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Interview with Patrick Day: “I am enjoying flying under the radar for as long as it lasts”

By Dan Emicus:

How did you get into boxing?

I got in to boxing out of the curiosity I had for the science of the sport (the difference between boxing and street-fighting). Watching the golden gloves in my town sparked an interest and living across the street from my trainer, Joe Higgins, led me to act on it.

Any boxing idols from the past?

My biggest boxing idol from the past that I both admire and look up to is Sugar Ray Leonard. Our fighting styles are similar and I feel that he was the best of his time.

You narrowly missed out on getting to represent your country at London 2012, but you’ve still turned pro on the back of winning both Golden Gloves and the Nationals. What convinced you that now was the time to embark on your journey as a pro?

I realized that now was the time to turn pro because I feel like I reached my peak as an amateur. Aside from the Olympic Games, I made it to the pinnacle of the sport and it was then time to find something else to capture my interest and my drive. I felt like it was the perfect time to obtain my destiny as a professional and make it as far as I can in this sport.

A 1st round KO and complete command of the ring against an opponent who came to fight. Tougher fights lie ahead, but surely that was everything you could have hoped for from a debut? How would you rate your performance?

I was very pleased with my performance considering my opponent was a reckless, awkward fighter. I was impressed that my rhythm didn’t get thrown off and how quickly I broke him down. My timing on delivering the knockout blow was great as well.

Not too many people are aware just yet of the fact that you are on your way up the professional ranks. Are you enjoying this for as long as it lasts, or do you look forward to the day when everyone is discussing your progress and talking about you as a prospective opponent for X, Y and Z?

I am enjoying ‘flying under the radar’ for as long as it lasts. I like being the “sleeping dragon” and coming out of the woodwork when people least expect it. I love when people think that I am still in the Golden Gloves or training for the Nationals and telling them that I am now an undefeated professional. The surprise factor is amazing.

You’re a big guy for 154! Do you anticipate having to move up in weight class eventually, or is making weight perfectly viable now and for the foreseeable future?

I get that often. As of right now, I am making 154 pretty comfortably and am not killing myself at all. I do feel that in another year or so it will become tougher due to the fact that I may still be growing. I see myself peeking out at the 160lb division in the future.

From where do you get your motivation to be the best you can be in boxing?

I get my motivation to be the best in boxing from my love of the sport. When I am passionate about something, I want to be the best at it, no ifs ands or buts! My teammates, family, friends, and trainer motivate me as well.

How would you describe your style?

I would describe my style as a “boxer-puncher”. I use my boxing abilities to score on the opponent and frustrate him. Once I have accomplished that, I bring out my power punching abilities that no-one thinks I have at first glance. I let loose, and crack the opposition down.

What is the significance of your nickname? Does it just have a ring to it that you like, or is there a bit more to it than that?

Patrick “All” Day just has a very nice ring to it that my friends and supporters came up with. It matches my name and it is very easy to get the crowd to catch on. It is a simple, quick chant to participate in.

What kind of level do you hope to reach 2-3 years from now?

2-3 years from now, I hope to be within the top 15 ranked fighters of the 154lb division. I feel that it is totally possible with my skillset, determination and team around me.

What are your thoughts on the Jr. Middleweight division in general?

The Jr. Middleweight division is very competitive and possibly the most explosive division in boxing today. Yet I feel that I am more skilled and mobile than most people at this weight. I can match them with power because I am a strong, healthy kid. Yet I surpass them, skill wise.

You’re in action again later this month. Has an opponent been confirmed yet? How’s training going?

Training is going well. Although I did not have notice of an opponent until late, I always try and better myself in the gym because boxing is my craft and I want to be the best at it. I genuinely love this sport and it is now my “job”.

What is the goal for 2013?

My goal for 2013 is to keep busy, learn as much as possible, double my skillset, and stay undefeated!

Outside of boxing, what kind of things do you like to pursue?

Outside of boxing, I am a fun-loving, peaceful person who does not cause problems and coexists well with people. I like to focus on nutrition, which is my college major, and I love to cook and prepare meals more than anything. Food Science is another passion for me.

Any message for your supporters and boxing fans who might be curious about you, but haven’t seen you in the ring yet?

To all my supporters and to all boxing fans, watch out for Patrick Day. Keep your eyes peeled. I am on the fast track to success and I have tunnel vision right now. Glory and prosperity is all I see for my career. I work harder than most and always keep myself humbled because anything can happen in this sport. I will rise with the mindset and determination that I possess.

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