Heather Hardy The Latest Big Name Boxer To Enter BKFC

By James Slater - 03/15/2024 - Comments

Former WBO featherweight champion Heather Hardy is the latest big name from the sport to want to try her hand (or hands) at bare-knuckle fighting. “The Heat” has announced on social media that she will challenge BKFC flyweight champion Christine Ferea on May 11th in Connecticut.

Hardy, who turned 42 in January and last boxed in August of last year, this against Amanda Serrano in a failed but immensely gutsy challenge for the unified 126 pound titles, is currently 24-3(4) and it remains to be seen if the New Yorker will box again. Against the 13-0 Ferea, Hardy will be pulling off a big win if she can do it.

Hardy, a real ring warrior who thrilled us in fights with Shelly Vincent and, in an earlier fight, Serrano, has also tried MMA, with her holding a 2-2 record in MMA. Now, can Hardy make it at the top level in bare-knuckle fighting?

Hardy acknowledges how members of her family along with some of her friends are not keen on her making the move to this “barbaric sport.”

“Being a member of the boxing community, the two sports don’t often cross paths on the best way,” Hardy said on social media. “Everyone from the owner of Gleason’s Gym to my boyfriend and my grandma begged me not to (go into bare-knuckle) – to think of my health, such a barbaric sport. My mother told me to drop to my knees and in a place of God and he will tell me what to do. And within 24 hours I came to realize that boxing has done nothing but open doors and create opportunities for my little family. I’ll enter this fight with Christine representing the discipline of boxing, and show that skills pay the bills. There’s only one ‘Queen of Violence,’ and she’s an 80s baby from Brooklyn.”

Ferea of San Jose, is 41 years of age and she is currently 8-1(6) in bare-knuckle. The Hardy fight will see Ferea make the fourth defence of her BKFC flyweight title. Like Hardy, Ferea has also fought MMA, with her going 1-2 there.

Due to her massive edge in bare-knuckle experience, Ferea has to be the favourite to win the fight that will go down at The Mohegan Sun in May, but Hardy we know will give it her all. She always does.

Also on the card, Cuban great Guillermo Rigondeaux will have his bare-knuckle debut.