Photo: Kell Brook looks massive at 30-day weigh-in, tips scale at 176-pounds; Golovkin 165!

Golovkin/Brook news: Middleweight ruler Gennady Golovkin and his next challenger Kell Brook both weighed in at today’s 30-day weight check conducted under WBC rules, and the weights were quite surprising. Brook, looking enormous in comparison to his welterweight says, tipped in at 176-pounds, while Golovkin, looking trim, came in at 165-pounds. So both unbeaten fighters are within the WBC rules that state a fighter should not be any more than 10 percent above the bout’s weight; which is of course 160-pounds.

But Brook, at 176, above the light-heavyweight limit, really did raise eyebrows with his muscular appearance. Just how did Brook make 147-pounds! Brook looks thickset, muscled and very strong. Of course, looks do not win fights, but a number of fans who saw today’s check weigh-in took to Twitter and the various boxing forums, stating how they think Brook can win this fight. There are still four weeks until the heavily hyped fight finally gets underway, and as well conditioned as both fighters look to be already, that will be more than enough for the champ and the challenger to reach their optimum fighting shape.

There will be another check weigh-in seven days before the fight and then the final weigh-in the day before the fight. Both men look on course to safely make 160 by the official weigh-in but the interesting numbers will be those of the two fighters on the night when they enter the ring. Could Brook be the heavier, stronger man on the night of September 10? Again, even if he is, this does not mean he will get the win, but it could prove interesting seeing what happens if Brook uses a physical, pushing, holding and roughing his man up approach against GGG. Will Golovkin be at all fazed if he finds out that Brook can manhandle him?

Then again, has Brook bulked up too much, and will his speed and mobility be compromised as a result? In the opinion of those aforementioned fans, this fight is looking more and more like a winnable one for the Sheffield man!