Julio Cesar Chavez Tells Tyson Fury He Will Beat Anthony Joshua

Tyson Fury and Julio Cesar Chavez hooked up for a brief talk via a video chat a few hours ago, and Fury told Chavez he is in training for a fight “in July.” As fans know, there is no officially announced date for the Fury Vs. Anthony Joshua fight, but the word is the clash of champions is all-but a done deal, to take place in either July or August. Fury clearly seems to think it will be in July.

Fury, showing the Mexican icon the respect he deserves, referred to Chavez as “legend,” and Chavez told him he believes Fury will beat Joshua when the two finally come together in their massive super-fight. Chavez also asked Fury if he has ever been to Mexico, to which Fury replied, ‘No, but I would love to.’

YouTube video

Chavez has his own next fight to look forward to, with the 58 year old set to face 42 year old Hector Camacho Junior on June 19th in a card dubbed “Tribute to The Kings.” Chavez has kept himself in pretty good shape and even at close to 60 he can still fight a bit. But is Chavez right when he says Fury will beat Joshua? This is the biggest fight of the year and fans and experts seem to be just about split down the middle when it comes to who wins, with the edge perhaps going to Fury.

If Fury is right, and the fight will indeed go ahead in July, it means AJ may well have to fight the biggest fight of his career without long-time trainer Rob McCracken. McCracken is the trainer of the Olympic British boxing squad and he will be devoted to these duties – the Games to run from July 23 to August 8. So it will all depend on just when in July the big heavyweight unification clash will take place.

Joshua may well need to find himself another head-trainer/corner-man to work with him in the mega-fight. This of course, is far from ideal. Advantage Fury.