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Action packed ”Fight Night at the Park” Results from North Bergen, N.J.

This past Saturday night April 13, KEA Boxing Promotions and Global Boxing presented” Fight Night at the Park” at Schuetzen Park in North Bergen New Jersey .The evening consisted of six bouts. The venue was sold out to a very vocally enthusiastic audience. With ticket prices beginning at $55 it was an evening of great entertainment for local boxing fans. Among the boxing celebrities in attendance were former light heavyweight and cruiserweight champion Bobby Czyz, famed promoter Don Elbaum, former junior welterweight and welterweight champion now trainer James “Buddy” McGirt.

The evening’s opening bout scheduled four – two-minute rounds in the women’s super-featherweight division featuring Elizabeth Sherman (4-3) of Philadelphia against Nydia “Dha Phenomenal” Feliciano (6-4) of the Bronx. Feliciano opened the bout with a piston like left jab. Sherman was ineffective trying to bull her way inside throwing wide ineffective punches. Feliciano showed good lateral movement exhibiting superior boxing skills and utilize her longer reach. Sherman again trying to pin Feliciano on the ropes and trying to smother Feliciano’s punches. However Sherman’s face was reddening from Feliciano’s counter punches. The third featured more of the same with Feliciano’s superior boxing skills outclassing Sherman’s brawling style. For the fourth round both ladies came out throwing punches with bad intentions. In the end of the round Feliciano was working both body and head. All three judges scored the bout 40-36 to Feliciano.
The evening second bout for six rounds featured Michal Chudecki (5-0) of Poznan, Poland vs. Christian Steele (3-5) of Staunton, Virginia in the lightweight division. The first round opened with both working rapid jabs.

Chudecki working both body and head with his jabs. In the second Chudecki started to take control his power clearly wearing Steele causing him to clinch. Steele kept trying to get inside but Michal’s body shots were making him uncomfortable and causing him to hold. In the third round Michal looked at the referee in frustration as Steele continued his holding. The round finished with Steele taking a lot of punishment. During the fourth round the large Polish contingent in attendance were loudly cheering Chudecki as he fought fast and aggressively. The fifth round was Steele’s best as a hard overhand right hurt Chudecki. Again towards the end of the round Steele connected another hard right coming out of the clinch. In the sixth Michal opened with urgency trying to use his superior strength to push Steele to the ropes. The bout concluded in a draw with one judge scoring 58-56 to Chudecki and two cards at 57-57.

Edson Jose Soto (1-1) of North Bergen, New Jersey vs. Former Golden Glove champ Anthony Gangemi
(3-0) out Mine Hill, N.J. In a four round middle weight contest, Gangemi’s power was evident as the bout opened. Early in the first the referee issued a standing eight count to Soto who was eating right hands. Soto tried to get inside and push Gangemi to the ropes Soto seem to have the faster hands but Gangemi’s had more power the round finished with Soto being driven back to the ropes. The second round opened with Gangemi’s guard high and Soto trying to work his way inside then was suddenly forced to one knee from a brutal body shot. He barely beat the referee’s count and the referee called the bout at 47 of the second round for a TKO..

The next bout in the junior middles was Patryk Szymanski (7-0) of Wroclaw, Poland taking on David “The Riot” Soto Curiel (3-1) of Paterson, N.J. in a scheduled for 6 round welterweight contest . Curiel’s brother Freddie of television’s “The Contender fame worked his corner. Curiel opened the round fast stalking Szymanski . Curiel was patient with his jab the employing his longer reach. Curiel was obviously more skilled and slicker. In the second Curiel pushed Szymanski to the ropes. Szymanski enjoyed the support of a large Polish crowd of the audience. Spurred by the chants of “Polska” from his fans he tried to swarm Curiel. In the third round Szymanski was warned by the referee for holding behind the neck.

Szymanski was issued a standing eight count when after absorbing a hard right his glove touched the canvas. Rounds four, five, and six featured more of the same with Curiel’s superior boxing skills against Szymanski’s stronger brawling style. In a controversial score all three judges awarded the fight to Szymanski 57-55. The decision caused a brief skirmish in the ring between the two corners.

The semi-main event was six rounds in the welterweight division featuring Union City’s Juan “The Beast” Rodriguez Jr. (11-0) taking on Emmanuel Medina (3-4) of Quincy, Massachusetts. Rodriguez had the support of a very vocal crowd of local fans. Both opened the bout cautiously patiently feeling each other out with jabs. Medina seemed much focused trying to get inside with his shorter jab of putting hook to the body of Medina caused him to start lowering his right to protect side. The second round action was primarily Rodriguez’s working off his southpaw jab and Medina trying to parry back with his jab.. In the third round Medina was trying to feint and parry Rodriguez’s jabs. Medina was clearly frustrated with Rodriguez’s southpaw stance. Surprisingly Medina elected not to come out for the fourth round and Rodriquez received a 3rd round TKO victory.

The Main Event of the evening was 8 rounds in the welterweight division, featuring Newark’s prospect Alex “The Brick City Bullet ( 17-1) against Kenny Abril (14-5-1) . Perez entered wearing a skull design face mask. Perez enjoyed the support of the large contingent of Newark fans. Both fighters were southpaws. Perez opened the bout using his southpaw jab to keep the shorter Abril on the outside. Abrilo was trying to push his way inside but Perez was getting the better of every exchange. The second round had Perez using his reach to both head and body. Perez kept Abrilo at arm’s length for the remainder of the round.

In round three Perez started hooking off of his jab mixing to the head and body when Abril did manage to get inside Alex got the better of the exchanges. In the fourth round Abril seem to be running out gas. Towards the round’s end Abril caught Perez with a right that had Perez backing up and holding. This was to be Abril’s best moment of the fight. At the start of the fifth round Perez came out strong having shaken off the effects of the previous round’s punches. In the sixth round Perez continued to stay outside utilizing his long right jab and now hooking off the jab Perez was driving a Abril to the ropes. The seventh round had Perez continuing to pile up points utilizing his superior boxing skills.

The final round was fought furiously, Perez was moving more and frustrating Abril’s attempts to rough him up. Perez finished the bout with thudding hooks to Abril’s body. The final unanimous scoring for Perez was 79-73, 78-74, and 74.

The bouts started promptly at 7:30. There was a sold out crowd consisting of local fans giving their loud support to their favorites. With ticket prices beginning at $55 and free parking the venue provided a reasonably priced event for boxing fans to get and see local talent give their all. Congratutlations to KEA promotions and Global Boxing for putting together a fine event.