Casamayor-Seda Conference Call Quotes

29.06.04 – In a 10-round battle of former pro champions, Casamayor will square off against Seda on SHOWTIME CHAMPIONSHIP BOXING Saturday, July 3, at 9 p.m. ET/PT. The co-feature from the American Airlines Arena in Miami, Fla., will pit former two-time heavyweight champion Michael Moorer against Cuban Eliseo Castillo in a 10-round heavyweight battle. Team Freedom Promotions with Northeast Promotions, in association with Cedric Kushner Promotions, LTD, will promote the SHOWTIME doubleheader.

Casamayor: I have been training very hard. I have been in camp several months. I am fighting a great boxer, with a very good record, but I know I will be the winner on July 3.

Seda: I understand this is an important fight for me. I am training harder than I have ever trained. I am in perfect condition. I can fight not just a regular fight, but an absolute battle.

Question: For Seda, do you feel Casamayor will be the toughest fighter in his professional career?

Seda: Yes, Joel will be my toughest opponent to date, but I have been preparing myself precisely for this battle.

Question: Daniel, what is different from your first title opportunity?

Seda: Things are very different from the fight with Gainer. I will not elaborate on the differences or how I how I will handle this fight, but I will be a different fighter, and I am very prepared for this fight.

Question: Casamayor, is it harder for you to get up for a fight with Daniel Seda after being good for so long?

Casamayor: I am prepared. I am not taking this fight any easier than when I fought Freitas or Corrales. I am very prepared. I fear nobody.

Question: Both of you started fighting the same year, but is there a difference in experience coming into this fight?

Seda: Yes, Casamayor has an advantage in the experience.

Question: How will you deal with that?

Seda: I have tremendous desire to reach very far in the business and game of boxing. I intend to be a star, so I am working with that.

Question: Joel, how do you feel the experience will affect this fight?

Casamayor: I am training the same, as I would any other boxer. I am treating this fight like any other fight. I have confidence I will win.

Question: Casamayor, are you hoping to win this fight and get a rematch with Freitas or Corrales? Will you move up in weight to that?

Casamayor: First I have to win this fight. Then I would go 100 rounds with Freitas and 100 rounds with Corrales, because they are both scared of me.

Question: Joel, this is your fourth fight in a row against a notable puncher, do you think you are being thrown to the wolves too much lately?

Casamayor: I will fight the best. I left Cuba and fought with whales and sharks before. I am a fighter, a warrior, I can fight anybody.

Question: What type of fight are you looking for in July and what are you looking for in 2004?

Casamayor: First I will win the July fight. Then I will fight Corrales, Freitas, or Morales at any weight. I am ready.

Question: Seda, is Casamayor starting to slip?

Seda: I do not feel Joel is slipping at all. He is on a good road and he is training very hard. I am not looking at this as an easy fight. I know it will be a tough fight.

Question: Daniel, you fought a southpaw before in Gainer, is it good to face another southpaw? Are southpaws more difficult?

Seda: Absolutely, for a right-handed fighter, facing a southpaw is difficult, but rest assured that July 3, I will come out with a victory.

Question: Daniel, do you feel more comfortable fighting at 130?

Seda: Absolutely, 130 pounds is a much more comfortable weight. It is four pounds less that I have to lose and four less pounds I have to struggle to make.

Question: Daniel, after the fight with Gainer, you were so intent on a rematch with Gainer, does you feel this is another World title fight. Is this a new lease on life?

Seda: Absolutely. This is a whole new opportunity, a boost for my career and the doors are open once again. I am grateful to SHOWTIME for this opportunity.

Question: Where are you training and what would this victory mean to you?

Seda: In the Olympic Gym in Puerto Rico. Beating Casamayor would be like winning a world title. He is among the very best in this division. I want to show the public I can handle the best.

Question: Daniel, are you motivated for this fight?

Seda: Absolutely I am very motivated and feel comfortable at this weight. I feel stronger and am motivated and feel I will win.

Question: Joel, in the two fights you lost, it seems like you spotted Freitas and Corrales the early rounds and came on late, are you doing anything to change the slow starts?

Casamayor: I am working on that in the gym, to get quicker in the first five or six rounds. I am going to try and knockout him out in the first five rounds.

Question: Seda, any final thoughts?

Seda: I am waiting, I am anxious for the third of July to come.

Question: And Casamayor?

Casamayor: I am waiting to give Seda a real nice knockout. Seda is scared of me.

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