Dmitry Bivol will beat Canelo Alvarez easier in rematch says Roy Jones Jr

05/29/2023 - By Jeff Sorby - Comments

Roy Jones Jr doesn’t think it’s a good idea for Canelo Alvarez to take the rematch with WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol in September because he views it as an unwinnable fight for the Mexican star.

It’s not because Bivol (21-0, 11 KOs) will have a size advantage over Canelo.  Roy feels that Bivol’s fighting style is all wrong for Canelo, who is incapable of throwing combinations without quickly tiring, turning red in the face, and needing to rest with his back against the ropes.

We saw this routine play out repeatedly last year when Bivol schooled Canelo in a far more one-sided fight than the score set by the judging crew. Jones thinks the fight should have been scored as a lopsided decision, and he sees the rematch being even more one-sided because Bivol will be more confident the second time around.

“Canelo came out of a time when boxing needed a face. Floyd and Pacquiao were at the end; Canelo was the young guy,” Roy Jones Jr said to Fighthype.

I don’t see him beating Bivol no kind of way because Bivol is a bigger guy, and his style isn’t in line with the way Canelo wants to fight, in my opinion,” said Jones Jr. “The styles don’t match.

“I’d rather see him fight Benavidez because they’re Mexicans, and their body composition makes for a great fight. Not many people think he can beat Bivol. Because of how lopsided their fight was, we don’t see him beating Bivol.”

The former multi-division world champion Jones Jr compared the superstar Canelo’s early losses to other greats who dominated from the start, such as Salvador Sanchez and Erik Morales.

“He’s definitely good, and he’s up there, probably in the top five,” Roy said about Alvarez.

Canelo’s impressive wins during his long career mark him as one of the key players in the boxing world. However, Roy notes that the landscape has changed significantly over time and weighed in on the impact of social media on the sport, suggesting it added another layer of complexity to assessing boxers’ skill levels.

“Nowadays, you guys focus on social media content. Skill-wise, you’re probably one of the top three, but skill-wise, probably one of the top six to seven,” said Roy.

Jones prefers that Canelo fight Benavidez next, viewing it as a more winnable fight than a rematch against WBA light heavyweight champion Dmitry Bivol.

Jones Jr further voiced his concern about the current state of the boxing world, where he feels the sense of competition has diminished as some fighters have become more focused on fostering friendships instead of rivalries. In his view, the essence of the sport is about pitting the best against the best.

Canelo’s future in the boxing ring remains a topic of speculation and anticipation. Whether or not he faces Benavidez next, fans and fellow boxers will watch with much interest. Despite differing views on Canelo’s rank among all-time great Mexican fighters, there’s no denying his talent and impact on the sport.

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