With An Incredible Ten Knockdowns Registered Inside Five Rounds, The Robert Talarek-Patryk Szymanski Battle Is Must-See

If they were bigger, more recognisable names, Polish middleweights Robert Talarek and Patryk Szymasnki would be two hugely celebrated fighters today. As it is, the two warriors are getting a good deal of well deserved praise and attention for the incredible knockdown-filled battle they engaged in last night in their homeland. No less than TEN knockdowns were registered between the two as they gave fans in attendance (and those who have watched the fight via You Tube) a special, special fight.

Talarek, who improved to 24-13-2(16), was the first of the two men to taste the canvas, but he got back up, more than once, to score the fifth-round stoppage victory over Szymanski, who fell to 19-2(10) after referee Robert Gortat halted proceedings. Syzmanski announced his retirement from the sport almost immediately after the loss.

Fans love a slugfest, all the more when multiple knockdowns are involved. And this fight – surely setting a record for most knockdowns scored in a five-round pro bout – had it all. The two men traded punches along with knockdowns and the action was mesmerising. Again, if these two men were stars of boxing, fans would very possibly be celebrating last night’s fight the way they celebrate classic knockdown-drag-out wars like the George Foreman-Ron Lyle thriller up at heavyweight and the Michael Moorer-Bert Cooper sizzler also up at heavyweight; to name just two wars that were filled with knockdowns.

But although neither Polish warrior will likely achieve that level of fame and notoriety, fans who saw their fight will possibly talk about Talarek and Syzmanski for quite some time. Both fighters put it all on the line last night and for doing what they did both guys deserve a ton of respect and credit. It’s a shame Syzmanski opted to call it a career after losing last night, as a return go between these two would be most welcome; and both men would likely have picked up a substantially bigger pay day than they were paid for yesterday’s bout.