Karma Comes Calling: Spence Swoops in as Crawford Snubs the Next Generation

By Jeepers Isaac - 03/29/2024 - Comments

Errol Spence getting the winner of the Tim Tszyu vs. Sebastian Fundora fight over Terence Crawford could be viewed as an example of karma.

Spence’s Generosity, Crawford’s Selfishness

Crawford has shown no interest in giving the young phenom Jaron ‘Boots’ Ennis a chance to fight him to take the torch from him to become the next star in the 147-lb division.

The superstar Spence had given the 36-year-old Crawford, a fighter who had languished in obscurity his entire career, a chance to fight him last year to help his career.

Without Spence, Crawford would have likely continued to fight no-name opposition in fights that garner very little attention from casual boxing fans.

Tables Turn: Ennis Ignored, Spence Swoops In

But when it came time for Crawford to help out the 26-year-old Boots Ennis and give him a chance for a come-up, he turned up his nose at the idea of facing him.

Crawford balked at giving the young lion, Boots Ennis, a chance to take the baton from him to become the next golden star of the 147-lb division.

So, for Spence to potentially be getting a shot at the winner of this Saturday’s 154-lb title clash between WBO champion Tszyu and Fundora rather than Crawford, it’s karma in play.

The Boxing Universe Has Spoken

The forces of the universe saw the above interplay and chose to give Spence, who was more deserving, the mega-fight against the winner of the Tszyu-Fundora clash. Spence stepped up when it was time to help a needy, down-and-out fighter [Crawford] desperate for a boost.

In contrast, when it came time for Crawford to do the same, he ignored the young buck, Boots. You can argue that the cosmic forces decided to give Spence the fight against the winner of Saturday’s fight.

Given Spence’s heart of gold, it’s predictable that he’ll give Boots a helping hand if he comes out victorious against the winner of the Tszyu vs. Fundora fight.