Do You Agree With CBS Sports’ Top-10 Pound-For Pound List?

By James Slater - 10/12/2021 - Comments

It’s almost as much fun reading someone else’s Top-10 pound-for-pound list as it is compiling your own. Right now, there are arguably more than ten fighters worthy of being ranked as the P-4-P best, if that makes sense. Indeed, it’s tough crunching it down and placing a mere ten fighters in a list comprising of the absolute best in the world today. From heavyweight down to minimumweight, we fight fans are currently being spoilt by the skill, the heart, the action, the sheer overall ability today’s cream of cream has been showing us.

So, in this spirit, it’s perhaps tough to argue with the brand-new P-4-P Top-10 offered by the folks at CBS Sports.

Here it is:

1: Canelo Alvarez

2: Naoya Inoue

3: Errol Spence

4: Terence Crawford

5: Tyson Fury

6: Oleksandr Usyk

7: Vasily Lomachenko

8: Teofimo Lopez

9: Josh Taylor

10: Gervonta Davis

So how does this list grab you? You may find umbrage over the fact that Teofimo Lopez, who beat Vasily Lomachenko when they met a year ago, is placed below Loma. Or maybe not? Is Fury really the fifth best boxer in the world today? Maybe he is. Is the inactive Spence really the number-four best on the planet today? Shouldn’t the superb Kazuto Ioka be in there some place? It is of course subjective coming up with such a list, and this one may well start a debate.

What we can all agree on is this: boxing is thriving right now; everyone is talking about boxing, and everyone is excited about boxing. We hard-core fans can and will take this – and we can appreciate other peoples’ opinions on who the best fighters in the world are.

And the remaining weeks of 2021 promise to give us even more thrilling action, this in a year that has already given us so much. For years, we’ve had to hear how boxing is a “dying sport.” Nothing could be further from the truth.

29 thoughts on “Do You Agree With CBS Sports’ Top-10 Pound-For Pound List?”

  1. #1 Inoue
    #2 Tank
    #3 Uszyk
    #4 Crawford
    #5 Spence
    #6 Teofimo
    #7 Canelo
    #8 Loma
    #9 Taylor
    #10 Fury (it’s called P4P for a reason. He’s literally weight more than everyone of his opponents) 🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️🤷‍♂️

  2. All these guys you named are going to be the best someday but for now it’s only Deontay Wilder. Now he has announced that he will continue to fight, no one will want to fight him, especially fury.

  3. Loma being ahead of Lopez is easily the worse placing on this list.
    Easily. Debate anything you want but a man whose most recent lost is to someone he ranks higher than.
    Loma wasn’t moving up to a new division, no catchweight or anything. Just 1 on 1.

  4. Sorry but placing Usyk out of the top 5 is just a lot of disrespect. He is the former UNIFIED cruiser weight champion. The first to have ever done it in as few fights as he did it. Moves to heavyweight, STAYS undefeated in 3 more fights there, is CLEARLY undersized, and beat 6’6, normally 250 or more pound monster, to unify 3 belts, and they place him out of the top 5 !? What reality do they live in !? He is at LEAST number 2 P4P in the world. Place Tyson at 3, and move Inouye at 4, while kicking both Spence and Crawford out of the top five entirely, and put them both at the BACK end of the list. I don’t care which order between 9 and 10 you place them. But the front end should look more like this if you’re being fair, and not a politically correct @$$-H0|€

  5. Canelo has fought GGG twice, Mayweather, Cotto, Mosley, Kovalek…he moved up from 154 to 174…. Crawford and Spence have fought nothing but tomatoes cans and they have always fought at the same weight

    • Cap, Canelo only fights old fighters. Won’t take on Andrade or Charlo.
      Crawford is beating the best “available”, and Spence hasn’t gone against a single can.

    • He lost every round to Floyd both ggg fights and beat a shot kovelof. He is top 3 not #1

    • East Lost, so you’re not a boxing fan. Why do people like you feel the need to be heard? When you don’t know wtf you’re talking about. Crawford is a former Undisputed LW Champion and Unified Jr WW Champion, you’re right about Spence though. His best opponent at WW was a LW. Thank you Brad, you clearly belong.

    • Scratch that crawfish has fought no current top 5 ranked 147lber Spence has dethroned 2 and beat 3 other top 5 current ranked 147lbers

  6. Canelo has fought GGG twice, Mayweather, Cotto, Mosley, Kovalek….name one good fighter Crawford or Spencer has fought…noneeee

  7. Canelo is not number one. He got so many gifts from decisions and he’s been cheery picking an entire division while avoiding the real champions in that division so he isn’t no number one for sure. Errol Spence definitely should be on the list but that car accident and now being injuries and just his inactivity drops him down. Crawford at 147 isn’t on no list for this division anyways. Monster dude is good for his division but isn’t no pound for pound best cause he has power to knock out little boy shaped bodies lol so yea this list is arguably no doubt. Tyson fury and usyk definitely both need to fight and winner is no doubt number 1 for heavy weights that’s a no brainer. All those unbeaten and not cheery picking like Spence, good stuff!

  8. No. I got Errol Spence #1, Canelo 2, Terrance Crawford 3, Tyson Fury 4. Canelo needs to quit avoiding the Charlo bros and David Benevidez. Terrance needs to fight/beat Spence, Porter, Ugas; he’s beaten NOBODY at 147… he won’t even fight Danny Garcia or Keith Thurman! And Tyson just needs to take out Joshua and the Cruiser who just beat him, then his resume is complete and he can retire. Guys today refuse to fight the best of the best, in their primes, win, lose, or draw, just as Leonard, Hagler, Hearns, Duran, Benitez, Pryor, Arguello, Salvador Sanchez did in the Golden Era 80’s of Boxing. It’s rather disgusting. Too many belts, too many organizations, too many Promoters, too protected.

  9. Solid list…u can move some fighters up or down…but canelo and inoue at 1 and 2 is solid…usyk should be number 5….I like crawford and Spence at 3 and 4….if crawford was taking another easy 147 fight I wouldn’t but porter is the real deal. I’ve followed boxing since the 80s and I like this list.

    • Because that fight was a one armed Loma who did a lot better in the rounds he won than Teo in the rounds Loma gave him. And Loma made Nakatani look pedestrian, the guy who took Lopez to the edge and considering suicide.

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