Tim Bradley to call Pacquiao-Horn on ESPN: “Manny is still overwhelmingly fast, can still beat A-Grade fighters even on a bad day

True warrior Timothy Bradley knows perhaps more about Manny Pacquiao than any of Pac Man’s other ring opposition with the exception of Juan Manuel Marquez. Bradley, as fans know, thrice fought Pacquiao, winning the first encounter via hugely controversial decision, losing the other two bouts on the score cards.

And the former champ is looking ahead to calling this weekend’s Pacquiao-Jeff Horn fight out in Australia. The superstar and all-time great will defend his WBO welterweight belt against the unbeaten Horn, and Bradley tells Fox Sports that in his opinion it will be tough for Horn to upset Pac Man and take the belt he himself once held.

“My advice to Jeff Horn is to be cautious,” Bradley said. “Manny Pacquiao is still overwhelmingly fast. He’s 38 and not the fighter he once was but he’s still a phenomenal fighter. He’s a legend for a reason. Don’t underestimate his speed and power. Jeff Horn must not be naïve or feel invincible. If you try and rush Manny he will set you up and hit you with that big left hand. Beating Pacquiao is going to be tough for a guy with only that level (17 pro fights for Horn) of experience. Pacquiao is still good enough to beat A-Grade fighters even on a bad day.”

Indeed, and most fans and experts feel it will take an extraordinarily good day for Horn to be able to pull off what would likely be looked at as the boxing upset of the year. Australian great Jeff Fenech has the exact opposite advice for Horn than Bradley does; telling the unbeaten puncher he must go right at Pac Man, jump on him and rough him up. Whose advice is more sound: Fenech’s or Bradley’s?

Freddie Roach has predicted a “short and sweet” night, with his fighter scoring his first KO since way back in 2009. Those fans who tune in on ESPN could get an exciting fight. But as Bradley says, it’s going to be tough for Horn to pull this off.