Tyson KO Frazier: “Iron Mike” scores an electrifying KO on his march to the world title


“Iron” Mike Tyson scored one of his most awesome and frightening pre-championship knockouts when he took on Marvis Frazier on this day, 32 long years ago. Taking on the son of the legendary “Smokin’” Joe Frazier, the just-turned 20-year-old Tyson figured to get a decent test from the experienced Frazier.

Marvis had an impressive amateur career along with the experience of having previously boxed for the world heavyweight title (against Larry Holmes, Marvis being easily despatched inside a round; this fight and the fact that it happened causing many people to heavily criticise Joe Farzier’s ability as manager for his son). This was not even close to being the case, however, as “Kid Dynamite,” another of Tyson’s ring monikers back then, utterly destroyed the 25-year-old in 30 blisteringly violent seconds.

The ‘fight’ – such as it was – took place in Glenn Falls, New York on July 26th 1986, and Mike Tyson’s emergence as the most exciting and devastating heavyweight in the world was really starting to take shape. After his bludgeoning of poor Marvis, no one needed to look anywhere else for the division’s new star. Tyson was an absolute wrecking machine. In possession of a deadly combination of speed and punching power, Tyson was starting to make serious experts refer to him as a future all-time great.

Certainly, in the bout with the son of Joe Frazier, he looked the part. Seemingly cornering Marvis with the sound of the opening bell still reverberating, Tyson never gave the then 16-1(7) boxer a chance. “Tyson is smoking like Marvis’ father Joe,” bellowed the U.S commentator, the great Alex Wallau, as Tyson went to work. A blurring series of howitzers and a handful of seconds later, it was all over. Marvis crumpled to his knees and the now 24-0(22) future champ snarled menacingly. The future “Baddest Man On The Planet” had arguably scored the most impressive win so far in his skyrocketing career. Less than five months later he would become the WBC heavyweight king.

Of course Tyson went on to score many more scintillating knockouts. His annihilation of Marvis Frazier has to figure as one the most memorable. Imagine if you can this version of Tyson terrorising the current heavyweight division.