Michalczewski should retire

10.19.03 – By Fritz Drexel: I must say that I was completely shocked by Michalzewski’s loss on Saturday night to Julio Gonzales. I had bought into all the continous hype about how great a fighter Michalzewski was, and I closed off any thought of him being beaten by a scrub like Julio Gonzalez. Now, after witnessing Michalzewki’s vicious beating by Gonzalez, I realize that he was nothing more than a fraud. All the talk there had been over the years about Michalzewski being the best 175 pounder in history was now just a sad joke.

Michalzewski fought as he usually does. Excruciatingly Slow, plodding, and loading up on his right hand. Gonzalez was able to punch Michalzewski at will. Darius got hit again and again, both to head and body. He was a very easy target, and made Gonzalez look like a champion.It was a horrible sight to witness. Michalzewski showed no defense – there was no duck and cover. Instead, he walked into every punch Gonzalez threw, and by the 7th round, Michalzewski’s face was as red & swollen as a large pumpkin. Gonzalez was very ackward and presented Darius with lots of difficult angles. I must give a lot of credit to Michalzewski, because he kept moving forward, eating one punch after another. But he showed that he is a very limited fighter.

At the close of the 7th round, after having been hit with a huge right hand by Gonzalez, Michalzewski went to the wrong corner. It was obvious to all at ringside that the fight should have been stopped because Michalzewski was out on his feet. He looked drugged or something. He looked like he wasn’t there and I was sure he would quit, but he continued. For the remainder of the fight, Michalzewski footwork resembled that of a drunk person.

After the fight, Michalzewski sounded as if he didn’t care if he ever boxed again. Instead of saying that he wanted to get back in the gym and train hard, to do whatever it took to eradicate his horrible performance. All Dariusz could think about doing was taking a nice long vacation in Italy. Stuttering badly in Polish/German and another unknown language, Michalzewski looked like a shell of fighter.

In the end, Michalzewski had to be dragged out of the arena by security cause he stood there looking at the crowd with raised arms…like a total maniac. I guess he had some kind of punch drunk delusions. It’s time for him to hang them up.

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