Anger over Chris Eubank Junior’s “shameful” tweet!

Reigning British middleweight champ Chris Eubank Junior has caused outrage with a tweet he put out regarding Saturday’s Gennady Golovkin-Kell Brook fight; or rather the ending to the bout. As fans know, Brook’s trainer and corner-man Dominic Ingle threw in the towel as his fighter, who had sustained a broken eye socket, was taking heavy punishment in round-five.

Eubank, who has again called out GGG (this despite not signing the contract for the September fight in time, thus Brook got the shot instead) couldn’t resist having a go at Brook and his team:

“If you want a fight with a real British middleweight…come get some. My corner don’t own towels,” Eubank Jr tweeted.

The response to the tweet, one that has been called “shameful,” and “disrespectful,” has been universally negative. Eubank may or may not truly want to fight GGG, only he knows for sure, but if the fight does come off, most people think Triple-G would administer yet another beating. Eubank should have praised Brook, a fellow Brit, for his valiant effort, not mock him and the ending to his challenge.

And Eubank Jr better hope that his corner do indeed have a towel handy if and when he gets in there with the world middleweight king; as he could get badly hurt if he is subjected to sustained punishment the kind Brook was taking on Saturday. It’s time for Eubank – both of them, in fact – to back up the big words. But will this match-up ever get made?

In the meantime, Barry Hearn has responded to the tweet, writing:

“Possibly the most ignorant comment I have ever read on social media. Shameful,” Hearn wrote.

Hear, hear, say respectful boxing fans.

Eubank Jr, 23-1(18) will next fight Tommy Langford, 17-0(6) in defence of his British title, in Cardiff, Wales on October 22. Will Eubank Jr then step up and agree terms for a huge fight with GGG? Would Eubank manage to give Golovkin a better fight than Brook did if the fight does actually come off?