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Canelo Alvarez not likely to face Trout next

By Rob Smith: WBC junior middleweight champion Saul “Canelo” Alvarez’s manager Eddy Reynosa says that he and Canelo will be meeting with Golden Boy Promotions in two weeks to decide who will be Canelo’s next opponent for March or May 4th. Canelo had previously requested that he wanted to fight Floyd Mayweather Jr, Sergio Martinez or Miguel Cotto on May 4th, but it doesn’t appear that Golden Boy will be able to land any of those big names.

It also doesn’t like Alvarez will be fighting WBA junior middleweight champion Austin Trout next judging by Reynoso’s comments.

In an interview at, Reynoso said “Anything can happen. Mayweather says he will fight Robert Guerrero; Austin Trout brings legal problems in the United States. The fight could be advanced to March, so that the champion [Alvarez] can be back into action as soon as possible.”

Trout doesn’t have any legal problems, so it’s odd that Reynoso would float that as a potential excuse for Alvarez not to fight Trout. On New Year’s day, Trout was arrested by a police officer in El Paso, Texas. However, Trout was released within hours and there were no changes because he was never tested with a breathalyzer.

If that’s going to be the excuse for why Alvarez doesn’t face Trout then that’s kind of disappointing because you’d like to hear a little better excuse than that for why Alvarez shouldn’t fight the guy that just dominated Miguel Cotto, the fighter that Alvarez was hoping to fight.
It doesn’t make sense if Alvarez doesn’t fight Trout, because he just beat the guy that he wanted to fight in Cotto. On top of that, Trout beat Alvarez’s brother Rigoberto Alvarez not long ago, and you would think that Canelo would want to try and avenge the loss instead of looking for another opponent.

Some boxing fans think Golden Boy Promotions is scared of putting Alvarez in with Trout for fear that Alvarez will be exposed like Cotto was and end up messing up the Floyd Mayweather Jr. bout they’re hoping to set up in the future.