DAZN List The Ten Greatest Heavyweights Of All-Time

By James Slater - 10/13/2021 - Comments

Here we go with yet another list, this one very much capable of pulling a fan well and truly in. DAZN have come up with a list of the ten greatest heavyweights in history. Lists such as these can cause anger, fierce debate, and often a lot of fun. But plenty of fight fans do seem unable to understand how any list of this kind is merely one person’s opinion, or a group of writers’ opinions. If your favourite fighter is not on the list, it really is no reason to go crazy.

The heavyweights are of course the most celebrated of all fighters, the big men of the sport leading the way. As such, a list of the ten greatest heavyweights in history is certain to pull in more readers than, say, a top-10 of the greatest ever flyweights in boxing history.

Here is the top-10 from DAZN – and please note, these ten fighters are NOT ranked in any particular order, they are just the ten best big men of the sport according to DAZN.

Rocky Marciano

Tyson Fury

Joe Louis

George Foreman

Joe Frazier

Larry Holmes

Mike Tyson

Evander Holyfield

Lennox Lewis

Muhammad Ali

Not a bad list, yet there are, in this writer’s opinion, two quite glaring omissions: Jack Johnson and Jack Dempsey. Also, some fans might take umbrage over the fact that Sonny Liston is not on the list. Is Fury really deserving of being placed when Dempsey, Johnson and Liston are not in there? Again, it’s an opinion and nothing else. And this list, like many others like it, is sure to ignite a debate. If it has not done so already.

25 thoughts on “DAZN List The Ten Greatest Heavyweights Of All-Time”

  1. Failed steroid tests for cheating by the WBC, the Nevada State Athletic Commission, the British boxing board of control, and the united states boxing commission bylaws have unfortunately eliminated from the list Tyson ( the gypsy cheat), from the list for failed steroid tests positive for cheating. This sadly disqualifies fury from ever being considered for the cheater has been forcably removed from the list forever.

  2. Blind as a bat ? How can you top the list with a proven glove tampering cocaine steroids bribery glove loading fighter?

  3. JoJo, is that the same Jojo cocomo and his dancing chimps that appeared on the Ed Sullivan show?

  4. Once a cheating crackhead cheater always a crack head cheater. End of story. Deontay Wilder is the best heavyweight champion that ever lived without question. The crackhead always poisons his opponents and fights bare knuckle. Strip Tyson of the WBC belt fine him and throw him in the penitentiary.

  5. Is the use of cocaine bribery steroid and glove tampering with evidence abounding a prerequisite for toping the DANZ list? I present crack as a cocaine based diricitive, once a cheating crackhead, always a cheating crackhead. You London based fury fanboys are delusional and in denial about being deluded. Period, end of story.

  6. As the only active current professional boxer that is championing the American Way of truth and justice for all, Deontay Wilder has recently announced that he will continue to take on all comers. Whatever war torn eastern block refuge country you’re from, challenge Deontay Wilder and you won’t be avoided like Anthony Joshua and fury do. Bring your best heavyweights.

  7. Great list, Ali should not be on it. Henry Cooper would have knocked out Ali if he.only was using bare knuckle gloves with no padding.
    He could have drugged Ali or spiked his water too.

  8. Deontay Wilder is so.good.that he.is.a.1plus.and.so.far.up on the list that he isn’t listed.

  9. Stupid list. Ali behind all those guys???

    1) Ali
    2) Joe Louis
    3) Rocky Marciano
    4) Larry Holmes
    5) George Foreman
    6) Mike Tyson
    7) Joe Frazier
    8) Jack Johnson
    9) Lennox Lewis
    10) Evander Holyfield

  10. Holyfield does not belong anywhere on that list, replace him , and Joe Frazier with Vataly Kiltshanko and Jack Johnson or Jack Dempsey and I could agree

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