and the fighters that familiarised it. But as fast as these greats were falling the young guns were rising and moving up the ladder,trying to become the new p4p kings of boxing. continue

Nino Benvenuti: Not Good Enough?

30.12.04 - By Jim Amato: He was a celebrated Olympic hero and undefeated as a professional until losing an extremely debatable verdict in Korea. Nino came to New York and captured the American fans with his suave, arrogant demeanor. He took two out of three against the great Emile Griffith and he was the middleweight champion of the world. continue

Marvin Hagler's One Vulnerability

29.12.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - If I only knew then what I know now. How many times has that been said by all of us when looking back through the wisdom of time? It seems in the context of looking back, we can see things more for what they really are then what we thought they were. And some things we didn't appreciate at the time, are now recalled more fondly. This also happens to apply when looking back at past great fighters and champions.

It wasn't that long ago Larry Holmes was viewed as nothing more than a cheap imitation of Muhammad Ali. The thought that one day he would mentioned among the greatest of the great heavyweight champions in history, as he is today, was unfathomable at that time. That's why I refuse to rank fighters historically before their career has heard it's final bell. That's why NFL players must be retired five years before becoming eligible for hall-of-fame nomination. continue

Jose Navarro Gets Title Shot

New York, Dec. 29-While most of us will be reveling in the New Year, Jose Navarro will be preparing for the opportunity of a lifetime. DiBella Entertainment's top-rated super flyweight star gets his chance at a world championship when he faces Katsushige Kawashima for the WBC 115-pound title on January 3 at Ariake Coliseum in Tokyo, Japan. continue

Godfrey vows to clean-up New England

PROVIDENCE, Rhode Island (December 29, 2004) - Unbeaten cruiserweight prospect Matt Godfrey (6-0, 4 KOs) has made a New Year's resolution to clean-up the cruiserweight division in New England next year. Like a boxing version of a modern day gunslinger, Godfrey plans to take on the six-state N.E. regions best 176-to-200 pounders, one by one, if necessary, until he's the area's King of the Cruiserweights by next summer. continue

Sam Soliman welcomes the news on Jermain Taylor

28.12.04 - IBF # 1 Middleweight Sam Soliman was ecstatic to learn form his Promoter Dan Goossen that it looks like a bout with Jermain Taylor will materialise hopefully as early as March or April. Soliman said that he has an enormous amount of respect for Taylor and has seen plenty of his fights. continue

Broadway Boxing To Air On MSG Dec 31, Jan 1&2

New York, December 28 - Fight fans can ring in 2005 with a heavy diet of boxing action as the seventh installment of DiBella Entertainment's popular Broadway Boxing Presented by Mohegan Sun will air on Madison Square Garden Network on New Year's Eve, Friday, December 31, at 11:00 PM, New Year's Day, Saturday, January 1, at 4:00 PM, and Sunday, January 2, at 7:05 PM. continue

David Lopez-Fulgencio Zuniga on January 6

28.12.04 - Some fighters are late bloomers, plugging away on undercards, learning their trade, just waiting for the right opportunity to shine. In the last two years, the prime example of this phenomenon was middleweight David Lopez, who rose from obscurity to become one of the most feared fighters in the 160-pound division. continue

Lennox Lewis: What sets him apart

27.12.04 - By Don Caputo: Former undisputed heavyweight king Lennox Lewis is considered to be the first and only great super-heavyweight. An Olympic gold medalist, Lewis captured the heavyweight crown on three separate occasions and retired on top with a record of 41 wins, 2 losses and 1 draw.

Does anyone seriously think Vitali Klitscko would be a top ten heavyweight let alone WBC champion if it weren’t for his considerable height, weight and reach advantages over almost all of his opponents. Don’t get me wrong, he is a finely conditioned athlete who he can clearly fight a bit, however I just can’t see that unusual European style of his being effective, at all, if he were a few inches shorter. Super heavyweights (6ft 5 plus) as a group, past and present, have a reputation of and in general do tend to be slow, clumsy, ponderous and lacking in boxing ability. There have of course been exceptions; but, on the whole, if not for their immense size and physical strength, these big guys who have and continue to scale the heights of the heavyweight division would not enjoy the same kind of success based on their skill level. continue

WBC News: Jose Sulaiman Boulevard

December 27, 2004. One of the major thoroughfares in Ciudad Victoria was named "Jose Sulaiman Boulevard" in a ceremony in honor of the President of the World Boxing Council. With a population of over 600,000, Ciudad Victoria is the capital city of the state of Tamaulipas, and the birthplace of Jose Sulaiman. continue

Deep Sadness And Concern Within The WBC For The Tragedy In Asia

Mexico City - Dec 27 - From WBC President Jose Sulaiman: "Deep concern is felt within all structures of the World Boxing Council for the terrible tragedy involving the destruction and death of thousands of people originated by the forces of nature in countries such as Thailand, which we love so much. continue

Kansas City Ringside Radio - Bringing the Fights to You

27.12.04 - Listen to the best of radio boxing news at 4pm CST Saturdays on Ringside Radio 1140 AM in Kansas City and broadcast live via the internet. Hosts Dave McKee and Mark Graves bring you the latest in boxing news and interview the most exciting personalities in boxing. continue

Vazquez vs Simonyan for IBF Jr Featherweight Title on Dec 28th

27.12.04 - International Boxing Federation Association junior featherweight champion Israel Vazquez defends his title under the Sycuan Ringside Promotions banner for the first time when he meets undefeated and No. 1-ranked contender Art Simonyan Tuesday, Dec. 28, at the Sycuan Resort & Casino in El Cajon, Calif. continue

Why do we still crave Mike Tyson?

26.12.04 - By Matt Phillips: Love him or loath him, Mike Tyson is a legend. Not everybody is qualified enough to have an opinion on him but yet they do. Even in certain countries in Eastern Europe and Asia where God, Jesus and the rest of the Bible have never been heard of Mike Tyson could cause an argument on who is the greatest heavyweight on the planet this. continue

Comparing Opposition: Holmes/Lewis

25.12.04 - By Don Caputo: Larry Holmes and Lennox Lewis both ruled the heavyweight division for a number of years and are considered the dominant champions of their respective eras, but who defeated the better opposition? Here is a list of their best wins:

Holmes's best wins - Ken Norton(W15), Earnie Shavers(W10, TKO11), Muhammad Ali(TKO11), Trevor Berbick(W15), Gerry Cooney(TKO13), Mike Weaver(TKO12), Bonecrusher Smith(TKO12), Tim Witherspoon(W15), Carl Williams(W15), Ray Mercer(W12).

Lewis's best wins - Razor Ruddock(KO2), Tony Tucker(W12), Frank Bruno(TKO7), Tommy Morrision(TKO6), Ray Mercer(W10), Andrew Golota(KO1), Evander Holyfield(W12), David Tua(W12), Mike Tyson(KO8), Vitali Klitscko(TKO6). continue

Boxing 2004: Year End Awards

23.12.04 - By Matthew Hurley: As 2004 comes to a close it's time to look back and present some awards, or at least some approbation, to the many participants in the boxing world. It's also a good time to sling a few arrows and shoot some withering disdain in a few directions as well. But ultimately, in spite of a heavyweight division that often seemed like rats taking over a sinking ship, 2004 was a very good year for boxing. It was a transitional year, but then our beloved sport is one that seems to undergo constant change. So, without further ado here are some of the highs and lows of 2004.

Fighter Of The Year: Glen Johnson. The always underrated road warrior, the recipient of many a questionable decision loss, earned this honor with an upset knockout over Roy Jones and then with a characteristic, workmanlike performance over Antonio Tarver. His fight with Tarver was close, but Johnson again proved that his relentless aggression is both crowd pleasing and worthy of recognition by the fans and the judges. Knowledgeable fans always knew, the judges finally got it right. continue

Repacking Tarver/Johnson Wouldn’t Make it any Better

23.12.04 - By Coach Tim - If you had the opportunity to tune into HBO’s Antonio Tarver vs. Glencoffe Johnson bout Saturday night then you witnessed history unfold. The story line was dramatic theatre even at office water coolers. The premise, a mega fight showdown between the light heavyweight champions of the WBC and IBF. More specifically those who had beat Roy Jones. The villains, sanctioning bodies suppressing this face-off in lieu of their mandatory challengers. The hero, both champions renouncing their thrones to get it on and it would all be shown on regularly subscribed HBO. continue

A Preview to 2005 for the Junior Welterweights

23.12.04 – By Tim Foley: 2004 was the year that the Junior Welterweight division became arguably the deepest, most talented division in the sport. 2005 promises to be the breakout year for many fighters still considered to be stars, but not pay-per-view headliners. With Miguel Cotto transforming from promising prospect to bonafide contender in 2004, Paulie Malignaggi and Mike Arnaoutis have demonstrated the ability to be the next prospects to become top contenders in ’05.

The division can become even deeper provided two stars resolve their legal troubles in the upcoming year. Floyd Mayweather Jr’s pay-per-view superfight is in serious jeopardy following his most recent run-in. continue

Scott Harrison Gets Victor Polo

23.12.04 - WBO World Featherweight Champion Scott Harrison will defend his title against Victor Polo on Friday 28 January at the Braehead Arena in Glasgow and has promised to make him pay for missing Christmas with his son. Harrison had to make one of the biggest sacrifices of his life ahead of his fourth title defence at the Braehead Arena on Friday 28 January - to leave behind his two-year-old son Scott Junior over the festive period. continue

Joe Calzaghe Aims For A Big 2005

23.12.04 - WBO World Super-Middleweight Champion Joe Calzaghe kick starts his 2005 campaign on Friday 11 February when he defends his title at the M.E.N Arena in Manchester. Calzaghe's New Year wish is to become a two-weight world champion by entering the light-heavyweight ranks and first challenging Antonio Tarver conqueror Glen Johnson - who is recognised as the best in the division.

His dream nearly came true in June when the fight with Johnson was all set to take place only for Calzaghe to withdraw after sustaining a serious back injury but he is confident that the fight can be made this year. continue

Rival Promoters Make Friendly Wager On Vazquez-Simonyan Outcome

23.12.04 - Fight promoter Art Pelullo is a cigar-puffing Philadelphia guy. He loves his Eagles, his Phillies and his pasta. Artie is an Old School fight guy. Fight promoter Glenn Quiroga is the New Breed of fight promoter. Only age 26, Quiroga loves his Chargers, his Padres and his tacos and enchiladas. And with Quiroga's International Boxing Federation junior featherweight champion Israel Vazquez making his first title defense Tuesday, Dec. 28, at the Sycuan Resort & Casino in El Cajon, Calif., against Pelullo's Armenian tiger and No. 1-ranked contender Artyom Simonyan, the rival promoters have agreed to disagree. continue

Will Audley Harrison Produce In 2005?

22.12.04 - By Steve Mckenna: THERE'S no point dressing it up – Audley Harrison has had a pretty woeful 2004. After three fights, in March, May and June, A-Force has turned into A-nonymous. He hadn't exactly made an earth-shattering impact since turning professional, but in the first half of the year he at least looked like breaking into the world's top-20. Now – apart from a brief appearance on the TV show 'Boxing Academy' – he's almost disappeared off the radar. Niggling injuries, and the fact that he's lost the backing of the BBC, haven't helped. But for someone who became Olympic super-heavyweight champion nearly four and a half years ago, his development is disappointing to say the least. Audley (17-0) is now 33. continue

Showtime's "Best Of 2004" On Saturday, Jan. 8

22.12.04 – Highlights from the best and most memorable fights of the year will be shown when SHOWTIME presents “SHOWTIME BOXING: Best Of 2004” on Saturday, Jan. 8, 2005, at 10 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on the West Coast). The informative, fast-paced, entertaining 30-minute telecast will be co-hosted by SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING’S Steve Albert and Nick Charles of “ShoBox: The New Generation.” continue

Brewster Prepares To Defend Title Against Golota In Spring

22.12.04 - WBO World Heavyweight Champion, Lamon Brewster, is set to defend his title in March 2005, against Andrew Golota. Brewster (30-2, 26 KOs) knocked out the highly regarded Wladimir Klitschko in September, of this year, to obtain his world heavyweight belt and successfully defended his first title fight against Kali Meehan. Brewster has made a full recovery from the cheek injury he sustained in the bought with Meehan.

As the most gifted athlete in the heavyweight division, Brewster promises an exciting battle in the boxing ring. According to manager, Sam Simon, Brewster will start training in January, and has picked up the services of the well-respected Jesse Reid as trainer. For more information on Lamon Brewster go to

Gatti-Leija on January 29

22.12.04 - Boxing’s most-exciting fighter, WBC super lightweight champion Arturo Gatti, returns to the ring on Jan 29, 2005, to defend his crown against former world champion Jesse James Leija, it was announced today by Main Events CEO Kathy Duva. Bally’s Atlantic City will host the electrifying evening of boxing, which will take place at Boardwalk Hall in Atlantic City, NJ. HBO’s “World Championship Boxing Series” will broadcast the Gatti-Leija bout, as well as a live co-feature bout, beginning at 9:45 pm ET/6:45 pm PT. continue

Golota Gets "Pole" Position again

22.12.04 - By Jim Amato: It looks like my Comeback Heavyweight Of 2004, Andrew Golota will get another shot at the brass ring.After being robbed in title attempts against I.B.F. champ Chris Byrd and W.B.A.titleholder John Ruiz, Andrew will now face W.B.O pretender Lamon Brewster. The bout is slated for March 5th. I was led to believe that former champion Hassim Rahman was up next for Brewster. In Lamon's last fight he suffered a broken jaw against Kali Meehan. Since then Meehan met Rahman and was badly beaten. This win thrusted Rahman back into the big picture.

There is talk about Rahman facing Ruiz again but it seems more likely at this time that Ruiz and Byrd are headed for a showdown. Where does this leave Vitali? Is he waiting on Lennox Lewis to return? What about Jameel McCline who must still be considered a force in the division off his controversial loss to Byrd? Maybe McCline will finally meet James Toney in a bout that was once scheduled but was called off due to Toney being injured. continue

Warren Hits Back At Muhammad Claims

22.12.04 - Promoter Frank Warren has responded to comments made yesterday by Murad Muhammad claiming that he has offered IBF World Light-Welterweight Champion Kostya Tszyu a four-fight deal including a showdown with Ricky Hatton in Sydney. "Our position on this matter is very clear," started Warren. continue

John Ruiz to Chris Byrd: “Any time, any place, and he can bring the ref”

22.12.04 - World Boxing Association heavyweight champion John “The Quietman” Ruiz (41-5-1, 28 KOs) has responded to derogatory remarks recently made about him by International Boxing Federation heavyweight title-holder Chris Byrd (38-2-1, 20 KOs). “I’ll fight Byrd any time, any place, and he can bring the ref,” Ruiz offered.

“Let him bring two referees if he wants. This fight can easily be made because we have the same promoter (Don King). All it takes is a phone call by Byrd. I’ll sign a contract tomorrow. I just don't want it to be a cat fight because I don't slap like him." continue

Israel Vazquez-Art Simonyan on Dec. 28

22.12.04 - International Boxing Federation Association junior featherweight champion Israel Vazquez defends his title under the Sycuan Ringside Promotions banner for the first time when he meets undefeated and No. 1-ranked contender Art Simonyan Tuesday, Dec. 28, at the Sycuan Resort & Casino in El Cajon, Calif. continue

The decline of Superfights

22.12.04 - By Marcus Wood: The term ‘Superfight’ is being thrown around a lot lately so before I begin lets clarify what this word means. To everyone with an interest in boxing, Superfight means big fight. Normally two big name boxers whose fight is guaranteed do well box office wise. It is regardless of what happens in the ring though. What qualifies as a Superfight seems to differ for different people. Some will say two champions fighting will be a Superfight regardless of who it is. Others will say a champion and his no.1 contender. Some will say as long as one superstar is involved it will qualify while others will say both fighters need to be big names. Many more have variations on those definitions. continue

US Olympian Jason Estrada's recent pro debut a big hit

22.12.04 – The much anticipated pro debut of 2004 U.S. Olympian Jason Estrada two weeks ago at Foxwoods Resort Casino was the first step on his mission to prove to the boxing world that he’ll be an even better pro than amateur. In his first fight as a pro against a game Joseph Reyes Kenneth, the 24-year-old Estrada floored his opponent once en route to a unanimous four-round decision in a match he dominated. continue

Golden Boy Wins Hopkins-Eastman Purse bid

22.12.04 - By Steve Mckenna : AS Ricky Hatton, Joe Calzaghe and even the retired Lennox Lewis hog the headlines, one British boxer has largely been ignored – even though he's poised to take on a pound-for-pound great early next year.

But Howard Eastman won't be surprised. The 'Battersea Bomber' has endured this for most of his career. While 15,000 fans cram into the MEN Arena to cheer on Hatton's WBU defences, Eastman's lucky if a fraction of those turn up for his fights. It's unfortunate because, while he's not always been the most exciting of boxers, the middleweight is unquestionably one of Britain's leading talents. And instead of focusing on spurious belts, Eastman has done it the traditional way, winning British, Commonwealth and European crowns. continue

ShoBox Fights To be Replayed Three Times

22.12.04 – Responding to barrage of e-mails, phone calls and media coverage, SHOWTIME will replay the “Shobox: The New Generation” card of Arnaoutis vs. Gallardo and the dramatic Elder vs. Burton. The excellent news for boxing fans is that the “ShoBox’’ doubleheader can be seen three times in the next three days airing Wednesday on SHO EXTREME at 11:35 ET/PT and then on Thursday evening on SHO TOO at 11 ET/PT (all times delayed on the West Coast). continue

Guts And Glory: Fight & Fighter Of The Year

21.12.04 - By Wray Edwards: What kind of boxing achievements qualify one for fighter of the year? Is it just high-profile wins like Tarver over Jones, Barrera over Morales, Marquez-Pacquiao, Trinidad’s comeback over Mayorga, or might we honor more obscure contests where world-class courage against all odds determined the winner. Eddie Sanchez’ win over Juan Candelo, Eric Mitchell’s great showing versus Mayorga and Ebo Elder over Courtney Burton were, among others, great displays.

Does fight of the year always have to go to big names? We have incredible comebacks within a fight. We have revenge victories in re-matches. We have super-hype fights. continue

World Boxing Council News

Mexico City - December 21, 2004 - Hopkins-Eastman Purse Offer: The purse offer for middleweight world champion Bernard Hopkins' mandatory title defense against Howard Eastman of Great Britain was held today in the WBC offices in Mexico City. Golden Boy Promotions of the United States won with a bid of $4,261,000. Promoter Mick Hennessy of Great Britain bid $4,001,000, Top Rank, Inc., of the United States bid $1,801,000, and Don King Productions of the United States bid $1,511,000 continue

Just Where Does Calzaghe Go From Here?

20.12.04 - By Steve Mckenna: WHILE Glen Johnson toasted becoming the unofficial undisputed light-heavyweight champion of the world, Joe Calzaghe just might have been thinking: "It could have been me." The long-standing WBO super-middleweight champion's career has stalled to a grinding halt over the last year. Johnson, on the other hand, has seen his sky-rocket after following up his stunning knockout of Roy Jones with a split-decision victory over Antonio Tarver. Who would have thought it at the start of 2004? continue

Is George Foreman Overrated?

20.12.04 - By Don Caputo: There is no question George Foreman was a phenomenal puncher, his raw power and killer instinct were devastating which made him arguably the most feared fighter who ever lived. He cemented his standing as an all time great heavyweight by regaining his title at the age of 45, becoming the oldest man to win the heavyweight crown. continue

Vitali Klitschko…Is He Just Smarter???

20.12.04 – By Tim Foley: Has there ever been a fighter smarter than Vitali Klitschko? Many will argue and debate with me on this subject, but after watching the replay (yet again) of Klitschko’s mauling of Danny Williams, it’s clear that Klitschko IS the true heavyweight champion of the world.

What makes a champion is heart, determination, and skill. Probably the most underrated attribute that creates a champion is understanding a fighter’s own limitations. Klitschko is probably the most awkward looking fighter of the new millennium, but he gets the job done. He seems to understand, probably more than anybody, what his strengths and weaknesses are. continue

Mike Arnaoutis: Gritty Greek Gores Gallardo

20.12.04 - Cestus Management's junior welterweight sensation "Mighty" Mike Arnaoutis claimed yet another devastating victory last Friday night, stopping the durable and highly regarded Jauquin "Killer" Gallardo with 20 seconds left in the 3rd round of a scheduled 10-round contest. continue

Sharkie’s Machine: Johnson vs. Tarver - “A New Rivalry Begins”

20.12.04 - By Frank Gonzalez Jr - December 18th, 2004 - Something special happened Saturday night at the Staples Center in Los Angeles, Light-Heavyweight Champions Antonio Tarver (WBC Champ) and Glen Johnson (IBF Champ) defied their Sanctioning Bodies, relinquished their Titles and faced each other to show the world who’s really the best Light Heavy between them.

In what had to be another humbling experience for Roy Jones Jr. (who was part of the HBO Commentating crew), who had to sit through clip after clip of both Tarver and Johnson knocking him out, Tarver vs. Johnson was an action packed fight that unlike any fight Roy’s ever been in.

The question of who’s the better LHW between Tarver and Johnson remains unanswered. Although I had Tarver winning by one round on my card, if ever there was an even fight—this was it. This fight screamed for a rematch. Both won their share of rounds and neither man ever dominated the other. Maybe a 15 rounder would’ve better answered the question. continue

Rivera welcomes Mosely back to 147

20.12.04 – With the recent announcement that former world champion “Sugar” Shane Mosley will return to the welterweight division, on the heels of Oscar De La Hoya saying he’s coming back to the 147-pound class, World Boxing Association welterweight champion “El Gallo” Jose Antonio Rivera (37-3-1, 24 KOs) believes that in 2005 the welterweight division will be the strongest and most competitive in boxing. continue

Lewis' Contempt For Klitschko Makes Rematch Likely

20.12.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - This really shouldn't be a shock or a surprise to anyone, but I won't be surprised if it is. But it's impossible not to see that Lennox Lewis does not think Vitali Klitschko is the fighter that some of the press and fans are projecting him as being. Just watch Lewis and read between the lines of what he says. He believes Klitschko's reputation was formulated based on the fight between them and nobody would be praising Vitali for stopping Johnson, Sanders, and Williams had he not fought well against him. And more importantly Lewis believes Klitschko only looked good against him because he totally looked past and underestimated him when they fought. continue

Shannon Taylor wins WBF title

19.12.04 - By Tony Nobbs: On a Jamie Myer Foxsport promotion, Shannan Taylor won the WBF super middleweight title with a second round knockout of Thailand’s Sakda Sorpakdi at the Royal Pines Golf Resort on the beautiful Gold Coast in Queensland on Friday night. Going in the talk wasn’t about who would win and how, but when. Despite this, Sorpakdi put his cards on the table early and went at Taylor with right hands. continue

One Punch KO’s

19.12.04 - By Don Caputo: All it takes is one punch; it’s strange how certain victory can turn into devastating defeat in the blink of an eye. It doesn’t seem fair how the better man, the more talented fighter can be stretched out cold so suddenly. He could have been winning every minute of every round, it makes absolutely no difference, he got caught. To me that’s what makes boxing so much more dramatic and exiting than every other sport. Imagine if a football match was decided by one goal, the first team to score wins. It wouldn’t matter how much possession one side had or how close they came to scoring, if they let a goal slip in it’s over, they lose the game just like that. Over the years we have seen some shocking one punch knockouts that nobody saw coming, I’m going to look back at a few of them. continue

“Destroyer” Lopez Returns To Desert Diamond Casino

19.12.04 - Desert Diamond Casino and Oscar De La Hoya’s Golden Boy Promotions have put together another blockbuster fight card to rinng in the New Year. On Thursday, January 6, 2005 “Boxeo de Oro” on HBO Latino presents its first show of the year live from the Diamond Center. Tickets range from $25-$100 and are available now at the Desert Diamond Casino box office, Radio XENY in Nogales, MX or by calling (520) 393-2799 or 866-DDC-WINS. continue

Klitschko Brothers No Longer Tied To Universum

HAMBURG, Germany (Dec. 19, 2004) – The Regional Court (Landgericht) of Hamburg ruled in a decision announced today that Vitali and Wladimir Klitschko are no longer under contract with Universum Box Promotion. Universum Box Promotion had argued that their contract with Wladimir Klitschko was valid until Feb. 22, 2005, and that their contract with Vitali Klitschko was good until May 20, 2005. But the presiding judge, Dr. Mückenheim, overruled their claim, saying that the contracts had ended much earlier – Wladimir’s on June 22, 2004, Vitali’s on Oct. 22, 2004. continue

David Estrada Heads to ShoBox Showdown on January 21st

19.12.04 - Chicago native, Miami based welterweight David Estrada, 17-1 (8KO's) heads to the Mohegan Sun Casino in Uncasville, Conn., on Friday, January 21st for a twelve round showdown with Chris "The Mechanic" Smith, 19-0-1 (12KO's) of Queens, New York, broadcast live as part of the increasingly popular "ShoBox--The New Generation" live professional boxing series headlining a card promoted by DiBella Entertainment. continue

Elder-Burton: As Good As It Gets

18.12.04 - By Wray Edwards: In the last “Showbox The next Generation” of 2004, Showtime continued to take up he slack left by ESPN’s Friday Night Fights hiatus. In a fan’s boxing match, twenty-five year old southpaw Ebo “The Extreme Machine” Elder 21-1-(13) defended his NABO Lightweight Championship against twenty-six year old switch-hitter Courtney Burton 21-2-(11). Elder, who turned pro in June, 2000 with 110 rounds under his belt, faced Burton whose pro debut was in July of 1996 having fought 122 rounds since then; a seemingly good match, by the numbers at least. continue

Boxing's Final Big Weekend for 2004

18.12.04 - By Tom Donelson: Thursday night HBO Boxero series featured two up and coming fighters in Librado Andrade and Brian Viloria. In the first feature, Super Middleweight Librado Andrade faced light heavyweight trial horse Thomas Reid. Reid is a smart crafty boxer with little power, as his 13 knockouts in 33 victories would attest to. In his last fight, Reid lost a 10 round decision to Montel Griffin and came down to the Super Middleweight weight for this bout. continue

Tarver battles Johnson on Saturday

18.12.04 - By Matthew Hurley: This Saturday night's bout between light heavyweights Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson has slowly built itself into an intriguing match up. There are a few reasons for this, the main one being boxing fans need to cleanse themselves of the recent stink of heavyweight nonsense. Anyone who paid for the two most recent heavyweight bore-athons need a night of good, technical boxing between two good fighters intent on proving their worth. Johnson is a vastly underrated fighter with a swarming style who finally achieved fistic vindication when he simply overwhelmed Roy Jones in his last bout. Tarver is a talented fighter with a motor-mouth who struck lighting in a bottle by knocking Jones out in the second round of their rematch. The question is, do their respective fights against Jones indicate anything as to how they match up against each other?

If you listen to any amount of the verbiage that spills from Antonio Tarver's mouth you come away from the supremely confident fighter either entirely convinced that he's as good as he says he is or that his words just might be all sound and fury signifying not much at all. Is he as good as he seems to think he is? Or did he simply catch a fighter at the end of his career (it had to end sometime) with a perfect punch? Add on to that the fact that Jones' chin had never really been tested before and you're left with the rest of Tarver's career. continue

Hall of Fame To Announce New Inductees on January 6th

CANASTOTA, NY - DECEMBER 18, 2004 - The International Boxing Hall of Fame announced today a news conference will be held at the Hall of Fame Events Pavilion on Thursday, January 6, 2005 at 1:00 p.m. to announce the newest Hall of Fame Inductees. Inductees will be named in five categories: Modern, Old-Timer, Pioneer, Non- Participant and Observer. Members of the Boxing Writers Association of America and an international panel of boxing historians cast votes. continue

Analysis: Antonio Tarver & Glen Johnson

18.12.04 - By Derek Tang: The only two light-heavyweights to have ever knocked out the aging, but legendary Roy Jones Jr. meet this Saturday, November 18 on HBO 9PM (ET)! In one corner, we have Antonio Tarver (22-2, 18KOs); he rose to public fame when he was the first to knock out Roy Jones in their rematch in the second round of May of this year. In the other corner, we have Glencoffe Johnson (41-9, 28KOs) and he recently knocked out Roy Jones in September of this year. Tarver relinquished his title belts to face Johnson, instead of defending against his dangerous mandatory, Paul Briggs. continue

Is Lennox Lewis coming back to fight Vitali Klitschko?

18.12.04 - By Steve Mckenna: A BLOODIED Vitali Klitschko scrambles around the canvas in the Mandalay Bay Casino. The Las Vegas crowd are on their feet. Vitali desperately tries to claw back the gumshield that's been knocked from his mouth. The 6ft 7in giant is on one knee. The count is at seven. He somehow pulls himself to his feet.....and he stumbles back on to the ropes. Referee Joe Cortez waves his arms. The fight is over. In the other corner, Lennox Lewis jumps up and down, his fist banging against his chest. He's back.

It's a bed-time story you could imagine Lewis telling to his little boy. Boxing fans, too, could dream up a scenario where the 'Pugilist Specialist' shows us some of 'sweet science' once more, ridding us of the mechanical colossus who seems destined to dominate the heavyweight division for the foreseeable future. But could this possibly happen? After watching Klitschko demolish Lewis' compatriot Danny Williams, Lennox admitted he felt like jumping into the ring. "Watching it stirred something inside me," said the Brit, who believes it would take nine months to become fighting-fit once more. continue

Juan Diaz Defends Title Against Billy Irwin

18.12.04 - At age 21, Houston’s own Juan Diaz is professional boxing’s youngest World Champion. The undefeated Diaz will defend his WBA lightweight crown on Jan 21, 2005, in a highly anticipated, action-packed featured12 round bout against WBA #10 ranked contender Billy Irwin at Reliant Center in Houston, TX. The announcement was made today by Main Events CEO Kathy Duva. In the co-feature bout undefeated 2000 U.S. Olympian Calvin Brock faces Clifford “The Black Rhino” Etienne in a 10 round heavyweight bout. continue

Elder Slugs His Way to Thrilling 12th Round Knockout of Burton, Arnaoutis Knocks Out Gallardo in Third

18.12.04 - Ebo "The Extreme Machine" Elder fought courageously, with both eyes nearly closed due to swelling, to knockout Courtney "Killer" Burton to retain his North American Boxing Association Lightweight belt Friday on "ShoBox: The New Generation." In the junior welterweight co-feature from Chumash Casino Resort in Santa Ynez, Calif., "Mighty" Mike Arnaoutis registered a third-round knockout over Jauquin Gallardo. continue

Tarver vs. Johnson: It's A Blessing These Two Are Getting Together

17.12.04 - By Chris Ireland - - Am I the only one having a hard time accepting the fact that Roy Jones will not be in Saturday's fight? Sure, I got tired of the melodrama of Jones referring to himself in the third person, teasing us with false promises of another move to heavyweight, and the dismissal of his competition. That got old quick. But one couldn't ignore the fact that Jones was dominant, and alas, dominance is more satisfying to boxing fans than parody. Parody has all but ruined the heavyweight division, with its endless list of Don King paper champions. Roy, or "RJ" depending on what mood he was in, lost his grip on the division in May to Antonio Tarver. Many were glad that the Jones era was done, yet almost everybody had a hard time adjusting to a Light Heavyweight division without Jones as its king. Then, in September, Jones lost again to borderline journeyman Glen Johnson by KO, eliminating his status as a contender to Tarver's new crown. So there we were, left without the once untouchable Roy Jones. Then, fight fans got lucky. continue

Former Boxing Champion Vinny Paz Arrested

17.12.04 - Vinny "The Pazmanian Devil" Paz was arrested for resisting arrest under suspicion of driving while intoxicated. According to Paz's Agent Nicholas Cordasco of Prince Marketing Group the officers asked Paz to walk a straight line, Vinny commented with "I have been in 60 wars in the ring, sober or drunk isn't that easy for me to walk straight line at 3 AM with 3 inch heals on." Apparently the officers took that as a smart ass comment and and took the champ into custody. continue

“ShoBox” to feature IBF Welterweight elimination bout and Jr Middleweight Showdown

16.12.04 - Blue-collar boxer Christopher “The Mechanic” Smith will attempt to dismantle David Estrada in an IBF elimination bout for the No. 2 ranking Friday, Jan. 21, on the SHOWTIME boxing series, “ShoBox: The New Generation.” In the 10-round co-feature, unbeaten junior middleweight contender Sechew “Iron Horse” Powell will make his second SHOWTIME and “ShoBox” appearances as he takes on Aslanbek Kodzoev. continue

WBC #3 Witter to face WBC #2 Branco

16.12.04 - Bradford’s Junior Witter will defend his European light welterweight title against Italy’s Gianluca Branco in a sensational showdown that effectively doubles as a world title eliminator. It will take place early next year and be promoted by Hennessy Sports following their successful purse bid for the contest in Rome on the 9th December. continue

Vitali Klitschko: A Flawed Champion

16.12.04 - By Chris Ireland - - A word of advice to fight fans: Don't believe the writers. If you're a fan of the sport who can put together a sentence or two, suddenly you're a boxing expert. This is not to say all boxing writers are liars or don't know what they're talking about. In fact, they very much do know what they're talking about. What they have his a real knowledge for the history of the sport and a love for what they do, but this doesn't mean they're always right.

Every boxing writer on the planet had Vitali Klitschko figured out a few years ago. He was a quitter with no heart. He was the other brother. He didn't have what it takes to be the champion. Then came June 21, 2003, the date that Vitali Klitschko, with basically one eye after the second round, nearly defeated an under-trained and arrogant Lennox Lewis. Then Klitschko become the one with heart, the desire, and the determination to become the heavyweight champion. continue

Duddy has Irish eyes smilin’ in U.S.

NEW YORK CITY (December 16, 2004) – Unbeaten middleweight John Duddy’s (7-0, 7 KOs) classic Irish blood-and-guts style of fighting and matinee idol looks has helped him capture the hearts and minds of boxing fans in his native Northern Ireland, as well as a growing number in the United States, particularly on the East Coast. continue

Gonzalez vs Jiminez Headlines Friday's "CMX Boxeo De Campeones

16.12.04 - Now into its sixth full month of production, "CMX Boxeo de Campeones"-- presented by CMXsports and promoted by Guilty Boxing -- returns THIS FRIDAY December 17, LIVE from El Foro in Tijuana, Mexico. There will be no love lost south of the border when Tijuana's LEOPOLDO "FEROZ" GONZALEZ risks his undefeatewd record going mano-a-mano against Mexico City's ESTEBAN JIMINEZ in the 10-round super bantamweight main event. continue

POOR Ricky Hatton

16.12.04 - By Steve Mckenna: Hot on the heels of a career-best performance against Ray Oliveira, the Manchester 'Hitman' believed a fight with the great Kostya Tszyu was on the cards. The IBF light-welterweight champ would come to Ricky's home town, in front of a 20,000 partisan crowd, and the 'Hitman' would storm to victory. At least that was the plan. And Hatton's promoter, Frank Warren, was doing his best to engineer it. Despite protestations from the Tszyu camp to the contrary, Warren even told BBC Radio Five Live viewers: "I can assure you this fight will happen." But, as most people know with boxing, you can't be sure of anything until the first bell sounds – and even then, who knows what's in store? continue

ESPN's Jim Rome Is Burning Tonight With Antonio Tarver

LOS ANGELES, December 16 – They are the best in their chosen fields, one in the boxing ring, and the other in the realm of broadcasting. So, on Thursday, December 16, it will be a clash of the titans when the top light heavyweight in the world, Antonio Tarver, and the always thought-provoking Jim Rome, meet on ESPN’s hit show “Rome is Burning” at 9pm PT / 12am ET. continue

ShoBox to feature Elder-Burton

16.12.04 - Multi-talented boxer and musician, Ebo Elder, will put down his drum sticks and pick up the gloves when he defends his NABO lightweight crown against former NABO champion Courtney Burton, Friday, Dec. 17, on the SHOWTIME boxing series, "ShoBox: The New Generation." In the 10-round co-feature, unbeaten WBO No. 15 junior welterweight contender Mike Arnaoutis will make his third SHOWTIME and "ShoBox" appearances as he takes on Juaquin Gallardo. continue

Brian Viloria To Replace Montiel In Boxeo De Oro Main Event Thursday

16.12.04 – Due to illness, super flyweight contender Fernando Montiel has been forced to withdraw from his December 16 clash with Barranquilla, Colombia’s Angel Priolo. But to the rescue has come former 2000 US Olympian Brian Viloria, who will look to bring his “Hawaiian Punch” to the legendary Grand Olympic Auditorium in Los Angeles against Priolo in the 12 round main event of HBO Latino’s “Oscar De La Hoya Presents Boxeo De Oro”. continue

Vitali Klitschko: He performed great, but he didn’t Look great!

14.12.04 - By Izyaslav “Slava” Koza - - Yeah, Vitali Klitschko knocked Danny Williams around the ring. Yeah, he knocked him down four times, and yes, he barely got hit with a single meaningful punch. However, even though I am a fan, I am still not satisfied. The reason is that it took him eight rounds to get rid of a guy he should have knocked out in two. I am not saying that to suddenly hate on him, I am saying that because from my experience in watching Vitali Klitschko fight. I think he is capable of that. So why did it take him 8 rounds to do something he could have in 2? continue

Tarver-Kellerman On "I, Max" Tonight

14.12.04 - With the anticipation mounting for the December 18 light heavyweight showdown between Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson at the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, Tarver will take a break from his final preparations for the bout to sit down and discuss the fight with renowned boxing analyst Max Kellerman on the FOX Sports Net series "I, Max" on Tuesday, December 14. "I, Max” airs weeknights at 6:00pm local with repeats in late night. continue

Diaz and Gonzales Look Ahead After Scoring Impressive Victories

14.12.04 - A huge crowd packed Chicago's famed Aragon Ballroom this past Friday night as junior welterweights David Diaz and Al "SPEEDY" Gonzales posted huge wins on Dominic Pesoli's 8 Count Productions "THE BEST IN CHICAGO BOXING" event as they both now prepare to head to a Showtime televised card featuring each in terrific matchups as they climb up the ladder of world ranked fighters. continue

Hatton Wins An Eye Opener

14.12.04 - By Jim Amato: Up to this point I had not taken Ricky Hatton seriously. I may have to re-think that. Oliviera is a very good fighter, not great but very good. Hatton SHOULD have beat him and he did. I think it was the way that he beat Oliviera that opened some eyes, mine included. continue

DiBella doubleheader on Showtime Boxing

14.12.04 - DiBella Entertainment will present a unique television doubleheader on January 21 at Mohegan Sun Arena in Uncasville, CT. when Showtime televises a pair of live bouts - Chris Smith (19-0-1) vs. David Estrada (17-1) in the main event, and Brooklyn's undefeated Sechew Powell (14-0) vs. Aslanbek Kodzoev (15-1-1) in the co-feature - on Shobox: The Next Generation, while the undercard will be aired on tape delay on the popular Broadway Boxing Presented by Mohegan Sun. continue

Congratulations Vitali

13.12.04 - By Coach Tim – Sometimes a subject gets beat so far into the ground that you grow weary of it. You’ve heard the arguments for it as much as you’ve listened to the arguments against it. Then there are other times when the most valid points about a subject have to be pounded over and over into disbelievers with such fervor that they eventually succumb. This is the case for Vitali Klitschko, WBC Heavyweight Champion of the World.

Even if it were only a matter of skill, or division, or size, or timing then we could debate those singular points for days on end. But Vitali’s dilemma is more than any singular idea. His predicament dates back years. It dates back to the time when he first became the other brother instead of the older brother. Vitali’s boxing style and overall persona doesn’t strike many people as fluently as his younger brother Wladimir. continue

Mike Tyson in music video

13.12.04 - On Thursday, December 9th, 2004 while the world was buzzing with Mike Tyson news, he was in fact, in Santa Monica, California, shooting MIG Records international recording artist, "Adrienne" Lau's ( music video, "Hypnotic Love." continue

It's 1-0 (1 KO) for Chazz Witherspoon

13.12.04 - "Mensa Mauler" CHAZZ WITHERSPOON, a senior at St. Joseph's University, successfully graduated to the big leagues of professional boxing, blasting out James Daniel at 1:53 of round one tonight, at the new Washington, D.C. Convention Center. With his cousin, former world heavyweight champion Terrible Tim Witherspoon, rooting him on with Chazz's parents, Chazz scored his first knockdown before the first minute was over with a strong left lead to Daniel's chin. continue

DaVarryl Williamson Signs with Don King Productions

13.12.04 - International Boxing Federation No. 12-rated heavyweight contender DaVarryl “Touch of Sleep” Williamson (21-3, 17 KOs) signed a promotional agreement with Don King Productions today. "This is the right move for me," Williamson said. "Don King has proven time and time again he can make things happen in boxing, especially in the heavyweight division. He represents three of the four world heavyweight champions, and I want to face one of them for a world title. continue

Heavyweight Outlook for 2005: Klitschko on Top of the Heap, but King Still Holding the Cards

13.12.04 - By Umar ben-Ivan Lee: Is Mike Tyson in has present form that bad or is Vitali Klitschko that good? That is the question that many in boxing are asking themselves after the one-sided beating Danny Williams endured at the hand of Vitali Klitschko. The fight was so uneven that for eight-rounds Williams fans were forced to jump to their feat when the Londoner landed a jab. continue

Vitali Klitschko vs. the World

13.12.04 - By Geoff McKay: Well, as expected, Vitali Klitschko handled Danny Williams, and retained his WBC belt, and as expected, many of the very same people that gave Danny a real chance of beating Vitali are now calling him a Tomato can, and claiming Vitali’s performance is no measure of a real champion.

One thing that we can all agree on is the need for a unification, or clarification as to who the real heavyweight champion is. Another thing that we can also probably agree on is that this will likely never happen. Too many rich and powerful people have too much to lose should one man alone be allowed to call himself heavyweight champion of the world. continue

Why Vitali Klitschko Is Today's Top Heavyweight

13.12.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - It's been a year and a half since former heavyweight champ Lennox Lewis stopped current WBC champ Vitali Klitschko, in what may have been the last fight of his career. In his bout with Lewis, Klitschko proved that it was just a matter of time before he would have the title heavyweight champ attached to his name. In fact, he was leading in the fight when it had to be stopped after the sixth round because of his severely cut left eye. At the conclusion of the fight both Lewis and Klitschko were exhausted. Along with being exhausted, the caliber of fighting displayed by both that night was not indicative as to what we've seen from them in past fights. However, both displayed the kind of courage associated with fighters who are called champ at some point in their career.

In re-visiting Lewis-Klitschko for the last time, let's clear a few things up. Lewis won the fight legitimately. It was the result of a punch landed on Klitschko thrown by Lewis that caused the cut. Klitschko fought outstanding and was winning on the scorecards when the fight ended. But that doesn't mean a thing regarding how the fight would've turned out had it continued. Lewis wasn't in anything close to top condition and apparently had no respect for Klitschko judging by how he fought, and it almost cost him. continue

Best Boxing Names Ever

12.12.04 - By Coach Tim Walker - Last weekend I had the opportunity to watch Rocky One, Two and Three over again. It got me to thinking about how creative Rocky’s nickname is “Rocky ‘The Italian Stallion’ Balboa”. Now that is cool. What guy wouldn’t want to grow being called the Italian Stallion or Boom Boom Mancini or The Greatest of All Time? continue

Klitschko vs. Williams – Danny’s Demise

12.12.04 – By J.B. - On December 11th, Briton Danny Williams squared off against WBC Heavyweight Champion Vitali Klitschko in an ill-fated attempt to return the title to England. An unlikely contender, Williams, who lost to Michael Sprott last January, earned this bout by knocking out an injured Mike Tyson in July. continue

WBC Heavyweight Champion Vitali Klitschko Post-Fight Quotes

12.12.04 - VITALI KLITSCHKO: "I went to the hospital as a precaution because both my hands were swollen, They are taped now but the doctor said I will be fine and could fight in a couple of months. Nothing is broken. This is no big deal. I cannot say exactly when I hurt them, or with what punch, but I first started to feel pain in the hands in the second round, and felt more and more pain in each round thereafter. continue

Cappiello Promotions Dedicate Friday's card in Memory of Dave Hamilton

12.12.04 - Brockton,MA - The Shaws Center, and the City of Champions will be the site for a night of fights, and a tribute to the late David "The Hammer" Hamilton. The show, on December 17th, will be aired via tape delay by CN8 as a part of Cappeillo Promotions' Mohegan Sun Fight Night USA series. continue

Klitschko-Williams: Where Is Golota When We Need Him?

12.12.04 - By Wray Edwards: As Danny Williams hurriedly trundled his record-breaking 270 pounds across the ring at Vitali Klitschko to start the FIRST ROUND, he looked like a really big troll attacking a Viking warrior. Vitali leaned back with a slightly surprised look (common to both brothers) as if trying to decide what to do with such ill-fated exuberance. He must have thought, “I’m trying to look contained and professional, and here comes this rowdy rough-houser all flailing and pushy; Most disturbing!”

Well, he had to get used to it because it was good evidence of how he was about to spend the next twenty-three minutes or so. As Klitschko hammered Danny about midway through the round with lefts and combos, we saw what turned out to be a preview of disaster for Williams. Shortly, Danny’s left eye is cut and he also absorbs a massive left hook at :58 and twenty seconds later a thundering right. ROUND TWO was pretty much target practice for Vitali. Lampley remarks that Williams seems to be hitting his stride. Yeah, right. continue

Klitschko destroys Williams!

12.12.04 - By Marcus Wood: While many had predicted that Klitschko would beat Williams and just as many had predicted it would be by KO, few would have said Klitschko would shut Williams out from the first bell. As soon as Williams charged at Klitschko and was driven back by his text book jabs, Williams’ chances seemed to diminish, mainly because jabbing is what Klitschko did best and if that was all it took for Klitschko to drive Williams back, he didn’t have a chance. continue

Sharkie's Machine: Vitali Klitschko Wins As Expected

12.12.04 - By Frank Gonzalez Jr.: Vitali Klitschko is the most dangerous Heavyweight in Boxing today. He's a very good boxer for a man his size. He hits hard, accurately and from all angles. He usually hurts his opponents quickly. He has won 34 of his 37 fights by knockout. He rose to prominence after his battle with former HW Champion, Lennox Lewis, who retired afterwards. Vitali was pummeling Lewis until getting caught with a Lewis punch that opened up a nasty cut over his left eye, forcing the ringside doctor to stop the fight. A lot of people weren't happy with the stoppage but the cut was serious enough to warrant the stoppage. He lost that fight, but gained the respect and admiration of even the fans that have questioned his ability in the past.

Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas, Vitali Klitschko retained his Title defeating Danny Williams by TKO 8. It was a brutal beating in a fight that featured Vitali Klitschko landing at will in every round.

The ring was spotted with blood from three previous fights as Klitschko and Williams received their instructions and touched gloves. continue

Arnaoutis Enters Fight Week

12.12.04 - Cestus Management's junior welterweight sensation "Mighty" Mike Arnaoutis has completed his 5th and final week of sparring in preparation for his much-anticipated showdown with top 140 pound warrior Jauquin "The Killer" Gallardo this coming Friday evening, to be broadcast live on the Showtime Network's ShoBox: The New Generation series. continue

Dawson Dominates Daniels; Olympian Estrada Wins Pro Debut

11.12.04 - Ron DiMichele @ ringside: New Haven, Ct Middleweight Bad Chad Dawson took a big step forward in his young boxing career Friday night with an eighth round stoppage of former WBA World Jr. Middleweight Champion Carl Daniels at Foxwoods Resort and Casino in Mashantucket, Ct, while United States Olympian, Heavyweight Jason Estrada made a successful entry into the pro ranks.

The battle of middleweight southpaws Dawson and Daniels started slowly with a cautious, feeling out first round. In the second Chad Dawsons game plan shifted into gear as he worked his long right jab from the outside and connected with solid hooks from both sides to Daniels ribcage. Carl Daniels, 160, of St. Louis, Mo sought to use shifty head movement and quick flurries to ward off Dawsons attack, but it wasnt enough. continue

Klitschko-Williams: Good Match-Up for Boxing, Bad for Some in Boxing

11.12.04 - By Umar ben-Ivan Lee: The boxing economy is a trickle-down economy in its basic nature. Wealth trickles down from the heavyweight division to the lower weights; because the majority of casual fans and media are most interested in seeing the big men fight. If the heavyweight division is prosperous then other boxers in lower-divisions will see bigger purses and more exposure and if the division is weak, as it is now, then all of boxing will suffer. continue

Kings of Heart Shine Through the Heavyweight Malaise

10.12.04 - By Andrew Mullinder: It is perhaps only the most cynical observers who failed to be moved and inspired by the recent celebrations to mark the 30th anniversary of the Rumble in the Jungle. Revisiting the remarkable events that surrounded what is probably the most widely recognised boxing match in history, and in particular the spontaneous genius and unflappable nerve of Muhammed Ali, should have provided a timely reminder of the breathtaking heights boxing can reach. continue

Klitschko-Williams: The Winner Is Not Lewis' Successor

10.12.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - This weekend Vitali Klitschko will make the first defense of his WBC heavyweight title. This will be Klitschko's third heavyweight title fight, (not counting the WBO). In his first title bout in June of 2003 he was stopped by heavyweight champ Lennox Lewis after the sixth round due to a terrible eye cut. At the conclusion of the fight, Klitschko was leading on all three judges cards. During the six rounds Klitschko was in the ring with Lewis, he provided the boxing world a glimpse of what the future may look like in the heavyweight division. continue

Open Letter From John Ruiz to Vitali Klitschko

10.12.04 - Dear Vitali, The boxing public is confused as to who the man in the heavyweight division is today. If you defeat Danny Williams tomorrow (Saturday) night, I challenge you to a world heavyweight championship unification match, my WBA belt against your WBC belt. Here are some of your recent quotes.

“I want to be the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world.”

"I'm the heavyweight champion of the world. And when you have this belt, you have to seek out the best." continue

Williams-Klitschko: When A Comet Crashes Into A Tower

10.12.04 - By Janne Romppainen: Unlike many perhaps expected beforehand, in the year 2004 the heavyweight division has given the fans plenty of interesting fights. Even though a lot is written about the regression of big men and there are some grounds for the argument too, during the last twelve months we have had good-paced and classy bouts to follow. continue

Can Williams Derail the Klitschko Express?

10.12.04 - By Paul Ruby - -Although I do not agree with The Ring Magazine’s decision to anoint Vitali Klitschko as Heavyweight Champion of the World, I must admit I believe he is superior to every other heavyweight on the planet. Klitschko’s dream of earning millions to fight Mike Tyson was shattered by Danny Williams when the latter shockingly stopped an injured Tyson in Round Four their July 30th clash. So, in place of Tyson, Klitschko is forced to fight Williams. A lesser man might lose focus or show up out of shape and thereby add intrigue to a seemingly pedestrian fight, but I cannot see Vitali Klitschko doing such a thing. continue

Danny's ready for another upset!

10.12.04 - By Phydos Sergiou: On December 11, 2004, Danny Williams 32-3-0 (27 KO'S) goes head to head with Vitali Klitschko 34-2-0 (33 KO'S) for the WBC Heavyweight Title, and the big question for most fans is, does Williams have a chance or will Vitali just blow him away as he did against Kirk Johnson? Will there be a bigger shock than that of the Tyson fight or has Vitali Klitschko totally underestimated Williams? continue

Klitschko-Williams: Will the genial Englishman implode yet again?

10.12.04 - By Matthew Hurley: Danny Williams was not supposed to be Vitali Klitschko's first defense of his WBC heavyweight title. Going into his fight against Mike Tyson, Williams was looked upon by most pundits as a sacrificial lamb for Tyson's latest and most probably last run at a title shot. However, some insiders felt that if Williams, a big, athletic heavyweight with decent boxing skills, could turn out to be a live underdog if he kept his emotions in check. continue

Vitali Klitschko vs. Danny Williams: Nothing to lose for Williams!

10.12.04 - By Marcus Wood: July 30th 2004 Danny Williams knocked out Mike Tyson in the fourth round in Louisville, USA. Fast forward four months and Danny Williams is preparing to fight reigning WBC world champion Vitali Klitschko as a direct result. On Saturday, December 11th, Danny Williams will find out if he can carry on where he left off in Louisville or whether fighting the reigning world champion is a step too far. continue

Danny Williams-Lennox Lewis Conf. Call Quotes

10.12.04 - Opening Comments: Williams: I said weeks ago that I had surpassed the fitness I was for the title fight. I am in tremendous shape. This has always been a dream of mine to become World Heavyweight Champion and this is a real opportunity to make that dream come true.

Begin Press Questions:

Question: Danny, what is the key to you beating Vitali Klitschko on Saturday night? continue

Manuel Gomez To Replace Jorge Paez on Dec.17

10.12.04 - Former World Champion, Jorge "Maromero" Paez, has withdrawn from his main event bout scheduled for December 17th at the Dodge Arena in Hidalgo, Texas. Paez, the former IBF World Featherweight Champion, was scheduled to fight Ryan Maraldo in a ten-round Lightweight contest, one of six bouts on the Miller Lite Texas Title Belt, Professional Boxing Series event. continue

Middleweight Showdown Cancelled

10.12.04 - By Coach Tim - The middleweight showdown between West Palm Beach based USBA Middleweight champion Daniel “The Haitian Sensation” Edouard (16-0-2 with 9 KOs) and WBA International Middleweight champion undefeated German prospect Arthur Abraham (14-0-0 with 14 KOs) scheduled for December 18 has been cancelled. continue

"Super Fight I" Kicks off Super Bowl Weekend 2005

10.12.04 – It’s the biggest weekend on the calendar for sports fans, a three-day period leading to the granddaddy of all sporting events – Super Bowl XXXIX. But Alltel Stadium won’t be the only place to find hard-hitting action, as Golden Boy Promotions, in association with Juba Entertainment, is proud to present SUPER FIGHT I “The Fight Before The Fight” on Friday, February 4, at the 5,800-seat University of North Florida Arena. continue

Klitschko-Williams Weigh-In

10.12.04 - WBC heavyweight champion Vitali Klitschko weighed in at 250 pounds Thursday, Dec. 9, 2004, at the Manadalay Bay Resort Hotel & Casino in Las Vegas. Danny Williams weighed in at 270 lbs. Klitschko defends his WBC heavyweight title against Williams in the main event of a four-bout card on Saturday, Dec. 11, on HBO Pay-Per-View (9 p.m., ET/6 p.m. PT) at Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. continue

Michael Moorer: He Kept His Word

09.12.04 - By Wray Edwards: Just about midnight, in Miami, Florida at the American Airlines Arena, Michael Moorer was speaking with us before the post-fight news conference. He had just lost a decision to Eliseo Castillo on the Casamayor-Seda undercard. Eastside Boxing asked Michael how this loss had affected his future career plans. Mike looked me in the eye and said, "I'm going to have to go back to the gym, work harder and do what I have to do
to get back and win."

At that time, and in light of his poor showing versus Castillo, one was tempted to think he was being overconfident. In fact, my article about that fight, and his statements, characterized his confidence as "touchingly unrealistic"; touching, because he was a very personable and direct guy to talk to. I liked him, and nobody wants to see a good person kid themselves. Unrealistic, because he did not look very good opposite Castillo whom he should have been able to confront more effectively. I thought, "This guy's done". continue

Jirov and Moorer tangle To Headline Five bout Card at Pechanga

09.12.04 - by Kent Appel: This report is different than most of others I have done because I am doing it more of as a fan than as a writer, which means I took very limited notes and I actually relaxed and had a good time at the fights. I also didn't finish my report until the next morning because even though I often try to hurry to get a report in to beat the competition, I often get beat to press anyway. continue

Jirov-Moorer: Good Fight, Good Ref, but not a Good Stoppage

09.12.04 - By Izyaslav “Slava” Koza: Well guys, as you can imagine, being a Jirov fan this was quite a disappointment for me. There are no excuses because the better man won and that was Michael Moorer. After being outboxed for the majority of the fight, Moorer caught Jirov, who rather than keeping away from Moorer’s power and continuing to circle and box, decided to trade instead. The result was not positive, to say the least. continue

Solution for Boxing Rankings and My Pound for Pound Best

09.12.04 - By Umar ben-Ivan Lee: There are a lot of pound for pound ratings being circulated around. All of them are based on opinion and none of them hold any real meaning and having said that I have decided to compile one of my own. One reason that I am doing so is that I believe that most of these rankings are using flawed logic and have given too much credit to some fighters such as Floyd Mayweather and James Toney and not enough to others. continue

Tarver vs Johnson Undercard Announced

09.12.04 - While Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson battle it out for light heavyweight supremacy at the STAPLES Center on Saturday, December 18, the stakes are just as high on the star-studded undercard, as a mix of former champions, contenders, prospects, and Olympians will all try to stake their claim in the boxing world. continue

Evander Holyfield - A Fallen Warrior

09.12.04 - By Matthew Hurley: He has simply lost his ability to do what he once did so magnificently. He continues to fall in stature because he has lost the ability to see himself as others see him. His inability to defend himself, to punch back, to rediscover the reflexes that have withered and died have rendered him fistically impotent in the ring. He blames it on back aches, torn muscles, lack of training; in essence he refuses to listen to what his body is telling him. He is a forty year old man trapped inside a body that continues to break apart from the inside out because of his profession and he won't, or can't acknowledge it. He is not some boxer who fights for pennies in dingy clubs, and he's not some broken down, ex-champion who pissed all his money away. He's a beloved former heavyweight champion with a mansion and millions in the bank and a fighter who has the opportunity to walk away with his head held high instead of his head cradled by a doctor's hand. But he won't. Maybe he can't. continue

Final Press Conference Quotes: Klitschko, Williams, Cotto, Bailey

09.12.04 - VITALI KLITSCHKO (34-2, 33 KOs): “I would like to thank everybody involved for making this fight happen. I am looking forward to my first fight ever in Las Vegas and at Mandalay Bay. It is difficult to win a world title and even more difficult to defend it. I am fighting the strongest (most qualified) challenger in the division, and there is no way I am going to underestimate him. I am ready to show a great performance. continue


9.12.04 - By Jim Amato: Let's put the Michael Moorer KO victory over hard luck Vassily Jirov in it's proper light. First and foremost, it kept Moorer on the fringe of the ratings. He may well get a nice $ fight in the near future. For Jirov who has lost heartbreakers to James Toney, Joe Mesi and now Moorer...Well, it's back to the drawing board. He may want to seriously consider going back down to cruiserweight. continue

Humberto Soto Returns Friday on "CMX Boxeo de Campeones"

TIJUANA, MEXICO (December 9, 2004) – Now into its sixth full month of production, “CMX Boxeo de Campeones”-- presented by CMXsports and promoted by Guilty Boxing -- returns THIS FRIDAY December 10, LIVE from El Foro in Tijuana, Mexico. continue

DiBella: "Jermain Taylor is ready for anybody"

09.12.04 - How does that Andy Williams holiday song go? It's The Most Wonderful Time of the Year. Well, it was a wonderful weekend for DiBella Entertainment. Sensational middleweight contender Jermain Taylor successfully defended his WBC Continental Americas Middleweight Title against William Joppy in the main event of DiBella Entertainment's "Season's Beatings" this past Saturday at Barton Coliseum in Little Rock, AR. continue

Chazz Witherspoon Turns Pro: It Runs In The Family

09.12.04 - Interview by Wray Edwards: This Sunday at the D.C. Convention Center in Washington, D.C., CHAZZ WITHERSPOON, second cousin of former heavyweight champion “Terrible” Tim Witherspoon, makes his four round Pro debut opposite James Daniels, 1-2 from Laurel, MD. Chaz is in his final semester at St. Joseph’s University majoring in Pharmaceutical Marketing. On full academic scholarship. Chaz turned down basketball scholarships to stay in his home area of New Jersey.

He won the 2004 National Golden Gloves with five straight KO’s; the only man in the tournament to do that. Witherspoon (23)also earned a position as alternate on the Olympic team even though his competition averaged 150 more bouts in fighting experience. Mr. Witherspoon took a few moments to speak with Eastside Boxing to discuss his upcoming fight and his career in general. continue

Jose Antonio Rivera Speaks On Damgaard, Tszyu, Spinks and DLH

09.12.04 - By Umar ben-Ivan Lee: If there is greater example of an athlete in the sport of boxing at this time, who has not gotten the breaks or been justly compensated, than Jose Antonio Rivera, then I would like to know who that would be. continue

Dawson-Daniels, Clampitt-Olson, Jason Estrada’s pro debut at Foxwoods

MASHANTUCKET, CT. (December 9, 2004) – The final press conference for Friday night’s holiday pro boxing show, “Bragging Rights,” was held today at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut. “Bragging Rights” is promoted by Jimmy Burchfield’s Classic Entertainment & Sports, Inc. (CES) in association with Foxwoods Resort Casino and CN8, The Comcast Network continue

World Class Trainer Buddy McGirt Featured in ESPN Magazine

09.12.04 - Former 2 Times World Champion and 2002 BWAA "Trainer of the Year, James "Buddy" McGirt is featured in the new issue of ESPN Magazine. The ESPN 100 issue is dated December 20th but it available on stands beginning today. continue

Hide picks Klitschko by KO

08.12.04 - Former two times WBO heavyweight champion Herbie Hide believes that Vitali Klitschko will knock out fellow Brit Danny Williams at the Mandalay Bay Resort and Casino in Las Vegas this Saturday. “Danny shouldn’t even be in the same ring as Klitschko,” said the 33-year-old, who is currently in training for a ring return in the New Year. continue

Danny Williams-Vitali Klitschko Preview By Tarver And Johnson

LOS ANGELES, December 8th - On Saturday, December 18, live from the STAPLES Center in Los Angeles, Antonio Tarver will face Glen Johnson in a 12 round championship bout that will determine, once and for all, who is the best 175-pound fighter in the world.

Both Tarver and Johnson took time out of their busy training schedules this week to break down Saturday’s heavyweight championship showdown between champion Vitali Klitschko and hard-hitting challenger Danny Williams. Here’s what the two best light heavyweights in the world had to say about Klitschko-Williams:

The Breakdown: Antonio Tarver – “They’re setting the stage for Klitschko to go on to be a big superstar in the game of boxing. I think it’s a risky fight for him, but if he has trained properly and is on his P’s and Q’s, he should win this fight. But we know Danny Williams can take a punch and the Klitschko chin is still suspect. We’ll see what happens." continue

Tarver/Johnson Teleconference Transcript

08.12.04 - NORMAN HORTON: I’d like to welcome all members of the media and certainly appreciate your participation today. On the line we have Joe DeGuardia, Star Boxing, representing Antonio Tarver; Dan Goosen, Goosen Tutor (ph), promotions, representing Glen Johnson; and then we have the best two light heavy-weights in the world, Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson. At this time, we’ll have an opening statement by Joe DeGuardia.... continue

Corrie Sanders fighting in Austria on Dec. 14

08.12.04 - Hamburg – Former WBO world champion Corrie Sanders will make his first fight for German promoter Universum on December 14. The hard punching South African heavyweight contender will step into the ring in Sölden, Austria, on the Tuesday evening event of Spotlight Boxing. His opponent is Alexei Varakin, 21-13-2 (12), from Russia. continue

Shannan Taylor Fights For WBF Title

8.12.04 - By Tony Nobbs: Shannan Taylor received an early Christmas present yesterday when his December 17 fight at the Royal Pines on Queensland’s Gold Coast was sanctioned for the vacant WBF super middleweight title. With an IBF light middleweight title shot expected early in the new year the 32 year old fighter said from his Wollongong home this morning that fighting for the WBF belt won’t jeopardise his mooted challenge to Kasim Ouma and that he is looking forward to spending the holiday period as a world champion. continue

What Makes A Champion: Skill Or Will?

07.12.04 - By Tyrus Linston: Since the inception of the sport of boxing back in the late eighteen hundreds, there have been many champions and even fewer great champions. I can also imagine that there have been many discussions and debates pertaining to what many feel, myself included, is the greatest sport of them all: Boxing. As the former heavyweight champion and super-entrepreneur George Foreman put it, “ Boxing is the sport that all of the others aspire to.” To be a boxer you must possess an iron will, as the life of a fighter is one of challenge and at times, peril. To be a champion, in addition to the will to win you must possess skill. Immense skill. All other factors aside, which attribute is more important? Which attribute produces a world-class fighter? A champion?

Back in 1973, George Foreman, Joe Frazier and their entourages flew down to Jamaica to put on what was billed as “The Sunshine Showdown.” Joe Frazier was the champion and Foreman the challenger. Both were former Olympic heavyweight champions, Frazier in 1964 and Foreman in 1968. After his defeat of Ali in 1971, Frazier’s next two fights would be against fringe contenders Terry Daniels and Ron Stander. They didn’t offer much competition for the champion, but his next challenger would offer that and much, much more. George Foreman’s trainer Dick Saddler, the cousin of featherweight great Sandy Saddler, had prepared Foreman for anything that Frazier might be prepared to throw at him. continue

Olympian Jason Estrada makes pro debut

07.12.04 – U.S. Olympian Jason “Big Six” Estrada makes his pro debut Friday night in a four-round Special Heavyweight Attraction on “Bragging Rights,” the holiday pro boxing show at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut. WBC Youth middleweight champion “Bad” Chad Dawson (15-0, 10 KOs), of New Haven (CT), fights in his first main event against former WBA champion Carl “The Squirrel” Daniels continue

Robert "The Ghost" Guerrero Returns on Dec. 9

07.12.04 - Only 21 years old, Robert Guerrero has accomplished a lot in his three-year career, compiling an unbeaten record and amassing a sizable fan following. But everything “The Ghost” has done thus far has just been another calculated step leading up to this moment, on December 9, when he challenges for his first professional title at the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, California against Cesar Figueroa. continue

Dmitriy Salita invited to White House

07.12.04 - President George W. Bush and First Lady Laura Bush have invited unbeaten Brooklyn boxing star Dmitriy Salita to the White House to attend their annual Chanukkah Festival Celebration on Thursday, December 9. Salita, the undefeated junior welterweight, has an unblemished record of 20 straight triumphs, including two straight on New York City cards promoted by DiBella Entertainment. continue

Montiel, Andrade and Ornelas headline 'Boxeo de Oro' on Dec.16

07.12.04 - As Golden Boy Promotions wraps up its second year of presenting world-class boxing on HBO Latino’s “Oscar De La Hoya Presents Boxeo De Oro”, the company has decided that there was no better way to give back to the people that have supported the series than to put on two ultra-competitive bouts with world title implications. continue

Castillo-Casamayor, Lacy-Sheika: Two Champs Hang In There

7.12.04 - By Wray Edwards: Deep in the bizarre world of a Las Vegas casino lies the Mandalay Bay Event Center ring-side seating. From that vantage this night, we saw a million-dollar purse split between a champion and a former champion in a contest to determine the WBC lightweight Championship of the World. Jose Louis Castillo and Joel Casamayor faced each other in a miss-match of styles. Jose, a flat-footed advancer, dogged Joel around the ring for a full twelve rounds attempting to bring his mugger-slugger approach close enough to drop “El Cepillo” to the canvass. Casamayor, on the other hand, danced for distance and demonstrated his graceful, rolling rhythm which was truly wonderful to watch.

Throughout the fight Joel got off first a slight majority of the time, while sometimes delivering timely counters when “El Terrible” lashed out. There was a lot of clinching, holding and awkward tangling as Castillo constantly dove head-first at Casamayor’s mid-section with his head. Sitting quietly near us was Corey Spinks, who had eased into his seat to do a little low-profile scouting, while managing to avoid being announced along with Diego Corrales, Winkey Wright and others who obviously sought recognition. More about that later. continue

Jirov-Moorer: A Crossroads Bout for Two Heavyweights

07.12.04 - By Umar ben-Ivan Lee: Thursday night Fox Sports Net will air its second installment of its “Best Damn Boxing Show Period”. The first show, in September, featured James Toney making easy work of the young and frustrated Rydell Booker. The second BDBSP will be a much more competitive bout that will shape the future of two heavyweight southpaws as Michael Moorer and Vasilly Jirov face-off. continue

Darren Barker to follow in team mates footsteps

07.12.04 - Commonwealth games gold medallist Darren Barker has vowed to follow his Hennessy Sports team mates Howard Eastman, Junior Witter and Carl Froch along the traditional title path. “These guys are creating the blueprint for British Boxers to follow,” began Barker. “They haven’t been tempted by the easy route, they have turned away from bogus titles and I really admire that. continue

“Darwish Rumble 2” Press Conference Report

07.12.04 - A press conference was held today at the beautiful Robert Treat Hotel in Newark for this Thursday’s much anticipated “Darwish Rumble 2”. This is the second installment of the Darwish Brothers ‘North Jersey Boxing Series’ presented by the Darwish Brothers Knockout Promotions. continue

Hernandez, Sanchez-Navarro Conf. quotes

07.12.04 - A press conference to discuss former IBF junior lightweight champion Carlos “Famous’’ Hernandez’s return to the ring to face former NABF titlist Juan Carlos “Ranchero’’ Ramirez was held at El Paseo Restaurant in Los Angeles. Also in attendance were current FECARBOX champion Carlos Navarro and his opponent, former WBO champion Agapito Sanchez who square off in a 12-rounder for the vacant WBC junior lightweight Continental Americas title. Both undercard events will take place before the WBC Heavyweight Championship bout between Vitali Klitschko and Danny Williams Dec 11. continue

Riddick Bowe: "What Could Have Been"

7.12.04 - By Stephen "Starsky" Mellor: The year was 1992, and Riddick Bowe had just dethroned Evander Holyfield as the undisputed heavyweight champion of the world in an epic battle. He had the world at his feet. At 6' 5, Bowe could fight just as effectively on the inside as he could from the outside. Possessing a lethal jab, and exceptional power in both hands, he had destroyed the dangerous Bert Cooper in two, and blew the highly touted Bruce Seldon out in one devastating round. At 32-0 and 25 years of age, he seemed destined for greatness. So what happened.....?

Let us go back to where it all started to go wrong. After winning the title in 1992, Bowe, or should I say, Rock Newman decided on Michael Dokes as the first defence of the title. Predictably, Dokes was disposed of inside one round. The 2nd defence was to be more of a challenge, with Bowe to take on the granite chinned gold medallist Ray Mercer, who Bowe believed, was avoiding him. continue

Klitschko-Williams and The Beard Issue

07.12.04 - By Umar ben-Ivan Lee: According to reports from other boxing websites the Vitali Klitschko-Danny Williams fight may be in trouble because of the beard that Williams has let grow. Nevada State Athletic Commissioner Mark Ratner has stated “If the beard is considered abrasive, then the fighter will be asked to cut it back.” continue

Sanders vs. Wladimir II?

07.12.04 - By Russ Taylor: One of the great qualities of Lennox Lewis was his sheer perseverance. Twice, he was stunningly knocked out by Oliver McCall & Hasim Rahman, and twice he avenged those defeats with some style. Perhaps another Heavyweight who needs to ‘lay the ghost’ is a certain Wladimir Klitschko. Up until a certain night in Hannover, the 6.7” giant looked the heir apparent to Lewis’crown. continue

Joel Casamayor: El Hombre Mas Desafortunado en Boxeo

06.12.04 - By Umar ben-Ivan Lee: Somehow I knew it was going to happen. It always happens with Joel Cassamayor. In his boxing career he has beaten every opponent he has ever faced on my scorecard, and on the cards of many others, and yet his record now states that he has three defeats. Most fighters in their careers will see one decision not go their way that they should have got, many will see two, but not very many fighters see three fights that they probably should have won go the wrong way (unless you are Pernell Whitaker). continue

Britain’s Domination- Sooner Rather Than Later?

06.12.04 - By Marcus Wood: Joe Calzaghe, Ricky Hatton, Danny Williams, Howard Eastman, Clinton Woods, Carl Froch, David Haye and others are all preparing to bring big wins to British boxing. Calzaghe, Hatton, Johnny Nelson and Scott Harrison are each recognized as world champions of various weights and organizations. continue

Sharkie's Machine: "William Joppy's Contribution To Jermain Taylor"

By Frank Gonzalez Jr. - Once upon a time, William Joppy was a very good fighter. He was undefeated until he lost his WBA Middleweight Title (by UD12) to Julio Cesar Green at Madison Square Garden in August of 1997. The first thing Joppy did in 1998 was rematch with Green and win his Title back. He won a convincing 12 round unanimous decision. In 1999, he fought a rubber match against Green and won (TKO 7). William Joppy reminded me of Shane Mosley (back when Shane was dangerous at 130-pounds), who had a similar style body attack. Joppy, like Shane, seemed to fight sideways and had quick hands and sharp reflexes. He was a Champion. He was a force.

Saturday night in Little Rock Arkansas, William Joppy was on the menu like a tuna salad sandwich for the up and coming Middleweight, Jermain Taylor. A lot of fight fans have been patiently waiting for Taylor to step up his competition and face at least some of the top fighters in the division if not Bernard Hopkins, the King of the Middleweights. The wait continues. continue

Couch out, Olson in versus Clampitt

06.12.04 – England’s Jane “Fleetwood Assassin” Couch has pulled out of her rematch Friday night against former title-holder Jaime “The Hurricane” Clampitt. Couch, who has been stripped of her IWBF junior welterweight title, has been replaced on “Bragging Rights” by four-time world title challenger Eliza Olson against Clampitt for the now vacant IWBF championship at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, Connecticut. continue

World Boxing Council News Dec.5

Mexico City - December 5, 2004. From WBC President Jose Sulaiman: "During the last WBC convention, I proposed a new championship in honor of Africa, because African descendants live all over the world. Some of the greatest that have moved away from their continent are in the United States, Brazil, the Caribbean Islands, many of the Central American countries, and of course, Europe. continue

Local Stars Win! …Results From Nairobi, Kenya

5.12.04: Four of the biggest boxing-names of the Nairobi-area in Kenya returned with wins on the afternoon of Saturday December 4 at the Pal Pal Gymnasium. Athanaz Nzau, David Kiilu, Joseph Akhasamba and Geofrey Munica all did their jobs in impeccable fashion on this hastily arranged four-bout card. The show was originally planned to take place at prominent nightspot The Jam Rescue Club, but was on two days notice moved to the Pal Pal. continue

Krasniqi retains EBU title

05.12.04 - Universum - By Fabian Weber - - Luan Krasniqi defended his European heavyweight title with a majority draw against German rival Timo Hoffmann after a thrilling and competitive battle over 12 rounds at Estrel Convention Center of Berlin. The official result was 115:113 (Hoffmann) and 114:114 twice continue

Sharkie’s Machine: Castillo Beats Casamayor

By Frank Gonzalez Jr. - photo: Tom Casino/Showtime: Jose Luis Castillo (51-6-1-45 KO’s) got the job done Saturday night at the Mandalay Bay in Las Vegas against the slick and always-dangerous southpaw, Joel Casamayor (31-3-0-19 KO’s).

Casamayor, the former Super Featherweight Champion who moved up to Lightweight has shown in recent bouts that he is not just a highly skilled technical fighter but at times, he can muster up surprising power. Moving up to 135-pounds and taking on one of the best in the division says a lot about his confidence. Casamayor has added ring legend Roberto Duran into his ever-changing training camp this time up. continue

Felix Sturm KO’s Cherifi

04.12.04 - Universum - By Fabian Weber - - In the second main event between two former middleweight champions Felix Sturm knocked out Frenchman Hassine Cherifi with a single left hook to the body in round 3. Cherifi crumbled to the canvas and was unable to beat the ten count of referee Heinrich Mühmert. continue

Late-Surging Castillo Retains WBC Lightweight Crown

LAS VEGAS (Dec. 5, 2004) - Jose Luis Castillo took the last three rounds from Joel Casamayor on all three judges' scorecards to eke out a split decision Saturday on SHOWTIME. The defending WBC Lightweight Champion won the disputed nod by the scores of 117-111, 116-112 and 113-115. In the second world title fight on the telecast, undefeated IBF Super Middleweight Champion Jeff Lacy retained his belt with a hard-fought 12-round decision over the resilient Omar Sheika. continue

Unbeaten Lacy Outpoints Sheika

04.12.04 - Lacy (18-0, 14 KOs), of Tampa, Fla. triumphed by the scores of 117-111 and 115-113 twice, but there was never a moment when he could relax. Lacy shook and staggered the game Sheika on a few occasions, but could not put him down. The unbeaten youngster became the first 2000 Olympian to win a world title when he captured the vacant IBF crown with an eighth round TKO over No. 1 contender Syd Vanderpool on Oct. 2, 2004, on SHOWTIME. continue

Peter Blasts Out Williams in Second to Win NABF Heavyweight Belt

04.12.04 - Peter (21-0, 18 KOs), of Akwaibom, Nigeria, showed why many consider him to be the heavyweight division’s hottest prospect by turning what most figured to be his toughest test into one of his easiest. The hard-hitting Peter missed with a right hand, but connected with a stunning left hook to Williams’ chin to end matters 27 seconds into the second round. continue

Street Fighting

04.12.04 - By Ron DiMichele: Muhammed Ali once said that as long as there's a street corner and two people with a difference of opinion, boxing would never die. That's likely true, and his words go double for street fighting. But what happens when we mix the two? Boxer vs. street thug. Who wins?

"Guys come in and say, "I wanna box. I'm a street fighter," says former light-heavyweight contender Iceman John Scully from the gym where he trains fighters in Windsor, CT. “First question: Did you ever box before? "No, but I had a lot of fights in the street." My reply is always the same. "You go out and find the baddest guy you know in the street. The toughest guy. The guy that knocks everybody out. You bring him here and I'll have fifteen guys beat him half to death for the fun of it." continue

Is Joe Calzaghe Finished?

04.12.04 - By Daniel Baguley: With all the big fights that are occurring at the moment one would be forgiven for forgetting about a certain Welsh, undefeated super middleweight who, for whatever reason, the big fights are not occurring for. I am, of course, talking about WBO beltist Joe Calzaghe. Now, I’m not about to start bad mouthing the people that take care of the Welsh firebrands career. I think most boxing fans can, and have, formed their own opinion on Frank Warren’s promotional tactics and motives. I’m here to discuss where Joe could and should go from here. continue

Casamayor-Castillo Weigh-In: One Lousy Ounce

03.12.04 - By Wray Edwards: As we walk down into the media viewing area for the weigh-ins at Mandalay Bay, there is a great hubbub in one corner. Stepping closer reveals the cause of all the excitement. It’s none other than “Manos de Piedra”. The venerable Roberto Duran (53) is holding court with his many admirers. He is enthusiastically waving those famous arms and bringing smiles to all with his endearing chat. Duran has been closely involved with the training camp of Joel Casamayor and is in Vegas to continue his support. continue

Lyakhovich surprises Guinn; Juarez displays KO of the Year!

03.12.04 - By Izyaslav “Slava” Koza: The first fight of the evening was the one I was more interested in seeing, as I thought Lyakhovich had the ability to pull off the upset over Dominic “The Southern Disaster” Guinn. I say upset only because anyone and everyone who I have heard speak about this fight, believed Guinn, who up to then was the more proven boxer, would walk over this complete unknown from Belarus continue

Kulkov Wins In Brisbane, Tetoris Retires A Winner In Melbourne

03.12.04 - By Tony Nobbs: Russian Ivan Kulkuv gave a quality display in outpointing less experienced Samoan born Alex Lepai at the Mansfield Tavern in Brisbane, Queensland last night (Friday). In a hard fought super cruiserweight eight rounder topping a good night of fights, the rangy Kulkov did not lose a round on any of the official cards despite having a count put on him in the seventh. continue

History Against Barrera In Rematch With Pacquiao

03.12.04 - By Frank Lotierzo - - How could a fighter suffer the worst beating of his career on November 15th 2003. And a year later on November 27th 2004, come back and defeat his most bitter and fierce rival to win his third world title. That's exactly what Marco Antonio Barrera did this last weekend when he won a 12 round majority decision over WBC super-featherweight champion Erik Morales.

Heading into their fight this past Saturday night, Marco Antonio Barrera and Erik Morales had fought twice. Morales won a 12 round split decision in their first meeting at super-bantamweight. In their first fight, Barrera and Morales went at each other non-stop for 36 minutes in what turned out to be the fight of the year. Two years later fighting as featherweights, Barrera and Morales fought a rematch. In what was another outstanding fight Barrera won a 12 round unanimous decision to knot them at 1-1. continue

Jirov, Moorer on Best Damn Sports Show Period

LOS ANGELES, December 3 - One has been to the top of the heavyweight division and has a burning desire to get back there; the other is a former cruiserweight king with his eyes firmly set on the ultimate prize among the big boys. On Thursday, December 9, in a bout to be aired live on FSN 's "Best Damn Sports Show Period" from the Pechanga Resort and Casino in Temecula, California, Vassiliy Jirov and Michael Moorer will battle it out in a 12-round WBC/WBA championship bout for the right to move up in the wide open heavyweight division. continue

Q & A: Joel Casamayor

03.12.04 - Interview by Ike Enwereuzor - - How long have you been training for the December 4th fight vs Jose Luis Castillo?

We have been training since September. We're mentally focused and prepared 100% for this fight We'll be victorious Saturday. continue

Miguel Cotto, Carlos Hernandez Conf. Call Quotes

03.12.04 - Undefeated, hard-hitting Puerto Rican sensation Miguel Cotto will be featured in the top undercard bout of the Vitali Klitschko-Danny Williams world heavyweight championship fight on Saturday, Dec. 11, live on HBO Pay-Per-View from The Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. Cotto will make the first defense of his World Boxing Organization (WBO) junior welterweight title against former world champion Randall Bailey. continue

Boxing 101: The Flipping Jab

03.12.04 - By Coach Tim - If you ever get the opportunity to sit down and talk boxing with one of the old-time boxers or trainers please take advantage of it. You might just learn a thing or two. I did and do almost everyday. Boxing is a sport unlike any other. It is as much based on skill as it is power, as much based on footwork as it is hand speed, as much based on stamina as it strength. No two boxers are alike and typically the man who is able to present the best of attributes in the ring walks out the victor. continue

Tarver and Johnson: Did we know?

03.12.04 - By Coach Tim - Does the light heavyweight division seem uninspiring these days? We are on the verge of watching the two defeaters of Roy go head to head on December 18th and no one seems to notice. Or is it no one seems to care? Does anyone know that Antonio Tarver and Glen Johnson have done what we wish other boxers would do? Forego there mandatory defenses in search of greater competition. On paper that is what it seems these two legitimate champions did but in reality it might not be so black and white.

Tarver knocked out Roy Jones in two rounds, Johnson knocked him out in nine rounds, and then these two champions sat their titles on the back burner, ignored their sanctioning bodies suggested mandatory defenses and collectively screamed “Let’s get it on!” Shouldn’t the boxing public be on the edge of their seats in anticipation of this fight? continue

Q & A: Jeff Lacy

03.12.04 - Interview by Ike Enwereuzor, - Your impression of Omar Sheika?

Lacy: He's a warrior, a good decent fighter si this is the fight fans want to see. No disrespect to the main event but I think our fight should have been main event. Fans will get their worth from this fight. He's like me, he's going to come to fight and in fact, I think he's going to come try to knock me out. He said he's coming to fight. That's what I like, I'm in great shape to throw a lot of blows. continue

David Diaz Prepares for Dec 10th Main Event on 8 Count Productions "THE BEST IN CHICAGO BOXING"

03.12.04 - Chicagoland fan favorite, junior welterweight David Diaz, 25-0 (13KO's) has thrown down the gauntlet to his fellow world ranked lightweights and junior welterweights as he prepares for a hometown clash with heavy handed Colombian veteran, Jaime Rangel, 29-6-1 (25KO's) as 8 Count Productions and Miller Lite presents the "THE BEST IN CHICAGO BOXING" continue

On HBO Dec. 18 / Glen Johnson Upclose / STAPLES Center

LOS ANGELES, December 2nd – As far as boxing goes, there are far more negative stories than positive ones. But Glen Johnson’s rise to the elite level of the light heavyweight division in 2004 is a story that can make any fight fan smile, and one that he carries with him as he prepares for another big challenge, a December 18 superfight with Antonio Tarver at Los Angeles STAPLES Center which aims to determine who is the true king at 175 pounds. continue

Arnaoutis Prepares For ShoBox Showdown With Gallardo

02.12.04 - Cestus Management's junior welterweight sensation, WBO-NABO Champion "Mighty" Mike Arnaoutis, is back in action this coming December 17, set to make his second consecutive appearance at the Chumash Casino in Santa Ynez, California, as well as his third consecutive outing to be broadcast live on the Showtime Network's ShoBox: The New Generation series. continue

Vitali Klitschko/Wladimir Klitschko Conference Call Quotes

02.12.04 - Boente: To begin with, I would like to say that this training camp this year was a very special one. It has been completely different than all of the others. Before this Presidential runoff election in the Ukraine on Nov. 21, Vitali and Wladimir, as most of you know, had decided to officially support the pro-western candidate, Viktor Yushchenko. After the elections, the democratic challenger, Yushchenko, and many western observers in Kiev mentioned that the election was not really fair and did not meet democratic standards. Hundreds of thousands of people were in the streets and are still in the streets in Kiev, the capital of Ukraine, and Vitali and Wladimir decided directly after that election that they wanted to fly over to Kiev. Wladimir and Fritz Sdunek, the head coach of Vitali, were here with us. After long discussions, they convinced Vitali to stay here and not postpone this fight. We all know that the situation in Ukraine, in Kiev, is changing from day to day and from hour to hour. continue

Undefeated cruiserweight contenders battle in Prague

01.12.04 - Hamburg/Prague - Two undefeated European cruiserweight contenders clash on Friday, Dec. 3, in Prague, Czech Republik. The top ranked Pavel Melkomian, 17-0 (7), of the Universum boxing stable defends his WBA international 190 lb. crown against hard punching home boy Lubos Suda, 8-0 (7).. continue

Showtime Fights Are Definitely Best Of Weekend

01.12.04 - By Umar ben-Ivan Lee: HBO may write the biggest checks in boxing, but they will be putting on the third best boxing show this weekend. The best event this weekend by far will be the Showtime show Saturday night which will feature Ring Magazine Lightweight Champion Jose Luis Castillo against Cuban southpaw Joel Cassamayor, Jeff Lacy against the Arab slugger Omar Sheika and heavyweight prospect Samuel Peter against Jeremy Williams. continue

Krasniqi and Sturm ready to fight in Berlin

01.12.04 - By Fabian Weber, - Berlin - European heavyweight champion Luan Krasniqi and his stable mate, former WBO middleweight champion Felix Sturm, are ready to fight on the boxing event Saturday, Dec. 4, at Estrel Convention Center, Berlin. The event is a cooperation of Universum Box-Promotion and Sauerland Event. continue

Irene Pacheco headlines at the Seminole Hard Rock

HOLLYWOOD, FL – (December 1, 2004) World championship boxing comes to Hollywood, FL with an exciting lineup of bouts. The first card to hold a world championship fight in Hollywood, FL features current IBF flyweight champion Irene Pacheco facing undefeated challenger Vic Darchinyan. The card, to be held at The Seminole Hard Rock Hotel & Casino takes place Thursday, December 16, and will consist of six scheduled bouts. The title defense for Pacheco is a reschedule from the September 3 date which was canceled due to hurricane Francis. continue

Castillo-Casamayor Showtime Conf. Call Transcript

01.12.04 - Six fighters with a combined 185 professional boxing victories and 148 knockouts will fight for three title belts on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING Saturday, Dec. 4, at 9 p.m. ET/PT (delayed on West Coast) from Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. In the main event, former World Boxing Association (WBA) Super Featherweight Champion Joel Casamayor (31-2, 19 KOs) will attempt to win his second world title when he steps up in weight to challenge two-time World Boxing Council (WBC) Lightweight Champion Jose Luis Castillo (50-6-1, 45 KO)

In the evening's second televised bout, International Boxing Federation (IBF) Super Middleweight Champion Jeff Lacy (17-0, 14 KOs) will make his initial title defense against IBF No. 14 contender Omar Sheika (26-6, 17 KOs). Opening the SHOWTIME tripleheader will be undefeated heavyweight contender Samuel Peter (20-0, 17 KOs) taking on heavyweight contender Jeremy Williams (41-4-1, 36 KOs) for the vacant North American Boxing Federation (NABF) heavyweight title. Top Rank, Inc. in association with Gary Shaw Productions, LLC and Cedric Kushner Promotions, LTD with Team Freedom and Duva Boxing will present the event. continue

John Ruiz: Is he still here?

01.12.04 - By Jim Amato: John Ruiz is the best promoted heavyweight since Gerry Cooney. I just can't figure out how he is still around. He wasn't supposed to beat Holyfield, Kirk Johnson or Rahman but somehow he did. I thought Golota won over Ruiz but Andrew was getting hit with some right hands from Ruiz that should have never landed and that may have swayed the vote. I thought Fres Oquendo was going to beat Ruiz but he didn't. I thought after Roy Jones humiliated him that he was through. WRONG ! This guy just won't go away. continue


Waco, Texas December 1, 2004 – RPM Boxing said today that it appears the fight that many boxing fans have been waiting to see is finally going to happen, Laila Ali vs. Ann Wolfe. Prize Fight Promotions says they have secured sponsorship and locked in a date of Saturday, May 7th 2005 at the Mississippi Coast Coliseum in Biloxi, Mississippi. continue

Couch-Clampitt II Fight of the Year candidate

PROVIDENCE, RI (December 1, 2004) – The 10-round co-feature title fight on “Bragging Rights,” the holiday pro boxing show December 10 at Foxwoods Resort Casino, figures to strike a blow for women’s boxing and be a 2004 Fight of the Year candidate as pioneer Jane “Fleetwood Assassin” Couch (24-6, 8 KOs) and former world champion Jaime “The Hurricane” Clampitt (14-3, 5 KOs) square-off in a much anticipated rematch. continue

The Underestimation of Vitali Klitschko

01.12.04 - By Scoop Malinowski / - Seldom does a heavyweight make such a grand entrance on the boxing scene like a Mike Tyson. Most often, our heavyweight kings are at first doubted and even sometimes sneered at by the so-called experts, who maintain a loyal devotion to nostalgia and a skeptical cynicism towards the present. Lewis, Holmes, Holyfield and even Cassius Clay are clear examples of the all-time great heavyweights who ultimately proved their early doubters to be foolishly wrong.

Today we have the interesting career of Vitali Klitschko to ponder. As is the way of human nature, so much of the boxing world remains in disbelief that Vitali is the next dominant heavyweight champion. For the crux of their argument, they point to April Fool's Day 2000, the fight with Chris Byrd (rotator cuff injury). continue

DaVarryl Williamson on ESPN ZONE 2DAY

01.12.04 - Denver-area heavyweight contender, DaVarryl ‘Touch of Sleep’ Williamson (21-3, 17KOs) will be a guest on ESPN ZONE 2DAY beginning at 12:30pm on Friday, December 3, 2004 at the ESPN Zone in downtown Denver. “ESPN Zone 2Day” is a half-hour show featuring lively interviews on topical sports news and issues with current and former athletes and sports personalities. continue

Local Shows is where it’s at!!!

01.12.04 - By Coach Tim - When you get right down to it it only takes a couple of things to make a boxing fan happy. One is to see the best fighters in the world take each other on and the other, which is even more sought after, is to see really good competitive bouts. Sometimes hyped boxing matches produce these types of bouts but most of time they are found at local shows by way of some of the sports most unassuming boxers. This makes sense when you think about it because usually the poorest boxers are the hungriest.. continue

Sanchez-Zayas Headlines Friday's "CMX Boxeo De Campeones!"

01.12.04 - Now into its sixth full month of production, "CMX Boxeo de Campeones"-- presented by CMXsports and promoted by Guilty Boxing -- returns THIS FRIDAY! December 3, LIVE from El Foro in Tijuana, Mexico. There will be no love lost when Tijuana crosstown rivals SERGIO SANCHEZ, 16-15-5 (5 KOs), and GERARDO JESUS ZAYAS, 22-9 (16 KOs), rumble in the 10-round featherweight main event continue

Hoffmann offends Krasniqi at public workout

01.12.04 - Berlin: In the run-up to the European heavyweight championship between Luan Krasniqi, 27-1 (13), and Timo Hoffmann, 31-3 (18), on Saturday, Dec. 4, in Berlin challenger Hoffmann continued to release questionable and offensive comments. During a public workout session today at Hertie in Berlin Neu-Koeln the 6-foot-7 Hoffmann refused to begin training after entering the boxing ring. He turned down the rope and the pads offered to him and instead released one statement to several hundred fans and journalist at the shopping mall. continue

Showtime Boxing Weigh-In for Dec. 4 Bouts

01.12.04 - Former World Champion Joel Casamayor weighed in 135 on the second try and WBC Lightweight Champion Joes Luis Castllo weighed in at 134 1/2 on the second try. Six fighters with a combined 185 professional boxing victories and 148 knockouts will fight for three title belts on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING Saturday, Dec. 4, at 9 p.m. ET/PT* from Mandalay Bay Resort & Casino in Las Vegas. continue

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