Jermaine Franklin: “I’ll stuff my face with lamb chops after I KO Joshua”

By Vladimir S - 03/31/2023 - Comments

Sporting Post exclusively caught up with Franklin yesterday evening to get his thoughts 24 hours before the fight and here’s what he had to say:

Jermaine Franklin: “ Post-fight, I just try to relax, talk to my children and family. I’ll see if I can do something fun before I go back home.

“As for post-fight food, I do miss chorizo. I really love Spanish food a lot. I don’t eat red meat anymore so I’ll probably make some turkey chorizo or something.

“I don’t really crave food like I used to because I’m on a health journey now but I’ll probably get some lamb chops in to celebrate post-fight.

Chorizo is the one thing I’ll crave because I haven’t had any since I’ve been in camp.”

AJ being the heaviest he’s ever been for a fight will play on his mind – his team will realise I’m no ‘easy target’

Jermaine Franklin: “Nothing will change my mindset going into this fight but it may play on Anthony Joshua’s mind. He and his team probably thought I was going to come in to the fight heavy and overweight.

They probably thought I’d be slow and an easy target to hit but boxing isn’t the sport to be getting complacent.

“There’s no such thing as being perfect, but I’m going to chase perfection.”

‘Worried’ Anthony Joshua thought I’d be lazy and out of shape -he can forget fighting Fury because I’ll end him

Jermaine Franklin: “Anthony Joshua looked worried during the weigh-in and face off. He must’ve thought I was going to be out of shape and lazy.”

“From my understanding Tyson Fury said he didn’t want to fight AJ. I don’t know how true that is because I’m not in their camps or negotiations. It’d be a good fight but Anthony Joshua won’t get past me.

“I feel so confident in myself. I feel like I can knock him out and if I don’t do that then I will dominate the fight in a brutal fashion.”

I’m not phased by 60,000 Joshua fans – I’ll continue being the underdog and prove everyone wrong

Jermaine Franklin: “I’ll feel the same as any other fight. There’s no pressure on me. I’ve been the underdog a lot in my life and my career so it’s nothing new to me.

“I won’t be feeling any pressure or any type of way about the situation, I’m just ready to get in the ring and prove everybody wrong.”

I switch to a warrior in the dressing room and I’m ready for war

Jermaine Franklin: “I don’t box the day before fight day. I just relax, chill out and get a lot of rest to conserve my energy ready for war. I don’t have any superstitions but I switch from a cool guy to a warrior once I’m in the locker room.

“I start to get fired up and once they begin the ring walks, the adrenaline starts to kick in and then by the time I get in the ring I’m a little mean.

“I like to have fun in my dressing room before the fight. I’ll chill out and talk to my coaches, nothing too serious. I like a fun atmosphere in my dressing room before I go out to fight,”