Andy Ruiz Ranks His Top-Five Heavyweights

Former world heavyweight champion Andy Ruiz was asked to pick the top-five best heavyweights in the world today, and the Mexican/American gave a somewhat surprising top-five. Speaking to PBC on Fox, “The Destroyer” had a couple of names you would expect to see, with one surprise entrant and one clear omission.

Here’s Ruiz’ top-five, in reverse order:

5: Chris Arreola

4: Deontay Wilder

3: Andy Ruiz

2: Anthony Joshua

1: Tyson Fury

Right off the bat, fans are going to pull Ruiz up for placing his upcoming foe, Arreola, at number-five. Arreola has not fought since August of 2019, and that was a loss (a thriller of a fight with Adam Kownacki, but a loss is a loss). You perhaps can’t blame Ruiz for hyping his upcoming dance partner, but plenty of fans feel Ruiz deliberately left out the far more deserving Dillian Whyte. Ruiz and Whyte have of course gone back and forth, the two having nothing but insults for each other. Whyte refuses to give Ruiz and credit; instead calling him a “fake Mexican.” So it’s not surprising Ruiz is returning the favour.

Most fans probably agree with the rest of Ruiz’ list, although to a good many fans, Ruiz has to prove he’s still an elite heavyweight to be worthy of being ranked the third best in the world. Ruiz was as we know, last seen looking nothing but awful in his return fight with Joshua. You are only as good as your last fight in boxing, the saying goes.

Some fans are split when it comes to who should rank at the very top of the pile, Joshua or Fury. But Ruiz goes with “The Gypsy King,” who he says is “A man of God and he’s a Christian like me. We don’t give up.”

Ruiz has to deliver on May 1st when he will face Arreola, or else he will be finished at top level. A win is a must. In fact, would anything other than a dominant win, a stoppage win, be enough for Ruiz?

Ruiz says he is expecting a tough fight from “The Nightmare” –

“He’s a Mexican heavyweight just like me,” Ruiz said of Arreola. “He don’t give up. Me and him are bangers and we like to give the crowd what they want.”

Ruiz fell a long way short of giving his fans what they wanted in the Joshua return. It’s time to put things right.

23 thoughts on “Andy Ruiz Ranks His Top-Five Heavyweights”

  1. Andy Ruiz can box , he is a technically sound fighter .
    Andy Ruiz can not be underestimated . And he can hit hard as hell . Super fast combinations .

  2. J ,
    Deontay Wilder was robbed in the first fight , fury was out cold and knocked down several times.and it was still a.draw .
    That’s why fury will vacate the belt again . Deontay Wilder is capable of intimidating fury into not fighting .
    Deontay Wilder is looking better than ever ,, and fury isn’t .

  3. Deontay Wilder has a bad style for Andy Ruiz . We nos know fury had an egg weight in his left glove and no padding in his left glove .
    Andy , Dillian Whyte , they were laughing at Deontay Wilder .

  4. None that f the top fighters have faced Luis Ortiz except Deontay Wilder .
    He faced the cuban south paw twice and both men fought a fierce fight . No cheating tactics .

    • Not Whyte ,fury ,a j ruiz .
      Luis Ortiz is the boogie man .
      King Kong Ortiz .
      Luis Ortiz is 152 years old and he is still so dangerous the best heavyweight boxers sprint away from him jockeying for position , holding on to their hats and crying waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa waaaaaa .
      Crying like little children .

  5. Andy Ruiz vs Luis Ortiz is next , Ruiz is fighting this boxing match as a tune up .
    There’s a typographical error in Andy Ruiz list , Ortiz is above Arriola in Andy Ruiz’s opinión .

  6. We all agree with J , you are absolutely right ,
    Deontay Wilder is at the top and Luis Ortiz is number 2 .

  7. Everyone has been knocked out cold by Deontay Wilder so far , and it won’t stop there .
    That’s why fury has been suffering from menstrual cramps and will never box Deontay Wilder or Anthony Joshua or Luis Ortiz .
    There’s enough evidence to send fury to prison .

  8. Anthony joshua was drugged before the first Andy Ruiz bout . Anxiety attack my arse .
    Deontay Wilder was too .
    Something has to be done about this drugging in boxing .

  9. By now everybody knows fury cheated with floppy gloves flipping around all over the place flipin and flopin , flopping and flipping , flippity floppity , egg weights in his left glove and no padding in his right glove .
    You damn criminal

  10. Wilder at the top? Ortiz at number 2? Leave it out. Where do you get that idea? Fury dismantled Wilder twice, once was rubbed. Ortiz was knocked cold twice by wilder so should at best, bottom of the list.

    • The cheat failed the drug test , as a matter of fact , he has failed every drug test and fury has been caught cheating so many times before that he cannot ever box in the UK again .

    • Wilder at the top? Ortiz at number 2? Leave it out. Where do you get that idea? Fury dismantled Wilder twice, once was rubbed. Ortiz was knocked cold twice by wilder so should at best, bottom of the list.

    • Andy Ruiz is one of the humblest champions ever , Andy Ruiz knows that on any given day he will beat any of the top contenders in the world .
      A modest soft spoken diplomatic comment about the rankings , if fury matched with Andy Ruiz , his sorosis scared liver would be within east reach . Timber

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