Tua vs Ahununya round by round


By Eugene Carnachan: Ahununya enters the ring looking very fit. Weighed up at 104 kilos. Tua enters the floor. Still carrying a little excess. Weighed up at 108 kilograms.

Tua comes bolting out of the blocks. Tua coming forward but not throwing. Pawing but not throwing is Tua. Ahununya keeping his distance. Moving Tua around..

Tua goes to work on the body. Ahununya stands against the ropes.

Tua moving his head. David jabbing. Coming up short.

Tua looking to set himself. Ahununya doesn’t look overawed. Biding his time.

Ahununya jabbing.

Tua was the aggressor but nothing much landed.

Ahununya round.

Round 2:

Tua trying to set up off his jab.

Ahununya jabbing. Tua pawing with his jab. Ahununya lands with a good left hook.

Ahununya clowning. Trying to frustrate Tua. Moving extremely well is Ahununya.

Tua round. More aggressive, coming forward.

Round 3:

Ahununya on his toes. Moving to his right away from Tuas left hand.

Ahununya moving up and down the ropes trying to give Tua a moving target. Doing it very well.

Tua not putting out a volume of punches. Picking his spots.

Ahununya against the ropes just standing. Not wise.

Close round. Have to give it to Tua coming forward.

Round 4:

Tua comes forward. Backs Tua into a corner. And let’s fly with both hands.

Catches Ahununya with some heavy shots. Come backs himself with a volley of his own. Lands with a left and right. Ahununya can take a shot!

Tua lands with a heavy right handed body shot. Take a shot to the body too!

Tua coming forward. Based on strong opening stanza takes the round. Ahununya is still there though.

Round 5:

Big body shot from Tua.

Tua landing with more strong body shots. Slides out of the corner back into the middle of the ring.

Ahununya catches Tua with a solid left hook.

Tua not throwing in bunches. But the body shots are wicked.

Tua round again based on coming forward.

Round 6:

Tua coming forward. Pawing. Tua looking to get set. But not throwing.

Ahununya backed up in the corner. Standing his ground. Not wise. Doing it all the same. Ahununya not moving as he was in the earlier rounds..

Tua tries leaping left hook. Doesn’t get it off as he would have liked.

Ahunnya not proactive enough.

Tua round based on coming forward. Tua putting rounds in the bank.

Round 7:

Tua looking to land. Ahununya backed up against the ropes. Spins of nicely.

Tua lands a good one two combo. Doesn’t move Ahununya though.

Ahununya got a fair set of whiskers!!

Ahununya fighting cagey but has to start throwing more.

More of the same…Tua coming forward and throwing with more intent.

Round 8:

Tooking looking to get busy. Letting his hands go.

Ahununya still there but not landing enough.

Ahununya does the bolo arm roll…trying to amuse the crowd.

Tua missing with a hellacious left hook.

Tua busier…more of the same.

Round 9:

Ahununya back to moving.

Tua stalking. Ahununya bouncing.

Tua lands two heavy body shots and goes upstairs. Doesn’t land flush.

Tua following Ahununya around like a frustrated dance partner.

Tua busier. Ahununya simply not doing enough. Maybe looking to bring it home down the stretch but he’s not going to win this on points.

Round 10:

Tua bulling forward. Friday sitting on the ropes.

Tua working the body.

Friday staying put.

Tua standing there looking to pull the trigger. But he isn’t.

Ahununya takes everything.

Tua looking to end this. But cant.

Tua not going backward.

Back to coming forward. Tua trying to lull Ahununya in so he can crack him but not happening.

Tua round.

Round 11:

Tua coming forward. If his hands could match the forward momentum he could close this fight out.

Tua traps Ahununya leashes a barrage. Doesn’t hurt Ahununya.

David catches Ahununya with a left hook but the Nigerian wears it well and misses with one of his own.

Tua again…more of the same.

Round 12:

David stalking. Ahununya walking…now dancing.

Tua looking to land.

They got at it. Ahununya lands. To little to late.

Ahununya simply isn’t or hasn’t done enough to win this fight

It’s over.

Tua simply out worked Ahununya.

120 – 109 in favour of Tua.