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Exclusive Interview with Joel Guevara

How Joel Guevara was dropped from the undercard of Deontay Wilder vs Luis “King Kong” Ortiz

Joel Guevara is a professional boxer with his career statistics so far coming in at three wins, two losses and one draw. Guevara fights in the welterweight division and in this exclusive interview tells us about his career, and how he was just recently dropped from the undercard of Wilder vs. Ortiz.

WV: How did you get into boxing?

I’m from Los Encuentros, Nicaragua and I always liked boxing when I was a kid. I came to the USA at twenty years of age when I married my wife. When I came here, at first it was very hard for me and I looked for a gym to get rid of stress.

WV: What was your amateur career like, and who did you fight? What are your stats?

I wanted to have lots of amateur fights and have lots of experience, but my age wouldn’t allow this. I was getting to an age where I needed to go ahead and go pro before it was too late. So that’s why I only had thirty amateur fights, however I would have liked to have lots more. As an amateur, it felt difficult to get into the swing of things at first, but then I liked getting the experience under my belt. My toughest opponent as an amateur was David Craddock whom I fought in Ohio. I only had thirty amateur fights and I finished with twenty-four wins and six losses.

WV: Who is your toughest opponent so far in professional boxing?

My toughest opponent as a pro has been Amonte Eberhardt, it was a very tough fight for me.

WV: What happened to you being on the undercard of the Wilder vs. Ortiz fight? Did you have to pull out? Had you been in training? What does it feel like for a boxer to train, and then not get a fight?

I have been training for a fight March 10th in Toledo, Ohio against Angelo Snow. I’ve been training for a month and have to get down to 147 pounds, but I was offered to fight on the Wilder undercard as a last-minute thing, but in the end, they decided it would only be four rounds and I didn’t want to pay what I needed to go on short notice. I have a full-time job at Marriott, and I am married and have two kids.

WV: Who are we likely to see you facing this year?

I don’t know any details for upcoming events, but I hope to fight Shyngyskhan Tazhibay since I couldn’t beforehand. I am hoping that happens in April. I don’t have any upcoming fights scheduled yet, I will have to just keep training until one comes up.

WV: What fights are you looking forward to this year? And who are your favorite boxers?

My favorite boxer was Sergio Maravilla Martinez. I have always liked him. I don’t have a current favorite, since Martinez isn’t fighting.

WV: Anything else you would like to add for your readers…

I’m a humble person I don’t believe in a lot of talk. I like to keep myself to myself. I’ve always wanted to get to the level in boxing where I could help other people who don’t have much. Because I know how that feels. I hope someday that can happen and I will be able to help others. But only God knows what will happen in my future.